Friday, 26 October 2018

Spag & Ju's @ Sunway Velocity

Spag & Ju's @ Sunway Velocity is the result of (I was told) the coming together of two food trucks, one that sells spaghetti and the other juice (which is also rather obvious from the name of the place).

I first spotted it when I was getting me some sandwiches from the nearby Liang Sandwich Bar.  They're like one of those larger food kiosks with a dine-in facility.

The spag portion of the menu is pretty straight-forward, short and sweet....with 7 choices, five slurpy ones and two slurp-free ones (and yes, they call their main dishes slurpy!).  The slurpy ones are just those that contain spaghetti with either breakfast items of processed ham & sausages, chicken chop or fish (be it fish fillet, dory or tempura fish) while the non-slurpy ones of fish fillet or chicken chop come with fries or mashed potatoes respectively.  There's a choice of only two sauces, mushroom or black pepper.  They recently added Slurpy Daging (and its variations of Daging Mash & Daging Fries) as well.

The drink section or jus portion of the menu is made up of three choices of soda, four selection of fresh juices and three ice-blended possibilities.

We had Fizzy Lychee Lemon @ RM6.50 and Sour Sensation (of pineapple, orange & passion fruit) @ RM7.50. The latter lived up to its name alright, it was really sour at first sip (and I guess my expression said it all as it brought about a stare from a lady at the next table) but the sour sensation gradually mellows down with a few more sips and became rather enjoyable.  Stick to bottled mineral water @ RM2 if you're not into sodas, fresh juices or ice-blended drinks...or if you want to keep the price of your meal low.

Making a decision of what to eat here is super either go with fish or chicken basically.  If it's fish, it's between either fried fish fillet as in this Slurpy Fish @ RM11 with a choice of black pepper sauce (it also comes in a slurp-free variation with fries instead of spaghetti).

Or Slurpy Tempura @ RM14.50 with tempura-battered fish and a choice of mushroom sauce, both served with fried spaghetti and vegetables.

The tempura-battered fish comes with a good drizzle of what looks like Thousand Island sauce (I didn't taste this one).  If you have children in your possy, the fish selection would probably be their preferred choice.

The third option is Slurpy Fish @ RM17 with dory fish served with spaghetti and veggies...and the same sauce as Slurpy Tempura.  This is also the option where the fish is  lightly (or the least) battered (that it almost looks like grilled).

The other option is, of course, their recommended (and most popular) dish....the Slurpy Chicken @ RM17 with chicken chop, fried spaghetti and sauteed vegetables.  This one was with mushroom sauce.

You can also have the slurp-free version of Chicken Mash @ RM15.50 that comes with mashed potatoes instead of spaghetti.  Choice of sauce for this one was black pepper.

The chicken chop was not only seared really, really well, it was seasoned just as well too...with a generous amount of black pepper that I love.

I think they were able to achieve such a good sear as a result of the cuts made when the chicken leg was deboned.  The charring on the chicken made it truly fragrant and delicious.

The chicken was not the only thing that developed a good sear, the spaghetti was also pan-fried or wok-tossed to achieve some charring on the noodles.

The potato mash was fairly smooth and not overly buttery (which I didn't mind).  Anyway, it wasn't very noticeable with the black pepper sauce poured over it.

The black pepper sauce was definitely a better choice than the mushroom sauce in terms of taste and spice level.  It also had the right consistency of not-too-thick or too watery.

I could certainly do with more sauce as the small amount wasn't quite enough.  You'd be left in a dilemma of whether to pour it over the spaghetti.....

......or over the chicken chop...kekeke! ;P

Much of everything you see on the menu (including a poached egg) is also available as an add-on if you need to bump up your meal further.  The spaghetti is quite a decent portion and should be sufficient for an average-eater.  If not, you can add-on more for a mere RM1.50.

My Personal Opinion

This is somewhat similar to localised western food you can get at some coffee shops.  It's typically a serving of fried spaghetti with some sort of commercially produced meat (like sausages, ham or fish) and chicken chop with the usual black pepper or mushroom sauce.

Except this one tastes better, albeit at slightly higher prices, but you get to eat it in a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

Although I won't bother eating those commercially produced meat and frozen fish, the chicken chop itself is worth trying for the price and taste if you happen to be in the mall looking for cheaper eats.

Spag & Ju's
Lot B-47F & B-47G
Sunway Velocity Mall
Lingkaran Sunway Velocity
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. ooo, this makes me remember little fat duck, which also started out as a pasta-loving food truck before it invaded a bunch of malls. i know little fat duck manages to sell pastas at pretty low-seeming prices ... i wonder who's better in terms of making a satisfactory pasta, them or spag & ju's :D

    1. Oh, I wouldn't know as I've never eaten Little Fat Duck before. I guess operating a food truck is one way to test the market's acceptance of your food before venturing into a full-fledged restaurant.

  2. It's definitely a good deal for a juice that combines 3 fruits in it!
    I don't like 'banjir" my foo with sauce or gravy (but rice + curry is exceptional case :P), so I like the sauce which is served separately like this :)

    1. I also don't like my food with too much sauce but this was really too little as the spaghetti portion was plentiful.

  3. The older I get the more I dislike sweet and the more I like sour. I think I'd like those juices.

    1. Like you, I too prefer things that taste zesty more than sweet these days.

  4. I was a bit confused at first, why is the spaghetti dish called slurpy? Then I realized that when we eat spaghetti, we do slurp it up hee..hee... The chicken chop that comes with the spaghetti has very nice char marks and that's what I would choose too. And by the way Liang Sandwich Bar is opening soon at The Starling so I'll get to try it.

    1. Oh, that's good, now you can try Liang Sandwich...personally, I doubt you'd like it very much though but I'd still like to know what you think of it.

      Yes, when it comes to spaghetti and ramen, we can make all the slurping noises we want.


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