Monday, 29 October 2018

How many ways can you eat soft-boiled eggs?

It's been a long while.....this post was lost and forgotten in my draft folder....waiting to be completed and posted.  So, the Chronicles of the Humble Egg continues into its final many ways can you eat soft-boiled eggs?  

With this, it finally comes to a conclusion that first started with how many ways can you eat an egg and followed through to how many ways can you fry an omelette and how many ways can you serve hard-boiled eggs.

Though I'm a fan of eggs done any way...soft-boiled eggs remains my top favourite way of eating eggs.  There's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into an egg yolk that breaks and oozes down your mouth.  It's something so simple...but yet so gratifying! ;)

#1 - the most classic way

Obviously, the best way to eat soft-boiled eggs is the most classic way....simply as they are with a dash of soy and pepper....just slurp it up! ^o^

It's great with toasted bread too.  One of the more popular choices among locals for breakfast at home or at coffee shops.  Perhaps, our western counterparts might dip asparagus spears (or fried bacon) for a more classy version. ^_~

#2 - with Japanese hamburger

Some Japanese-style hamburgers come topped with an onsen egg that breaks and oozes down the burger to make eating it a complete mess but a mess we'd be happy to deal with.  The same effect can also be achieved with a sunny side-up egg in western-style hamburgers.

#3 - with pan mee

When we order dry pan mee, a soft-boiled egg is usually included which when broken coats the noodles lovingly like a sauce.

#4 - with pasta

In western-style noodles like pasta, the egg yolk acts as a binder for the pasta together to give it that creamy texture.

#5 - with Japanese donburi

When it comes to Japanese rice bowls, many are served with an onsen egg, similar to a soft-boiled egg, that can double up as a sauce for the rice.

#6 - with pork noodles

Whenever we order pork noodles, the hawker will usually ask if we want to add an egg...and a barely cooked one at that.  It's a well-accepted way to eat pork noodles though I don't do that very often as I find that the runny yolk interferes with the original taste of the soup base.

#7 - with salad

Nowadays, we also find salads being served with a perfectly egg-secuted runny yolk.  Well, that's one way of making more people eat salads! ^_*

#8 - with char kway teow

Recently, some genius even decided to introduce a soft-boiled egg as topping for char kway teow which, in my humble opinion, is not the brightest idea.

Sorry I got egg-cited and carried away with this topic which has since spawned four blogposts...kekeke! ^_~  But I'm eggs-hausted...I'm finally's been an egg-cellent ride...but it has to end some, this is my last piece on this eggs-traordinary subject...and the Chronicles of the Humble Egg comes to a close.

Eggs were put on this very earth to satisfy our lust for their runny middle...that's it....hihihi! ;D
It's comfort food in its simplest form.  Is there any other way to eat soft-boiled eggs? ;)

Friday, 26 October 2018

Spag & Ju's @ Sunway Velocity

Spag & Ju's @ Sunway Velocity is the result of (I was told) the coming together of two food trucks, one that sells spaghetti and the other juice (which is also rather obvious from the name of the place).

I first spotted it when I was getting me some sandwiches from the nearby Liang Sandwich Bar.  They're like one of those larger food kiosks with a dine-in facility.

The spag portion of the menu is pretty straight-forward, short and sweet....with 7 choices, five slurpy ones and two slurp-free ones (and yes, they call their main dishes slurpy!).  The slurpy ones are just those that contain spaghetti with either breakfast items of processed ham & sausages, chicken chop or fish (be it fish fillet, dory or tempura fish) while the non-slurpy ones of fish fillet or chicken chop come with fries or mashed potatoes respectively.  There's a choice of only two sauces, mushroom or black pepper.  They recently added Slurpy Daging (and its variations of Daging Mash & Daging Fries) as well.

The drink section or jus portion of the menu is made up of three choices of soda, four selection of fresh juices and three ice-blended possibilities.

We had Fizzy Lychee Lemon @ RM6.50 and Sour Sensation (of pineapple, orange & passion fruit) @ RM7.50. The latter lived up to its name alright, it was really sour at first sip (and I guess my expression said it all as it brought about a stare from a lady at the next table) but the sour sensation gradually mellows down with a few more sips and became rather enjoyable.  Stick to bottled mineral water @ RM2 if you're not into sodas, fresh juices or ice-blended drinks...or if you want to keep the price of your meal low.

