Wednesday, 25 October 2017

What Some People Do at Buffets.....

When I first wrote about what some people do at "chap fan" stalls and followed that up with what some people do in supermarkets, I was surprised that these two posts got pretty good hits...even better than some of my cooking posts...aiks! ;P 

Maybe some of us have this "kepochi" streak in us and want to know what 'no good' our fellow citizens are up to...kekeke! :P  And a comment left on my previous post of what some people would do at "chap fan" stalls gave me an idea for this post.  So, here comes a third in the series...what I've witnessed some people do at buffets.

#1 - Those who pile a mountain top of food on their plate

Just because you've paid (in your opinion) an obscene amount of money for the buffet doesn't mean you have to pile it obscenely on your plate! O_o  Worst still, some can't even finish the food.  Even if you've paid for the food, it doesn't give you the right to waste food so, behave decently and take only what you can eat.  Luckily, nowadays, many have learned the etiquette of buffet eating (at least in classy environments like hotel buffets) though the same can't be said when it comes to "free makan" at festive buffets.

#2 - Those who pour soups into their bowls to the brim

Just as they pile a mountain top of food, they also pour soups into their bowls right to the brim and it's always fun to see them walk gingerly back to their seats and trying to keep the soup from overflowing.  Though it doesn't happen at buffets anymore since you can now make numerous trips to the buffet line, I do remember witnessing it before at a pizza place (the now defunct Shakey's, I think) where one is allowed only one serving of soup and salad at a set price with pizza (something like that).  It was pretty fun to see them walking slowly back to their seats while trying to balance their bowls...kekeke! :D 

#3 - Those who wipe out a particular tray of food without a care for those behind them

Just because the chef/server brings out a fresh plate of food, it doesn't justify you taking (almost) everything without a care for those in the queue behind you.  This usually happens to more premium food (like seafood) or those items that take a long time to cook and replenish (like satay and grilled items).  I've seen this happen quite often with satay...once the chef gets a handful of sticks ready, there'll be some inconsiderate people who would take them in all without even thinking about the few people who are waiting behind.

#4 - Those who don't bother to close the dome-shaped food covers

The food covers are there for a keep the food warm (and hygienic).   If there's someone standing next to you waiting to get the food, then yes, I can understand if you don't close the cloche.  Otherwise, please close the cloches, people! >:(

#5 - Those who don't use the tools that they're meant for

I once saw a diner using a traditional charcoal stove meant to toast bread to grill sausages...leaving remnants of the sausage stuck on the wire mesh! >_<  The buffet provides us with tools to pick up food from trays and sauces from bowls, so use the right tools please....and at no time should hands ever be involved.

#6 - Those who reuse their tableware

And then there are those who would reuse their glasses for refill of juices (sometimes even plates just for a few extra pieces of food).  Maybe you felt your glass wasn't that dirty, maybe the drink counter ran out of glasses (as they sometimes do), maybe you thought it wouldn't hurt to reuse...whatever your motivation is...please don't do it! >.<  We don't want to risk any contamination (in whatever form or shape) if your used tableware happen to come into contact with any food or drinks.

#7 - Those who would "chup chup" (reserve) the desserts first

And then there are those who would 'attack' the dessert counters first...and "chup chup" all the pretty desserts.  They'd probably claim they eat in reverse order (aka eat desserts first).  I may have been guilty of this one (once or twice) because circumstances made me do it.  Before the 'horde of bees' make a beeline and descend upon the 'sweets' and they're all gone, I too would take one...(maybe two) before all the pretty ones are gone...wakakakaka! ;P

#8 - If you have young kids, please get the food for them

I don't blame the kids for not using the right utensils and/or not following decorum.  I blame the parents for unleashing them and letting them run wild unsupervised at the buffet line.

#9 - If you have very young kids, please feed them

And if you have very young kids, please feed them instead of letting them eat by themselves and create a mess.  I've actually seen very young children being left to eat on their own and end up spilling food all over the table and floor (a little spillage is tolerable but not when you leave a big mess).  Mind you, some of these hotels use nice table linen and have carpeted floors...yikes! >.<

But I'm happy to say that the majority of buffet-eaters these days are a more civilised lot with the right dining etiquette (at least in classy environments) which is a far cry from the early days of buffet binging eating I've witnessed.

