Friday, 6 October 2017

Eatomo Food Co @ Taman Desa

Since our first visit (a year ago) to Eatomo @ Taman Desa, this place has become one of our go-to places when we want good and affordable Japanese food.

Although they have recently opened another outlet in Solaris Dutamas (Publika), the Taman Desa branch is still the one that's more accessible and convenient for us.

Just follow the fishes to Eatomo! ;P

For this visit, we managed to try a whole lot of new (summer) items that we didn't have on our previous visit starting with the Enoki Fries @ RM8.90 served with a mayo dipping sauce.

The batter for the enoki mushrooms were incredibly crispy and light....and once you try one, they're pretty addictive and you won't be able to stop.  It's something the kids will definitely adore as well.

The Chipirones Crispy Squid @ RM19.90 featuring buttermilk seasoned fried baby calamari served with homemade tartare sauce was next.  The crisp baby squids were tender and delicious...and just as addictive as the enoki mushrooms.

The mini squids were topped with lots of freshly chopped coriander and raw garlic, perhaps not the best dish to order if you're on a date!  For me, I loved the coriander more than the garlic but both brought fragrance and freshness to the squids. ^.^

There was an incredible Buy 1 Free 1 offer for the Grilled Whole Sanma @ RM23.90 which we couldn't resist.

The pacific saury we got were pretty large...and there were two of them, so it was certainly a good deal.  The fish was nicely charred yielding a crisp skin and firm flesh within.

Since we're mentaiko junkies, the Mentaiko-Seared Ocean Trout & Hokkaido Ikura Don @ RM28.90 was difficult to resist.

The nicely torched, melt-in-the-mouth trout with juicy ikura was like a blanket of savoury goodness on top of a bed of rice. 

Since there's no such thing as too much mentaiko...and with the combination of savoury (mentaiko) and sweet (tamago) flavours in one dish, the Mentaiko-Seared Tamadon @ RM14.90 is a sure-order dish for me.

Four generous and thick slices of firm yet fluffy tamago, topped with mentaiko that has been blow torched for that smoky finish, it was a delicious match indeed. ^o^

Ever since our first taste of beef tongue at Momotalo Yakiniku, we've been hooked and would always keep an eye out for it.  So, we just had to have the Wok-fired Spicy Gyutandon @ RM18.90 featuring thinly sliced beef tongue stir-fried with chillies, garlic and shoyu.

Although these tender slices of beef tongue didn't quite compare to the awesome grilled ones we had at Momotalo, it was still a pretty respectable rendition.

Free miso soup with the donburi.

When I saw that they now offer Homemade Yuzu Sorbet @ RM10, I ordered that straight away since I love tangy flavours.  The icy treat had fresh, intensely yuzu-flavoured sourish nuances but also contained chunks of yuzu peel, the texture of which I didn't quite enjoy in a sorbet.

My Personal Opinion

Most of what we had here were thoroughly enjoyable (some outstanding, very few misses) the hits far outweigh the misses, so this place continues to please us with their fresh, decent tasting and affordably-priced Japanese food.

More visits to come, for sure! ^_*

Eatomo Food Co
11-1-1 Jalan 3/109F
Taman Danau Desa
Jalan Kelang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2303 1608


  1. Tamago & Mentai, I like both!
    The fried baby octopus must be great to go with beer or sake :P

    1. I don't drink beer or sake, so I wouldn't really know but I think any fried stuff goes well with beer, sake or any drink, no? Hihihi! :D

  2. The eatomo folks will be happy to hear your positive comments on their current creations - a little bird told me that they recognise you and appreciate your patronage! :)

    1. Sean, now you've made me curious as to how they could have recognised me since I've never introduced myself (when I visited) + I write this blog anonymously, hmmm..... ^_*

    2. LOLOL... Sean is a sweet talker. All ladies love him!
      I am also curious how you looked like & now Eatomo could recognize you!!!

    3. Hehe, I think Sean has mistaken me for someone else.
      Hey, TM, you're not far behind Sean (in the sweet talking dept). Otherwise, how you would you have managed to get your lahling ah....kekeke! ;D

  3. Oh, they have a branch at Publika! That is accessible to me and I will get my brother to take me there. I would be interested in the Chipirones Crispy Squid and I do not mind loads of coriander and even garlic! Oh yes, mentaiko! It is a must-order :)

    1. Yes, this new branch is certainly more accessible to you...hopefully you and your brother can make it there to try out the food :)

  4. I still have not visited this restaurant yet when I often meet clients and friends at Taman Desa. I always had to find a coffee & cakes outlet for chatting instead that's why I skipped. I should bookmark it and bring my lahling there soon. Taman Desa was home to us for 10 years and I miss the old neighbours who love to gossip about us!! Muahahahaha

    1. You should be proud that you're worthy enough to be made a good gossip topic, that's why they want to gossip about you...hihihi! :D Yes, yes, please bring your lahling here :)


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