Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Just One Food - Cake Time Trucks

Cake Time operates a number of trucks (selling cakes, what else) all over KL and in some other states in Malaysia (like Penang, Ipoh and Melaka).  You can check out their schedules on their Facebook to see when one of their trucks will be "parking" near you.

It was my sister-in-law who brought to my attention that one of the Cake Time Trucks would be showing up in our housing area.  Since I've never tried them before + they're here, a stone's throw away....I thought, why not.

Banner showing the types of cakes on offer but not necessarily available on a given day.

But still loaded with enough varieties to make your choosing just that bit more difficult.  Here you have the Japanese Cheese, Pandanus Cheese, Nutty Cappuccino, Tiramisu Cheese, Mocha Marble Cheese, Berry Berry Cheese, Roselle Layer & Butter Marble.

The other showcase was filled Yoghurt Passion Fruit Layer, Raspberry Layer, Mint Chocolate Layer, Vanilla Milky Cranberry Layer, Pandanus Layer, British Layer, Mocha Walnut Layer & Chocolate Moist.  There were 16 types of cakes in total that day.

I made my selections and went on my merry way.

Nope, I didn't choose this...the Pandanus I was weary that the pandan layers in between may be too sweet as the pandan colour looked fake, too green to be made from real pandan juice (that's just my suspicion).

Most of the cakes are price at RM10 though some are RM12 like this Nutty Cappuccino.  I didn't choose this either though the word cappuccino attracted me but, alas, the nuts were held together with a sugar glaze...nope, it'd be too sweet for me.

I probably should have chosen this Arabica Walnut Layer as it had coffee and coffee cream but I also didn't. I would soon regret not choosing this.

At home, I unveiled the cakes and find that they're about 15 by 6 cm (or 6 x 2.5 inches), so it's quite a huge piece for RM10.  You can visualise the size as it fits into a standard plastic box (just like the ones we "tapao" our chap fan).

I chose the Vanilla Milky Cranberry Layer made with milk, cranberries, poppyseeds, mixed peel, butter cream and breadcrumbs....breadcrumbs? *scratch head*

I initially thought that the poppyseeds were actually real vanilla beans....ya, I wish! :P  I did enjoy the slight tang the cranberries brought to the cake.  Were those breadcrumbs sprinkled on top of the cake (as described)?  It could be since it tasted bland.  I thought they were coconut flakes at first.  That would have been better to bring a bit of fragrance and sweetness to the cake.

Next was the Japanese Cheese since the 'cake guy' mentioned that their cheesecakes are best sellers.

If you're one that doesn't like the smell and taste of cheese, you don't have to worry coz this one you can hardly smell or taste the cheese...wakakakaka...which doesn't necessarily mean it's a good thing especially where cheese lovers are concerned! :P

The Yoghurt Passion Fruit Layer was my next choice, made with butter cream and passion fruit and topped with peanut flakes.

The peanut flakes wasn't toasty nor fragrant.  It didn't even have a crunch to it and felt like it was past its prime.  It was hard to say if I tasted passion fruit.  There was a very, very faint hint of something zesty...and that was about it! >_<

My final selection was the Tiramisu Cheese.  I think I jumped at seeing the word 'tiramisu' being one of my favourite cakes.

Taste wise, let's just say I wasn't jumping for joy! :'(  There was hardly any coffee flavour and the cocoa powder was overly powdery, coarse and dry on the tongue and didn't have enough cocoa fragrance.

Overall, the cakes were nothing special but pleasant enough if you don't have high expectations.  It reminded me of those JJ Swiss rolls I bought from Ipoh where the flavours were almost indistinguishable as they weren't distinctive enough.

As for the positives, they were soft and airy and not too sweet.  The negatives, they were not as moist as I would have liked and some tasted almost bland.  If someone had gifted me these cakes (without telling me what they were), I probably wouldn't be able to make out the flavours from tasting them (other than making a calculated guess visually).

Possibly the biggest positive is the price.  For RM10, you get...not a slice of cake but a piece that's the size of a box! ^.^  That should account for something, right?  So, I can see the appeal of these cakes to some because of the portion size.

Actually, the cakes look great on their Facebook but the few I tried, the taste was just.....meh!  The ones that have some form of cream in between the layers (to offer more moistness and add some sweetness) are likely to be the better choices.

If you're after a good portion-sized cake that's light and airy, then go for it.  In the end, it's a question of whether you'd rather eat one piece of good cake for RM15 or a big piece of just-ok-tasting cake for RM10. The choice is yours.  I'm in the former they don't become wasted calories! :D


  1. What a welcome sight to see a truck full of delicious cakes!! I am seriously drooling as I have a set of sweetest tooth! My wife tells everyone that I eat so much sweet stuffs yet I am not fatty or belum kena diabetes! Aiyo she cursed me hor....
    I think my area has the most food trucks nightly in KL but I have not seen this Cake Time. Please tell them to come over and I will roll red carpet! I will check their Facebook.
    I agree that their cake slices are bigger than what cafes serve and worth the price. As for the green colour pandans, I remembered one shop's aunty talked very lengthy with my late mum that certain brands of pandan essence have very pure extracts that are so dark green which is natural. However, I believe fake colourings are definitely being used by all cake makers! The more the merrier!
    Thanks for alerting me about this truck & my eyes would be opened now.

    1. You are one of the lucky be bestowed with such a "gift" be able to eat so many sweet things yet keep your figure...and your health! ^_* Your wife not curse you lah...she's "jealous" of you....wakakakaka! :D

  2. The variety of cakes sold make it so attractive. I would not be able to resist buying a few hee..hee... The price is cheap too. But too bad that the taste is not impressive. But I won't mind trying if a cake truck is in my area.

    1. I'm sure the Cake Time Truck will come round to Uptown one of these days :)

  3. I know there is a Cake Time truck at my area too but have yet pay it a visit. I'll buy if got chance, great as breakfast because I'm the latter who don't mind a big piece of just-ok-tasting cake for RM10 LOL

    1. Haha, that's why I said I can see the appeal of these cakes to some who won't mind buying because of the portion size. ^_~

  4. ooo, i was told that cake time can also be spotted at my area of sri petaling, but i personally haven't seen it yet. thanks for the glimpse into the types of cakes they serve. hmmm, i guess this could be kinda convenient if we need to buy some simple cakes to bring to a pot-luck gathering, and i do like how they have come up with some interesting-sounding flavours :)

  5. I'm not really a cake person but I do like the idea of food trucks.

  6. The cake look tall in your picture? It's like 3inches tall? Look good...


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