Monday, 16 October 2017

Qian Qian Little Kitchen @ Pandan Indah

Qian Qian Little Kitchen @ Pandan Indah specialises in pan mee (both dry and soup) with some side dishes of the fried kind like wantan, dumplings, otak-otak and fish cake (read my previous review here).

It has been our 'go to' pan mee place on weekdays for some of our family dinners.  We'd visit almost on a weekly basis and in one of our recent visits, we noticed that they have added two new pan mee flavours and introduced nasi lemak as well to their menu.

They have 3 choices of nasi lemak here, the first being Nasi Lemak with Chicken Drumstick @ RM8.50 with the usual condiments of fried egg, crispy fried ikan bilis and freshly fried peanuts, sambal and cucumber slices (of the Japanese kind).

The seasoning in the fried chicken drumstick may be less subtle for those who prefer more salty flavours (though I don't mind it).

Then there's the option of Nasi Lemak with Whole Chicken Leg @ RM10.90 for those who want or need a meatier (and more fulfilling) plate.  I have to say that for a Chinese-style nasi lemak, they did the sambal justice here (nearer to a Malay-style sambal but less spicy).

The chicken skin was well crisped though the meat might come off just a little dry to some but I was fine with it.  As for the fried egg, it really depends on your times you may still get a slightly runny yolk, on other days, the egg could be well overcooked (like most of the days).  You can always change it to hard-boiled if you don't want to deal with overcooked egg yolks.

But the best is yet to come...haha! ;D  Not found at many shops, this place offers Nasi Lemak with Luncheon Meat (Spam) @ RM8.50.....yay!  This was how the luncheon meat looked like the first time we had it.

The luncheon meat was fried to a nice crisp on the outside.  It's also fragrant and of a fair quality (better than most you'd find at chap fan stalls).

But in our more recent visits, they look like this now...they've probably changed the brand of luncheon meat but, luckily, these ones are still tasty enough (though I'd have to say I preferred the previous non-round ones just a tad more).

Fragrant, salty, tasty luncheon meat.....a sure-fire crowd pleaser :)

A nasi lemak with luncheon meat is bound to endear it to families with young children as, not only is the sambal not hot, it comes with luncheon meat (spam)! ^o^

If you need more, the luncheon meat @ RM6 (for 4 pcs) is available for order separately.

Besides the introduction of nasi lemak, they've also added two new pan mee flavours to their repertoire, one is the Salted Egg Yolk Pan Mee @ RM8 (might as well jump on the bandwagon of everything salted egg yolk) with pork meatballs, minced pork, Sichuan preserved salted vegetables ("cha choy"), fried onions and, of course, mashed salted egg yolk.

Fans of anything salted egg will embrace this dish like no other.  Stir everything together (including the dried chilli condiment) and it'll be a chopstick-full of fragrant, salty flavours.  Beware of the red bird's eye chillies hidden in the salted egg though! O_o

The other new pan mee is the the "ma lat" flavour which is the hot and spicy (or numbing) version (depending how you see it based on your level of heat tolerance).  I usually find ma lat too hot for me to handle, so I would skip that.

As usual, they have some side dishes for you to add on as snacks like my favourite Otak-Otak @ RM5 (for 5 pcs) which I'd order almost every time.

My family likes to order the Salted Pork @ RM7.90 which is deep-fried pork coated with "nam yue" (fermented red bean curd).

I find this a bit too lean and dry for my liking but since my son likes it, we'd order it still.

Another snack we ordered this time....Fried Pork Meatballs @ RM3 (for 3 pcs).

To balance out your meal with some needed greens, the Vegetable Egg Soup @ RM5 would fulfill that need.  The vegetable is the star gooseberry leaves (sayur manis or "shu cai" in Chinese) in egg drop soup.

They also make a pretty decent.....and foamy glass of Teh Ais (Iced Tea) @ RM2.50 here.

My Personal Opinion

The place is highly suitable for families who like to eat in a really bright and clean  environment.  I think the introduction of nasi lemak has been a good call (I noticed it has brought them more customers) since not all family members like to eat noodles only.

For a Chinese-style nasi lemak where sambal is usually not (or never) a strong suit, their sambal certainly deserves praise for getting as close as possible to a good sambal.

Still a usual haunt for my family when we feel like eating pan mee...and now for a nasi lemak fix at dinner time as well! ^.^

Qian Qian Little Kitchen
81G Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6B
Pandan Indah
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4287 7333


  1. I posted a comment just now and my internet connection was cut >.< I was telling you that fried luncheon meat comes a close second to bacon for me and I wonder what's it like eaten with nasi lemak. Must be good :) Speaking of pan mee, my current favorite if the one at Go Noodle (the soupy one).

    1. I thought Go Noodle is more famous for its beef noodles than pan mee (and I did hear that the dry pan mee is not that good). Luncheon meat with nasi lemak is quite common if you find a Chinese nasi lemak stall...and I'm probably with you on it coming a close second...hehe! ;)

  2. This restaurant is serving interesting choices in their menu. Their Salted Egg Yolk Pan Mee is new to me and definitely could please a greedy fella like me. I could agree that they downgraded the luncheon meat to the cheapo round tins. If you recall my trip to NSK where I had a shock to see so many China brands under RM5 per tin. Some silly bloggers teased me about dog and cat meats being minced together into the pork luncheon meat. Bluek!!!!
    I actually learnt to enjoy and differentiate between the Malay & Chinese styled Nasi Lemak. I always thought the Chinese didn't know how to cook until the seller ticked me off.

    1. I have to agree with you that most Chinese nasi lemak stalls don't do their sambal as well as our Malay friends but you can find some that come close.

      I don't think they downgraded their luncheon meat, I think they used another brand but it's still of a good quality, so I have no complaints.

  3. ooo, salted egg yolk sauce pan mee ... tempting! hmmm, i wonder why people haven't done a salted egg yolk sauce nasi lemak ... that could work too, heh :D

    1. That combo you just suggested...creamy santan-laced nasi with a just as creamy salted egg yolk sauce sounds like a rather cloying combo to me...way too rich...heheh! ^_*

  4. I'm not personally a fried food fan but I bet hubby would be eyeing off that fried chicken.

  5. Definitely yay for the luncheon meat nasi lemak!
    Pan mee also comes with salted egg yolk version, what else I'm thinking >_<

    1. They'll try to incorporate salted egg yolk in everything they can think of these days.


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