Monday, 8 January 2018

Favourite 'Nice Eats' of 2017

Well, it's the beginning of another new year and, as usual, similar to all the years before this, I like to reminisce on some of my more memorable eats of 2017 (though there haven't been very many).  You might also like to check out my previous 2016 list here.

The Wagyu Don and Grilled Garlic Clams were irresistibly good.  The super tender wagyu needed nothing more than just a simple seasoning of salt and pepper.  The fresh clams with a luscious sauce of mentai and garlic was rich, creamy, salty and (of course) yummy!  So, come on over for some no particular order! ^.^

Flint Restaurant & Bar @ Persiaran Ampang

Unleash the carnivore in you!  Your choice of ribeye, tenderloin, chicken or lamb loin to the smoked roasted beef will be grilled to succulent perfection in a Bertha oven.  Even the charred sides of sweet potato wedges and charred cauliflower were a cut above the rest.  P/S: Flint has closed its doors recently in Ampang and will be relocating, so do check their Facebook page to see where they pop up next.

Ra-Ft Cafe @ Lorong Binjai

Undoubtedly my greatest find love of the year, this is now my no. 1 brunch that not only serves up excellent food but couple that with great service as well.  Everything from breakfast to lunch to dinner options, from their French Toast with Bacon & Maple Syrup to their Pan-Seared Salmon Fillet, you'd be happy with any selection...and everyone whom I've introduced this place to since has only good things to say. ^o^

Tamaruya (Meat Master) @ Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10

Exquisitely seared to your requested doneness for a superb char on the outside but yet utterly flavourful, juicy and moist on the inside, the Wagyu Rump was a revelation...both in taste and tenderness.  Even the cheaper cut of Australian Beef Ribs Steak left an impression.  This is one place you can satisfy your steak craving yet won't leave too big a dent in your wallet! ;)

Kompassion II (or K2) @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

If you like Thai/Asian fusion, you might want to keep this place in mind.  Try the K2 Nasi Campur Special that showcases the best of K2 on a plate!  If you like curries, take your pick from any, red (panang) or yellow (hang-laey).  Or go with any K2 Happy Set of Thai Omelette Rice or Prawn Fried Rice that includes a side salad and drink with an equally happy price.

Bonfire @ The Starling

Where there's smoke....there's bound to be a fire...a bonfire!  From skirt steak, snapper & squid to lamb, beef short ribs or spring chicken cooked in a custom-made wood-&-charcoal-fired oven.  And the sides of watermelon, corn & potato don't play second fiddle either.

From beef short ribs to ox tongue, shishamo to prawns, squid to cuttlefish heads, onions to sweet potatoes, salmon and more...there's something for everyone.

Seasoned minimally and/or with subtle marinades, they let the true flavours and freshness of the produce speak for themselves.

Birch @ Damansara City Mall

Words like grilled, caramelised, burnt, resonate with me...and so did their Josper Oven specialities of Spatchcock among others like seabream, ribeye and Josperised skewers.  For something out of the norm, try the Vermicelli Paella instead of the traditional rice version.

2nd Floor Kitchen & Bar @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

There was nothing I could fault, from the salad to the hot entrees to the pasta to the mains of chicken, duck and Iberico pork, they were all beautifully cooked.  Possibly my favourite dining experience of the year! ^_*

As I've been doing quite a few round up posts lately, along the lines of 'best of' series, you'll see repeats of some places that I've featured already in other posts.  But these were still the few I tried the past year (on my limited budget) which turned out well, so it deserves to be on my favourite 'nice eats' list of 2017.  What were some of your favourites from last year? ^_~


  1. Ah! I see 2nd Floor and I am not surprised because that's one of my favorites too. Another favorite from last year would be Grub. I should go to more places this year!

    1. Yes, Grub will be on my list this year since I missed out last year. :( I'm glad 2nd Floor turned out to be one of your favourites too :)

  2. I see a lot of meat in those collages. :-) Thanks for your list.

    1. Haha, nothing like bovine, porcine and fowl pleasure! ;D I've checked out your best restaurants list too. Though some on that list are out of my budget, there are definitely some more reasonable ones I can consider. Thanks for putting up the list. :)

  3. What mouthwatering images ... it’s certainly excellent that you had a lot of hits in 2017 (much more than misses, hopefully!). And hopefully you’ve already enjoyed several hits in the first nine days of 2018 :D

    1. On the contrary, I had quite a few misses already into the new year...haiz! T_T

  4. This 2017 interesting list of yours would become my 2018 must-visit dining venues! You are really a well exposed & experienced diner when comes to fine dining & good food. I cannot pretend to be like you when i am such a messy & disorganized person. Ha-ha my wife just branded me as the most messy person who has not changed since the day we got married. I was not sure whether to cry or laugh inside my heart! LOLOL

    In your list, I would start going to 2nd Floor Kitchen & Bar and Kompassion II before venturing further to Bonfire and Birch. I am sure my wife would like Momotalo Yakiniku the most as she enjoys the Japanese styled dining that comes with a bit of everything...

    That would be ideal places for our birthdays and anniversary too. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Actually, I don't consider myself an experienced diner (no where near) when it comes to fine dining (that you have to refer to Sean & The Yum List) + I can't afford fine dining. I'm much better with mid-range priced food...hehe! ;)

      Your messy personality is just what your wife love...that's why she married you! ^_~

      Yes, do take your wife to some of these places...and I hope you both enjoy them :)

  5. So sad to tell that I have yet try any of these restaurants ~>_<~


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