Anyway, why pile everything on one plate (and end up eating a pile of "rojak" with everything mixed together) when you can make numerous trips to the buffet line.  I, for one, don't like my food to touch and mingle with one another unless they're "related" in some way...wuahahahaha! ;D

So, have you ever come across such behaviour in any of your buffet dining experiences? ^_~


  1. You are certainly the most unique food blogger I have seen. You always shared interesting topics that no one would compile. You should be an excellent barrister of law with all your clever facts laid out to present to the Judge & panel of Jury. Your cases would win and attract happy readers from world wide... Kudos!

    I have been eating buffets all my life and grew up from small brats to a matured uncle now. I do realise how greedy & wild I was, once upon a time. The buffet prices are getting crazily high nowadays that could see better crowds of behaved adults with their well tamed kids too.

    I think I guessed correctly that you actually sketched & coloured all the illustrations by yourself. They are so cute and interesting from your creative brains! Bravo! I looked at them 3 times like viewing paintings by Vincent Van Gogh and Monet.

    Everything you have described are absolutely true and I had seen them all. Maybe you have not seen some aunties & uncles who brought plastic containers and scooped their favourite chickens or fruits into the hidden boxes below the table cloths. Sometimes they worked like Bonnie & Clyde robbers where one shielded for the other to scoop the hotel's loots.

    I used to join a group chat of regular bloggers where one taught us to save our photos as "Naked Men" or "Naked Women" in our blogs. Wow! I tried that and it triggered all the hamsap viewers who googled searched their way to my blog posts. This would send your posts to hit sky high from desperados as far as Pakistan and even UAE! Muahahahaha

    1. Thank you for your kind words, TM. I suppose I'm a bit of a 'kepochi' myself to want to compile these topics...hehe! ;) You've got good deductive skills, I once studied law but didn't stay the course.

      Yes, buffet prices have skyrocketed of late and you're right in saying that perhaps a different crowd now throng these buffets.

      Gosh, you give me too much credit. I was good in drawing aka copying when I was in school but I'm not that creative. So I could have drawn/copied these but, seriously, I won't have time to do that.

      OMG, tapau food? that I've not seen. If I had, I would have included it here. I can't believe you've seen that! O_o

      Oh dear, I'll make sure I don't save any photos as "Naked" coz I wouldn't want all those hamsap viewers in my family-friendly blog...kekeke! ;D

  2. There’s another side to this list that you could someday compile - what restaurants do at buffets! The cost-cutting measures that might affect quality of the food and the overall customer experience ;)

    1. Hmmm, I'd love to do a piece on that but I can't + it won't be fair since I don't know what actually happens on the other side unless I work in the kitchens...haha! :D My guess would be they 'recycle' some of the unfinished food to another dish for the next buffet cycle.

  3. you to come up with this post! Oh yes, I have observed (and maybe been bad myself hee..hee..) most of what you listed. I used to eat at Pizza Hut and they had this Salad Tower where you can go just once to fill up your bowl. Someone taught me how to use the romaine lettuce to increase the height of the bowl. What you do is arrange the romaine vertically all along the rim of the bowl. That way you can put more stuff into the bowl. After a while, the Pizza Hut people wised up and they cut the romaine lettuce instead of serving the leaves whole. LOL!

    1. Haha, you crack me up with this Salad Tower. Trust Malaysians to be ingenious when it comes to ways of getting more food! :D Those who pile food on their plates at buffets also have some kind of a 'formula', I think....wakakakaka! ;D

    2. Salad Tower!! Muahahahaha Wakakaka

    3. I wish I could have witnessed those people walking gingerly back to their seats while doing a balancing act with their Salad Tower...kikiki! :D

  4. I'm not a fan of buffets for many reasons, but the food wastage is a big one.

    1. I've always wondered what they do with the excess unconsumed food although, these days, I think food wastage to getting lesser since they've introduced a lot of food that's a la minute.

  5. Macam macam orang ada in this world =.="
    One thing I feel sad is thinking of the unfinished food which is going to dustbin after the buffet session >_<

    1. I also don't know what they do with the excess food. Maybe they let their staff take it home? Maybe some gets donated away?


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