Thursday, 20 November 2014

Cookie.....and Tuna!

Another cat post...a sequel to Cookie.....and Sashimi!

Two weeks ago, my almost 2-year old male cat didn't return home.  Usually, he would come running the moment he hears my voice.  This time, however, he even missed 2 meals....I kept calling for him but he just didn't want to come home.  Like any concerned parent, I was worried, but not unduly worried, when I realised that he was in my neighbour's compound all day (although I could see that he looked very frightened).

Finally, he came home the next morning (this was the 1st time he stayed out all night).....looking tired and not himself.  I didn't suspect anything amiss, since he stayed out the whole night, although I did wonder why he would give out a small meow each time I stroked him.  I now realise that it wasn't a meow but a cry in pain :(

The following morning, I noticed he was licking a part of his body profusely.  When I took a closer look, I realised that he has something resembling a wound.  Pus has started to ooze out from a small hole.  A trip to the vet was inevitable and the vet revealed that he was clawed....and that could only mean one thing...he must have been involved in a fight with another male cat.  Darn that orange male cat whom I've seen loitering around my street!

If my cat ever gets into a fight with a male cat, he's bound to loose because he has been neutered....and neutered cats are known to be less aggressive and a bit more of a "pussy" (if you know what I mean)!! XD

Who wouldn't be a "pussy" when your "balls" have been snipped!  Let me show you the uncensored pic of my Cookie's puny little balls!!  They're so small that even a kitten's balls are bigger :D  My poor Cookie :(  But, as a responsible pet owner, we have to neuter our pets to reduce unwanted kittens (or puppies) population (plus there are a host of behavioural and medical benefits to neutering).

So, obviously, with a trip to the vet also meant I came home with some medication for him.  But, he's so smart that he'd eat all his food but leaves the medication behind.

I had to think of a plan to outsmart him and make him eat his medication.  I opened a can of tuna (meant for human consumption).....

......and tried to entice him by burying his medication in between the tuna ;-)

Finally, I got him to eat but he would lick the tuna off and leave his pills behind.  I had to keep adding tuna to cover the pills until he finally gobbled up his medication.  It was as difficult as getting a baby to take his medication.

So, guess what I had for lunch?  Tuna sandwich, of course....and coffee!  Coz the whole can of tuna would be too much for my cat to finish (although I did safe some in the fridge to be used for his other medication feedings).  But, that didn't work after a few days and I had to bury his medication in some braised "char yoke" (pork).....he can't outwit me (so that he can get more 'human' food).  There's a reason why 'man' is the superior species :D plus it's not good for him to consume human food!

Once the pus stopped, you can see that the hole is not that small...the other male cat's claw had gone in quite deep.  I can just imagine the pain he was in :'(  Oh my kucing!

He's much better now and his wound is slowly healing.

[#Note: Even as I'm writing this, he got scratched again!  Luckily, this time, it wasn't serious...just a slight bleeding in the ear where he got scratched.]

I don't know why he got into a fight with another cat coz neutered cats are no longer interested in mating (ball ball also gone, how to mate) and will not show signs of being territorial.  He doesn't need to fight to defend his territory nor get the attention of a female cat that is in heat.

I guess only he knows why he got into a fight or why he had to defend himself!  And, if I see that damn orange male cat again (or any male cat for that matter).....I'll, I'll, I'll.........(censored)!!! >:( 

When he's back to his usual self, he'll be 'bothering' me again when I'm blogging....but, hey, I'm looking forward to him 'bothering' me :)


  1. super cute kucing! very adorable leh :) hmmm, would it have worked to maybe crush the pills and mix them in with the food? or to dissolve them a bit in a little water and then to mix the liquid with the food? never had a baby or a cat so i wouldn't know the tricks, heh :D

    1. Thanks, he is adorable :) Your ideas could work...unless he detects the smell and abandon the food altogether! You seem to know a few tricks...I think you're ready for a baby....err, cat, that is!! :D :D

  2. Oh, you have a pet cat! I missed your earlier post so I did not know who is Cookie :) Anyway, glad that he is recovering. Poor thing!

    1. Haha!!...were you thinking that I was making 'tuna' cookies?? :D Thanks, he's much better now :)

  3. Your cat looks...skinny. Must let it eat more. But yeah, your cat is so lucky - canned tuna doesn't come cheap these days.

    Hmmm...I enjoyed the tuna potato salad I had at a hotel coffee house last Saturday - did not take the photo as I did not bring my camera. I thought I would want to go back and order it again...and take photos and blog about it...but now, I'm having second thoughts. Hehehehe!!!!

    1. Don't worry, he's not skinny. The vet says he full of muscles. I portion his food to make sure he's healthy...not fat...and lazy ;) No human food...this tuna is just so that he takes his meds!

      Was it my cat's tuna or my 'horrible looking' tuna sandwich that turned you off?? :D :D

  4. Our family late cat was also neutered but also got himself into fights with strays all the time and injuries all over his body. I gues no more balls but the fighting spirit is still in them neutered cats Really hope Cookie does not get into fights anymore.

    1. Oh dear, I hope so too! The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak, I poor Cookie :'(


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