Thursday, 26 October 2017

Ra.Ft Cafe @ Lorong Binjai

After being here for both breakfast and dinner and trying out both breakfast and dinner dishes (not that they have a different menu for both times), I was back to Ra.Ft Cafe @ Lorong Binjai for more.

This time, I came with family as I wanted them to try the food I enjoyed so much at this cafe.  The cafe was bustling when we arrived for breakfast (and this is one of those cafes I see frequented by more expats than locals).  As usual, Filippo, the ever gracious host, was there to ensure his guests are always well taken care of.

To start, as always, we had to have the Ra.Ft Breakfast @ RM32, a fully-loaded platter with possibly everything one needs...bacon, sausage, eggs, mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, bread and butter.  I like just how consistent it looks in terms of cooking and presentation each time we had it (check it out here and here).

My mother-in-law initially asked for the sausage to be removed from her plate.  I told her she might regret giving up the sausage coz this was nothing like those poor-tasting commercially made sausages that she usually eats.  She took one bite and gave her 'silent' sign of approval by gobbling up the rest! ;)

However, if you do not want an already preassembled breakfast platter, you can also Build-Your-Own with your choice of protein (bacon, chicken sausage, pork sausage or home cured salmon), eggs (scrambled, poached, fried or sunny side up), bread (homemade multigrain, gluten free multigrain, croissant or english muffin) and any two sides (mushrooms, smashed tomatoes, roasted tomatoes or baked beans).

This was My (Son's) Breakfast (it could be Your Breakfast too) @ RM28 with pork sausage, fried egg (they even asked if you want your eggs flipped), mashed potatoes, mushrooms and croissant.  This is sure to please since you would have hand picked everything! ;)

I decided to go with something I've not had before, something simple, light and healthy, the Bagel with Tuna Sweet Corn @ RM19.50 served with fresh greens.  Other bagel combinations include eggs mayonnaise & baby spinach, cream cheese with home cured salmon, and bacon & fried egg.

Loved the nicely toasted bagel that was crisp and fragrant with sesame seeds.  As for the filling, I think it needed a bit more tuna and a bit more of that juicy sweet corn.  #JustSaying...hihihi!

And you know it's quite unimaginable to leave without having my current no. 1 favourite French Toast with Bacon & Maple Syrup @ RM21, right?  Obviously.

It's also unthinkable for me not to have the insanely delicious Ra-Ft Tiramisu (Italian recipe) @ RM15.  Unable to resist the tiramisu each and every time I'm here, I'm wondering if the other desserts will ever get a chance...haiz!

Drinks of Hot Latte @ RM9 and a Ra-Ft Healthy Mixed Juice, Sunny Day @ RM16 of orange, mango and pineapple, that's thick and yummy.

My Hot Cappuccino @ RM9...hey, I finally got a cat latte art....yay, so cute...but Cookie will forever be the cutie of my heart! ^.^

My Personal Opinion

I once read a comment by a reader of eatdrinkkl and couldn't agree with him more...that we all get caught up with trying new places (I have to since I'm writing a food blog) and, more often than not, we get disappointed with these new outlets and would return to our regular 'tried and tested' outlets that we know will not disappoint....and that for me is a meal at Ra.Ft's :)

Consistency is something that's extremely difficult to maintain and Ra.Ft has not let me down...their consistency in cooking, taste and presentation deserves a pat on the back.

And the good news is...they've recently launched their Ra-Ft Loyalty Card to reward their loyal customers. But let me share yet another piece of happy news.....a new outlet is in the works...and it's coming to....(ooo, let it be a surprise!) ^_*

Ra.Ft Cafe
G1, GF & N.2 Ground Floor
Binjai 8 Lorong Binjai
Off Persiaran KLCC
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2181 1091


  1. Bravo for eating 2 dishes for your breakfast, quite my style, haha!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you...nope, I didn't eat 2 dishes. There were four of us...and four mains, we shared a bit of everything. The cake doesn't count...hihihi! ;)

  2. The mother-in-law’s stamp of approval - that sounds like a possibly difficult but precious thing to get! Hmmm, maybe people in serious relationships should consider bringing their future in-laws here for family meals to please them!

    1. Haha, you're so right. I think some of my readers might take your suggestion to heart...hehe! ;)

  3. I love the way you described - "....those poor-tasting commercially made sausages...." My first laugh today at 5.30pm.

    The breakfast plate looked rich and very generous with that croissant. I am still learning to eat bagels!

    1. Glad you saw something funny in that. You know me, I don't mince my words! ^_~

  4. Can't blame you for going back for more! After this post, I must make it a point to visit. I hope the new outlet is closer to me (wishful thinking mode!)

    1. Yes, you must. The new outlet is closer to you...but not as close as Damansara Uptown....kikiki! ;D

  5. Oh my that French toast with bacon has me drooling.


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