Monday, 29 January 2018

Noodle King House @ SS2 PJ

We came looking for one of our haunts for dim sum in SS2, Yuan Garden Dim Sum House, but found that it has closed down.  Actually their dim sum isn't half bad and I especially liked their roasted pork.  Don't know why they couldn't sustain their business even after moving into a smaller intermediate lot from their previous bigger corner unit (if you want to eat this dim sum, looks like there's only one now and it's in Puchong). 

Anyway, in its place, we found that Noodle King House @ SS2 PJ has taken over their lot.  Since we were already here, we thought we might as well try this new place.  From the banner displayed at their premise, it was obvious that fish head noodles is their forte.

A glance at the menu and they offer two choices of noodles (thin or thick beehoon) with different types of fish (cod, dory, salmon or grouper) along with oyster, scallops or pork belly in three types of soup base (signature superior soup, teow chew sour soup or milky salted vegetable soup).

I went with the Fried Salmon Head in Superior Soup @ RM14 in a set meal that comes with two pieces of Ipoh Fried Fu Chuk (fried bean curd sheets) and a drink of Iced Lime Sour Plum (or RM13.50 for the noodles itself if ordered individually).  There were four generous chunks of salmon fish+fish head that were fairly fresh (not super fresh).  There's also an option to have the noodles with a piece of fried salmon steak (RM17).  The thick beehoon is similar to the ones from Go Noodle House.

My mother-in-law had the Fried Dory Fish Fillet Noodle in Superior Soup (in a set) @ RM14.  I didn't try the fried dory fish fillet but since my mother-in-law ate the whole thing, I'm assuming it was alright (and not too fishy) coz my mother-in-law is known to not finish her food if she doesn't like it (she will give an excuse that she's full already)...haha! ;D  However, as far as the superior soup was concerned, it wasn't clear like the ones in Go Noodle House and it wasn't milky like the usual fish head noodles.  It was just plain tasting and didn't develop the flavours I seek.

My husband who doesn't like fish, let alone fish head noodles (nor anything in soup), made do with the Pork Belly Slice Noodles in Teow Chew Soup (also in a set) @ RM14 with a choice of thin beehoon.  If you ask me, the soup tasted pretty similar to the superior soup except for a slight tang in it.

The six pieces of very crispy Ipoh Fried Fu Chuk (for all three sets).  It's called Ipoh fried fu chuk because it's made in Ipoh (according to their Facebook)! :P

The drink that came with the set...Iced Lime Sour Plum.  The value set meals used to be available from Mondays to Fridays but is now offered all day long (including weekends and public holidays).  Business not so good, maybe?  Kekeke! :D

My son, who also don't like soup noodles, opted for the Cantonese Kway Teow with Fried Dory Fish Fillet @ RM13.  Again, there are loads better Cantonese-style noodles elsewhere.

They also offer a number of Ipoh homemade assorted fried snacks from fried pillow fishcake to turnip, wantan, fishcake, seafood fu chuk, yong tofu, thin fu chuk, fu chuk roll and popo chui (?).

So, we ordered a few, of course :)

Fried Fu Chuk Roll @ RM3.60 (for 3 pcs) - what can I's just rolled up crispy fu chuk with barely any fish paste! :P

Fried Pillow Fishcake @ RM3.60 (for 3 pcs) - this was the best tasting item among all the fried snacks.

Fried Turnip @ RM3.60 (for 3 pcs) - this one was super hard and dense, quite inedible.....stay clear of this one! >_<

Fried Yong Tofu @ RM4.50 (for 3 pcs) - this was a fish paste-filled soft tofu that was fried with a slight crisp on the outside.

My Personal Opinion

Overall, it's not a fish head noodles that I'd go rushing back for more anytime soon.  Nothing stood out.  The fried snacks failed to engage too...snacks like those are a dime a dozen.

In the end, it came down to the soup base and I wasn't liking the superior soup here as much.  Perhaps I should have tried the milky salted vegetable soup instead.  Though they offer bursting meatballs, garoupa fish slices, pork belly slices, oyster and abalone slices just like Go Noodle House, their soup base (unfortunately) can't hold a candle to the good ones in Go Noodle House.

This place is like a cross between Go Noodle House and fish head noodles but without either part making an impact.  It certainly isn't the 'king of noodles' and I can't say I'll be surprised to find it not here the next time I'm in the area! >_<

Noodle King House
No 31 Jalan SS2/30
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 017-202 8371


  1. Hmmm..sounds mediocre while it should have been promising judging by the name. A few eateries at my area closed/changed hands recently. Laksamaana closed shop and it looks like my favorite Hokano is closing too. So sad.

    1. Yeah, it's sad...a lot of eateries these days can't even survive past one year. Some of those we like, obviously others didn't and that's why there's a lack of business.

  2. At first I was happy to see fried turnip in the menu but your review really make me skeptical to try it out >_<

    1. Haiz, I've never eaten fried turnip that's so hard and dense before. >_<

  3. looks like the aim is to supply a lot of soupy goodness - which would be a nice dinner for the rainy evenings that we have lately. but yeah, i guess there are a lot of options for chinese fare in ss2 ... too many options for us to count!

    1. The rain of late sucks, so much so that I've been feeling under the weather and have been eating soupy goodness for the past two weeks. :'(

  4. What a shame. Seemed like a promising name ;-)

  5. I passed this place many times but had not tried as parking is quite difficult along that street and behind. I thought the photos looked delicious but I do trust your reviews. I think Go Noodles have been doing very well to enjoy long queues until today esp the One-U outlet.

    1. Yeah, the Go Noodle House in Sunway Velocity still have queues. I'm in this SS2 area on Sunday mornings, so parking is relatively easy.


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