Eat what, Eat where?

How many times have we asked ourselves this very question each time we step out to eat...

Hi everyone, my name is Kris and welcome to my blog.....where food meets senses!  To me, food must be pleasing to the should look gorgeous, smell good and, above all, taste great.

I love to eat.....good food that is.  I don't know everything about "food" there is to know, far from it, but, what I know, I tell it as it is....good, bad or ugly!

Simply put, my food and eating guidelines are......ABCD:
It has to be Affordable (I'm on a budget)
It should look Beautiful (you feast with your eyes first)
It feels somewhat Comforting (you know the feeling)
& above all, it must be Delicious (of course, otherwise why bother)

I first started this blog simply for 3 reasons:
1)  my love for eating (reasonably good food, that is)
2)  my wish to document and share the food that I ate with friends and family
3)  and the incessant pestering by my "makan kakis" (food buddies) to start a food blog 

Now, I do it for just one simple love for writing, mostly about food (and sometimes cooking), but it has since evolved to include topics not related to food also (when I need a break from my food posts)!  Blogging (and blog hopping) is a hobby that keeps me "sane"...and keeps me occupied.

I don't claim to be a 'professional' food blogger as I certainly do not have as refined a palate nor the eating experience as some of the food bloggers out there.  I just like to blog about the food I eat, the food I cook...and, sometimes, even the things I like.  The 'food' opinions on this blog are based solely on my own taste buds, and you may agree or disagree, as "taste" is very much in the "mouth" of the beholder.

My food haunts are usually those around my neighbourhood or those within close proximity to where I live, with occasional food trips further away from my neigbourhood during the weekends.  Because of my current lifestyle, I do eat "on a budget" with the occasional "splurge" on more expensive foods when my "pocket" permits.

My food blog is not about how many places I've eaten or how many new eateries I've tried. It's more about the food that I like or the places I like to eat.  If I happen to like the food or the place, you'll see me revisiting the same place again.

My food journey will take you to an array of food establishments ranging from the more expensive restaurants to 'middle-of-the-park' priced cafes to cheap coffee shops and even cheaper hawker stalls.  Some of the reviews are done with just one visit (if I have a big enough 'eating' party), while others may need more than one visit to give you a "wider" review.

In a nutshell, my food blogging principles are...EPL (not the English Premier League).....but it's I Eat, I Pay, I Leave...and then I tell it as it is (no "invited reviews").

My food inspiration comes from watching shows on the Asian Food Channel and Food Network with a slight obsession for reality cooking competitions.  And I have a few celebrity chef crushes too, amongst them, Anthony Bourdain, Jonathan Phang, Curtis Stone, Geoffrey Zakarian, Susur Lee and Eric Rupert.  The only two non-English food shows I watch are 'Axian's Food Adventures' and 'Taste with Jason' (though I can't understand an 'ounce' of Mandarin).

As for my photography skills, hmmm....well, there are none!  Since I don't carry a camera with me when I go on my food hunts, all photos are snapped with my trusted companion (my iPhone), so I apologise if the photos are not up to mark.

So, with an 'empty stomach', come on a food crawl with me as I eat....and eat.....and I'm hungry for more!

Cook what, Eat what!

I like to cook (once in a while) but I admit I'm not a very good cook and, if I do cook, my cooking principle is......EFG:

Easy to prepare
Fast to cook
Good to eat

My cooking inspiration comes from watching my favourite home cooks (turned celebrity chefs) like Jamie Oliver, Ina Garten, Giada de Laurentiis, Kylie Kwong, Donna Hay and Nigella Lawson, who cooks simple recipes, with the freshest ingredients, but yet taste amazing.

With that in mind, I will be sharing some of the dishes I cook (or attempt to cook) here on my blog.  These recipes are inspired by some of my favourite celebrity cooks (plus some of my own) but further simplified to make cooking them even easier and faster as I'm not an advocate of 'slaving over a hot stove' just to enjoy good food.  I do not know if you'll find my cooking any good but, to me, it's good enough to eat for the little effort that I put in.

My cooking principles are pretty's got to be FFF - Fast, Fresh and (hopefully) Fabulous!!!  So, come join me in my kitchen as I (try to) whip up some wholesome, somewhat delicious food that everyone can do (even novice cooks)!

If you need to ask me anything, leave a comment or drop me a line at

P/S:  A little note of thanks to my friend (LTT) for her help in getting my blog started and my 'makan kakis' (you know who you are) for joining me on my food escapades!

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