Making a decision of what to eat here is super either go with fish or chicken basically.  If it's fish, it's between either fried fish fillet as in this Slurpy Fish @ RM11 with a choice of black pepper sauce (it also comes in a slurp-free variation with fries instead of spaghetti).

Or Slurpy Tempura @ RM14.50 with tempura-battered fish and a choice of mushroom sauce, both served with fried spaghetti and vegetables.

The tempura-battered fish comes with a good drizzle of what looks like Thousand Island sauce (I didn't taste this one).  If you have children in your possy, the fish selection would probably be their preferred choice.

The third option is Slurpy Fish @ RM17 with dory fish served with spaghetti and veggies...and the same sauce as Slurpy Tempura.  This is also the option where the fish is  lightly (or the least) battered (that it almost looks like grilled).

The other option is, of course, their recommended (and most popular) dish....the Slurpy Chicken @ RM17 with chicken chop, fried spaghetti and sauteed vegetables.  This one was with mushroom sauce.

You can also have the slurp-free version of Chicken Mash @ RM15.50 that comes with mashed potatoes instead of spaghetti.  Choice of sauce for this one was black pepper.

The chicken chop was not only seared really, really well, it was seasoned just as well too...with a generous amount of black pepper that I love.

I think they were able to achieve such a good sear as a result of the cuts made when the chicken leg was deboned.  The charring on the chicken made it truly fragrant and delicious.

The chicken was not the only thing that developed a good sear, the spaghetti was also pan-fried or wok-tossed to achieve some charring on the noodles.

The potato mash was fairly smooth and not overly buttery (which I didn't mind).  Anyway, it wasn't very noticeable with the black pepper sauce poured over it.

The black pepper sauce was definitely a better choice than the mushroom sauce in terms of taste and spice level.  It also had the right consistency of not-too-thick or too watery.

I could certainly do with more sauce as the small amount wasn't quite enough.  You'd be left in a dilemma of whether to pour it over the spaghetti.....

......or over the chicken chop...kekeke! ;P

Much of everything you see on the menu (including a poached egg) is also available as an add-on if you need to bump up your meal further.  The spaghetti is quite a decent portion and should be sufficient for an average-eater.  If not, you can add-on more for a mere RM1.50.

My Personal Opinion

This is somewhat similar to localised western food you can get at some coffee shops.  It's typically a serving of fried spaghetti with some sort of commercially produced meat (like sausages, ham or fish) and chicken chop with the usual black pepper or mushroom sauce.

Except this one tastes better, albeit at slightly higher prices, but you get to eat it in a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

Although I won't bother eating those commercially produced meat and frozen fish, the chicken chop itself is worth trying for the price and taste if you happen to be in the mall looking for cheaper eats.

Spag & Ju's
Lot B-47F & B-47G
Sunway Velocity Mall
Lingkaran Sunway Velocity
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

#ewew tries Red Chef Sakura Prawn Noodles

I was eager to try this brand of instant noodle after reading about it on world of buzz that it made it to the list of The Ramen Rater's Top Ten Instant Noodles for 2018.

In fact, 3 Malaysian brands were placed in the top ten....and the instant noodle that came in at No. 2 was this Red Chef's Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Noodles.  The other two being CarJEN Nyonya Curry Laksa (at #4) and (again) Red Chef Tom Yum Soup Noodles (at #6).

And you know how I love me prawn noodles, so it's a foregone conclusion that I must try, of course.

I bought this pack of Red Chef's Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Noodles for RM10.39 and each pack contains four individual packets.

In each packet of noodles, you'd find a sachet each of seasoning powder, a cooked chilli paste and a garnishing of fried shallots.

On opening, the dark-coloured cooked chilli paste for the prawn broth looked really intense...and I was hoping for it to taste as good as it looked.  The paste reminded me of MyKuali's Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles as they look rather similar.

The instructions on how to cook this seemed rather odd to me.  They'll ask you to cook the noodles first in boiling water while the paste, seasoning powder and fried shallots are added to a separate bowl.  You're supposed to remove the cooked noodles and pour it into the bowl.  

I chose to cook it differently as I wasn't sure if the paste would dissolve adequately if done following the instructions on the package.  So I did it the usual way (as I would normally cook any instant noodles) and that is to boil the seasoning and paste first before adding the noodles.

