Tuesday, 17 October 2017

How many ways can you fry an omelette?

Fresh from putting out an eggs-haustive list (as Sean puts it) of how many ways you can eat an egg...from poached to scrambled, steamed, baked, sunny side up, sunny side up flipped, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, omelette-style and raw, the Chronicles of the Humble Egg (as TM suggests) continues.....

A blogger friend (TM) thought I missed out on one style of egg frying but little did he know that there was going to be an eggs-tension of that list...focussing on just omelettes....hehe! ;)

For a person who is a fan of eggs done any way...omelette-style is one of my top favourites because of its can stuff them with whatever ingredients you like! ^_^

It's also one of the easiest failproof way to cook eggs at home.  You don't have to worry if it's overcooked, undercooked or if the yolk is perfectly runny or not.  So, how many ways can you fry an omelette?  Well, lots of ways :)

#1 - Onion Omelette

One of the most traditional way of eating omelette...every household would have cooked this at one time or another.

#2 - Luncheon Meat Omelette

This evokes a happy childhood memory from all of reminds us of something our moms used to make for us which we, in turn, now make for our children.

#3 - Long Beans Omelette

Another staple when it comes to home cooking...and the best way to incorporate vegetables into your children's diet (with them liking it and not making a fuss about eating vegetables!).

#4 - "Lap Cheong" (Dried Chinese Sausage) Omelette

This one is also a classic omelette that I used to eat as a child but isn't as popular these days.  It kinda looks like pepperoni pizza, don't you think? ;D

#5 - Oyster Omelette

This mixture of egg batter produces the thinnest and most frizzy-like edges that's absolutely crispy and scrumptious. ^.^

#6 - Minced Pork Omelette

Ah, my family's favoured filling for omelette whether at tai chow restaurants or a home-cooked one.

#7 - "Foo Yoong Tan" (I have no English translation for this :P)

One of the most ordered omelette dishes at "tai chow" (Chinese stir-fry) places...but one I don't cook at home coz it's too much of a hassle to prep so many ingredients (sliced onions, carrots, spring onions, chillies, sometimes even shredded cabbage) just to fry an omelette...kekeke! :D

#8 - Thai-Style Omelette

Always extra frizzy, extra crispy, extra fragrant than any other omelettes...and that's because they cook it in extra oil! :P

#9 - Coriander Omelette

I discovered this by chance when, one day, I wanted to add a protein to my salad but didn't have any meat in the fridge.  And since I had lots of Chinese coriander (which will wither if I don't use them up), I decided to make an omelette with it.  I've been adding it since to my salads quite regularly.  

#10 - "Choy Poh" (Preserved Radish) Omelette

This one's always a good choice with porridge because of the saltiness of the choy poh.

#11 - Garlic (or Chinese) Chives Omelette

Only if you're a lover of the oniony and garlicky flavours of chives....coz some will categorise this as stinky.

#12 - Button Mushroom Omelette

I make this for breakfast whenever I happen to have excess mushrooms in the fridge (which isn't very often these days since they're now more expensive).

#13 - Tamago (Japanese Omelette)

Don't even think of attempting to make this as the work to get the layers of egg is insane.  One that's best left in the hands of able Japanese chefs...hehe! ;D

#14 - Shrimp Omelette

Another popular omelette order at tai chow eateries alongside "foo yoong tan" and minced pork omelette but also one of those easy-to-make omelettes at home.

#15 - Pattaya Fried Rice

One of the most ingenious ways of using an omelette, don't you think?

#16 - Pattaya Fried Mee

It always amazes me how they can get the omelette so thin and then wrap fried rice or mee in it without tearing the omelette.

I'm sure there are many more types of omelette you can think of or have eaten but those are probably less conventional or not as popular...and perhaps not so good tasting as bitter gourd omelette (I love bitter gourd but somehow not in an omelette).

And many of these omelettes are easy enough to egg-secute.  So, what's your favourite omelette?  Mine is.....forget it, it's difficult to pick one, I like them all, maybe some more than others! ^o^
P/S: I hope you've enjoyed reading this post as much as I've enjoyed writing it.


  1. Good morning. This post is once again fabulous and informative. I am planning to print screen egg by egg and print out in A4 paper for my own recipe filing. My wife has tons of recipe books and this file will be my first. Your eggy ideas are wonderful to whip up the carbo free meals.

    I love all but vote the Top 3 as 4, 9 & 12. I think the Thai styled is different. Let me go and fry someday. Thank you for sharing all these recipe ideas.

    1. Print screen egg by egg...aiyo, paiseh lah...these are just simple omelettes everyone can make! ;D

      Hmmm, I'm surprised to see coriander omelette in your top 3 as that one I kinda made it up (I don't think anyone cooks this).

  2. I've tried these when dine out: 5,6,7,8,13,14,15 & 16
    I've cooked these at home: 1,3,4,10,11 & 13

    1. That leaves just 3 that you have not cooked nor eaten? ;)

  3. If someone was looking for an eggs-lempary list of Asian-influenced omelettes, this would be it! I wouldn’t say no to any of them ... in fact, I’d love a buffet that consisted of these 16 omelettes! :D

    1. You're probably the only one who can handle an omelette buffet. We know you can eat many eggs in one sitting! ^_~ Egg-semplary...that's another word I can borrow from you.

  4. I go overboard a bit when I do my omelettes these days. By overboard I mean American style. Real American style. Like those I had in the US before (you can find pictures somewhere in my blog I think).

    Which is... bacon, mushrooms and tomato. Sometimes cheese as well. Yumssss...

    1. I do make this American-style omelette sometimes too with bacon, mushrooms, tomato and chives...minus cheese! ^_*

  5. Ah! Love this post :) I cannot resist omelette when I see it at the chap fan stall. I also love to whip up my own. Luncheon meat omelette is my top favorite hee..hee... Oh, you like coriander, eh? I love it and will try that in my next omelette. I suspect that flour is added to the Pattaya rice/noodle omelette to make it so pliable and less breakable.

    1. You could be right with the cornflour thing as it does create a very thin omelette like the ones we see in oyster omelettes. I can understand why luncheon meat omelette is your top fav since you luncheon meat ranks a close second to bacon for you :)

    2. I don't think they need to add corn flour. My Thai mum taught me how to fry this stuffed Thai omelette using more eggs! I took a while to master it after watching how they cheated by short cuts at YouTube.

    3. You're probably right about the Thai omelette and Pattaya Fried Rice but for the oyster omelette, they make a watery starchy solution with water, flour and cornflour so that it comes out super thin and crispy.

  6. Eggs are my favourite weekend breakfast. I do love a good omelette. Have you tried the Spanish tortilla at Sapore? I like this fluffy lighter style.

    1. No, I've not. In fact, I've not eaten a Spanish omelette before.


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