Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How many ways can you serve hard-boiled eggs?

The Chronicles of the Humble Egg continues.....after how many ways can you eat an egg and how many ways can you fry an omelette.  I'm egg-cited to share another eggy post as I ponder upon how many ways you can serve hard-boiled eggs.  Oh dear, am I beginning to sound like an egg-ficionado?

Although hard-boiled may be my least favourite way of having eggs, they're beginning to grow on me.  Even though they used to get a bit less love, now I love them equally (with all my other eggs) as I can't deny the fact that there are just some things that go better with hard-boiled eggs! ;)

#1 - Plain Hard-Boiled Eggs

We begin with hard-boiled eggs eaten in its simplest form...with a good drizzle of soy.  That's all it needs.

And it goes best with nasi fact, I prefer this to fried egg when it comes to nasi lemak.

#2 - Crumbed Eggs

This is just a version of hard-boiled eggs that have been crumbed and fried offered by some nasi lemak joints.

I think they use just plain flour to coat the eggs before frying as the coating is very thin and light.

#3 - Herbal Tea Eggs

The Chinese also likes to make tea or herbal eggs out of hard-boiled eggs.  They crack the shells lightly before dunking them into a herbal brew.

Cracking the shells lightly allows the flavours to penetrate into the eggs and, at the same time, produces the beautiful marbled appearance in the eggs.  With the slightest amount of herbal hint, I like to eat them as they are.

#4 - Sambal Eggs

And then who doesn't like sambal eggs.  The Chinese, Malays and Indians all cook this in their own particular way resulting in different tasting sambals.

#5 - Braised Eggs

This braised pork dish is usually done with pork belly and hard-boiled eggs (sometimes tofu is added) swimming in a thick (sometimes thin), flavourful sweet and dark soy concoction.

If I have just this alone with eggs, got lean (not fatty) pork, got tofu, got sauce...I'm happy! ;)

#6 - Deviled Eggs

Who doesn't know of this classic appetiser of deviled eggs where the yolks are scooped out, mashed and mixed with mayo and mustard and the mixture spooned back into the egg white halves.  The flavours can be further amped up by incorporating minced bacon, finely chopped chives and a sprinkling of paprika.

#7 - Yong Tau Foo Stuffed Eggs

A brilliant creation by some yong tau foo stalls that's not commonly found...but when I see it, I must have it!

#8 - Chinese Red Eggs

Chinese red eggs is synonymous with a baby's full moon (a traditional Chinese celebration when baby turns one month old) and we receive them with a baby's full moon package.  Red eggs are also made to celebrate birthdays though this tradition is becoming less common these days.

#9 - Easter Eggs

Traditionally, Easter eggs used to be dyed red but nowadays they come in all sorts of bright colours and patterns with even crafting ideas being created to decorate the Easter eggs.

#10 - Quail Eggs

I can't very well not include my favourite quail eggs as these are just cute, miniature-sized versions of hard-boiled eggs...hehe! ^.^

Stick them in a skewer and grill them...

.....or lok-lok them....

....or eat them in a steamboat....and they'll be egg-cellent either way! ^o^

The next few eggs may not be as hard-boiled (some may call them soft-boiled or soft-poached) but I'm still going to include them in this list since the outer layer of white is firm other than the slightly runny yolk inside.

#11 - Japanese Marinated Egg

This version of Japanese soy sauce marinated egg for ramen (ajitsuke tamago) is something I consider in between soft and hard boiled.  The white has to be set enough for you to peel the egg shell while still maintaining a yolk that's still slightly runny on the inside.

#12 - Deep-Fried Battered Eggs

This one has a crispy batter coating a hard-boiled egg (at least the egg white)...

.....but with a still oozy yolk on the inside...absolute yums!

#13 - Scotch Eggs

This one is a classic recipe of minced meat, coated in breadcrumbs, encasing a hard-boiled egg with a runny centre, that's baked or deep-fried.  Not the easiest to nail as you need to cook the meat and still keep the yolk runny.

Of course there are even more versatile ways to serve hard-boiled having them chopped in potato salad, mashed in sandwiches or sliced in noodles but I'm showcasing whole eggs here, otherwise there'll be endless possibilities! :D

So, what's your favourite way of having hard-boiled eggs? ^_~


  1. wheeeee ... more eggy goodness from you! :) i also don't usually choose hard-boiled eggs cos soft, runny yolks are too irresistible, but yeah, hard-boiled eggs definitely have their place, especially in nasi lemak and with lok-lok, and with sambals and stews, as you pointed out! the one on your list i still haven't tried is yong tau foo eggs! :D

    1. Yeah, yong tau foo eggs are not common. I've only come across it at a yong tau foo shop in my neighbourhood :=)

  2. Oh wow! Hard boiled eggs are my childhood favorite and my aunt used to say that I could eat 6 in one sitting. I think she is bluffing hah..hah... I agree with you that it has to be hard boiled eggs with nasi lemak. And I adore those eggs in the braised pork belly dish :) Other ways to eat hard boiled eggs? Egg sandwich and egg salad perhaps. These days, I like them with the yolks barely set which is quite difficult to get right.

    1. Yolks that are barely set would mean you like those eggs numbered #11 - #13...haha! ;) Yup, those are difficult to perfect.

  3. I would never have dreamed of this many ways!

  4. I'm so proud to tell that I've tried all those above and can I considered as hard boiled egg expert? Actually I like it for its versatile and I always cook one (or two) as my dinner since I always skip carbo during dinner.

    1. Wah, you're very disciplined to just eat hard-boiled eggs for dinner. I'd like to do that too but afraid I end up eating too many eggs.


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