I have to say the fried onions garnish was plentiful and generous...and the crunch of the fragrant shallots is all one needs to enjoy this packet of instant noodles in its most basic form.

Occasionally, I would add a fried egg that has been scrambled to bits to bring it up a notch for a fuller meal...and a fuller enjoyment! ^_~

The noodles are thicker than the norm, a little starchier and yielding a firmer chew.  When it comes to instant egg noodles, I have to hand it to can make it quite as springy-textured as they can.

But what is a bowl of prawn noodles without any prawns, right? :P

Or hard-boiled eggs.

So add them in for maximum satisfaction.

I'm not sure about the 'Sakura prawns' in the name of the noodles though...were Sakura shrimps actually used or was it to impress upon us the quality of prawns used in the paste for the broth? ;P

The broth did have an exceptionally strong prawn flavour with a fair amount of spiciness.  You can smell it even when the paste is cooking.

Though the soup base looked intense with its bright orange hue, it wasn't too oily and had a nice thickness to it.  The taste of this broth came the closest to that of a good prawn mee.  It's by far the best-tasting instant version of prawn mee I've had.

If you think MyKuali's Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodles was good....this one by Red Chef is even better! ^.^ It'll have to do when I need a prawn noodle fix at ungodly hours.

My search for a good instant prawn mee has finally come to a happy ending as it has led me to Red Chef's Spicy Sakura Prawn Soup Noodles.  For fans of tom yum (can't say I'm truly one), you might want to try their Tom Yum Soup Noodles that came in at #6.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

15 Places to Get Your Coffee Fix

Sipping a good cup coffee is one of life's simplest least to me! ;)  There's nothing quite like sitting and chatting with friends over a cuppa or even quietly by oneself in a corner (with perhap a good book in hand)...sipping coffee slowly as the world passes us by.

So, here's my list of places-to-go to get yourself that perfect morning wake-me-up.  It includes some newly discovered gems and some old favourites too.

Excellent coffees.  Cute latte art.  Exceptional service.  You'd want to linger and soak in this charming cafe.  A current favourite, for now. ^o^

The Red Beanbag @ Publika

One of the first few cafes I wrote about when I started blogging.  If the coffee is as good as I remembered, then it deserves a place on this list.  And if the pic looks familiar too....well, it's the pic I used for my blog profile...kekeke! ^_~

Beam @ Bandar Sri Damansara

Great place (cozy but a little noisy) for coffees with some outstanding local kuih and cakes for company.

28 Fireplace @ Persiaran Ampang

The coffees are always good here...and the latte art is always spot on too :)

Good-looking cafe serving great coffees with and equally good menu.

Yellow Brick Road @ Damansara Heights

They claim to serve oz-some coffee....and I agree.

Antipodean @ Menara Tan & Tan

One of my old...or should I say first favourites.  Though I've not been back for a long while, I think it deserves special mention for its longevity.

Wild Honey @ Pavilion

Beautiful cafe, relaxing atmosphere, good coffees, expensive menu (ok, let's just conveniently forget about that last part)! ;D

43 Coffee @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

A quiet spot for coffee.  Come here for the coffee, not the ambience.

Breakfast Thieves @ APW Bangsar

Good coffees but place is crowded (even hectic at times).  May have to queue or is that a thing of the past already?

Olfactory Bulb @ Kota Damansara

If you need your coffee fix...with a spike of're in the right place (though they do have normal coffees too)! ;P

Acme Bar & Coffee @ Pavilion Elite

A perfect place for a coffee date with its romantic ambience and candlelit tables.  Coffees may be a little expensive but I reckon that'll be the least of your priorities when out on a date.

La Casa @ Mont Kiara

Fabulous coffees....with equally fabulous cakes for pairing.

The Good Batch @ Damansara Uptown

Let the good coffees.....and good times roll! ;)

Wizards At Tribeca @ Jalan Imbi

Brought to you by the good folks of Yellow Brick Road and Red Beanbag, you can come to expect the same quality standards here.

So, the next time you need a coffee fix for whatever reason (I don't judge!), you may want to explore some of these options available.  Coffee is not just's many different things to different people.  Drink up....for its numerous health benefits...but in moderation ya! ^.^

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