Monday, 15 January 2018

Favourite 'Cheap Eats' of 2017

Actually, finding good cheap eats in 2017 was more difficult than finding good cafes and restaurants.  Many ended in disappointment.  I think I had more misses than hits last year...but, then again, I also frequented the same shops and didn't actively look for new ones.

When I see crispy pork lard bits swimming in a bowl of pork noodles, I'm already sold!  A standard small serving here is not that small, I tell you (they even have a super-sized version "All In" for the very hungry).

Pair that with some fried snacks like meat roll, meatballs, dumplings, fish skin...and you're good to go.  Or how about some fried "chee yau char"?  They qualify as snacks too, don't they? :D

Other than the oily floor, this 3 decades old shop has been dishing out tasty chicken rice for years...poached and fried.  But their signature is the fried chicken rice yielding thin, nicely crisp and savoury skin (with no visible fat underneath) with juicy, moist and succulent meat.

And then they couple that with tempting side orders of Penang lobak and chicken liver...and yes, they're fried too! ;)  The fried chicken liver alone is worth a visit if you ask me.

If you're looking for a fully-loaded bowl of Penang Curry Mee, this one may possibly fulfill your expectation coz it's abundantly filled with ingredients of shrimps, cuttlefish slices, coagulated pig blood cubes, tofu puffs, bean sprouts, torch ginger flower and mint leaves.  The not-too-spicy broth is sufficiently creamy, fragrant and savoury with just enough santan flavour. ^o^

Eat that with their delicately textured Penang Otak-Otak with well balanced flavours and Penang Lobak that's freshly fried to order and you should be mighty pleased.

They started out specialising in pan mee (they still do) but it was their introduction of nasi lemak that got me hooked to this place.  For a Chinese-style nasi lemak, they did justice to the sambal.  You can have it with fried chicken or, better still, with luncheon meat...and they have quite a number of small bites that'll make your meal here a happy meal. ^.^

I've been eating at this place for the longest time but realised I've never included it in my cheap eats list.  I like the fish ball noodles here (this place specifically, not their halal AK outlets!) but I'd probably give their more premium items a miss.

Check out the various types of yong tau foo available but if you have to choose two, make that their golden brown, nicely textured Crispy Fishcake and Fried "Tau Pok" (bean curd puff) that is filled with the lovely fragrant aroma of added "yin sai" (Chinese parsley).  And oh, their White Coffee isn't too shabby either.

Apple Samgyupsal @ Taman Desa

This reasonably-priced BBQ meat joint is just what fans of Korean BBQ need with grilled meats over hot coals eaten with juicy, paper-thin apple slices.

It's not all about the meat here, their ultra-fresh salad with black sesame sauce (is just as good) and their all-you-can-eat banchan will fill you up if the meat doesn't! ;P

Go Noodles House @ Sunway Velocity

If you enjoy noodles in a soup that's subtle and clear, with a hint of Chinese rice wine, Go (to this) Noodles House.  Have it with their 'burstingly good' meatballs, grouper fish, frog, prawns, scallops, clams, pork belly, beef slice...whatever you fancy.

Don't forget their irresistibly addictive fried snacks while you're at it.  Possibly my favourite cheap eat of all....and that's because I'm a huge, huge fan of clear soup. ^o^

And that's my simple list of favourite 'cheap eats' of 2017. ^_~  You may like to check out my cheap eats list in 2016 here.


  1. A great list to help achieve some budgeting new year's resolutions. ;-)

    1. Yup, some budget eats will surely come in handy in 2018! ^.^

  2. I see that Go Noodle House is in your cheap eats list and it's one of my favorites. And yeah, I love their fried snacks but I can only order that when my partner comes along.

    1. But that's the beauty of these snacks, they keep so well that you can "tapau" the rest home, which we often do, as it's too much even for two person sharing (after a bowl of noodles)! ^_~

  3. wah, you really know how to tempt me. the top three places have three of my favourite indulgences - crispy pork lard, fried chicken liver, and cockles! how can i resist :D short story: back when i lived in penang in the 1990s, i'd always return to my favourite nasi kandar place for a plate of nasi kandar with fried chicken liver, cockles and fried fish egg - those are my three nasi kandar favourites! sadly i haven't seen any place in kl that offers all three!

    1. Haha, job done in tempting you! ;) But they're actually three of my favourite indulgences too. Nowadays, I hardly even see nasi kandar or mamak shops offering fried chicken liver or sambal cockles. I get my sambal cockles fix from nasi lemak stalls and fried chicken liver from Malay rice stalls. For the fried fish egg, I still have to look for them at Indian restaurants (but fewer and fewer of them offer that these days...haiz).

  4. Nice list! Now I need some of those Hoe Foong loh bak!


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