Friday, 28 November 2014

Revisit: Map's @ Bandar Sunway

My first visit to Map's @ Bandar Sunway was when I attended a cousin's (on my husband's side) daughter's first birthday celebration (a private function) can read my earlier review here.
As I was very pleased with the food on that visit, I wanted to revisit and (so) brought my friends there for a late lunch last Saturday afternoon.  This time I got to sit at this somewhat secluded corner which was aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
The last time I was here, I had a taste of their pork meatballs (as it was part of the pre-prepared food) and I remembered that it tasted awesome.  So, I ordered the Map's Pork Balls @ RM15.  For this, you get 6 pcs of house-made meatballs with a brown stock herbed gravy, roasted potatoes and salad.  I can't gush enough of their's flavourful and moist...and that brown gravy is just oh-so-delicious!

The next entrée was a reorder (as I loved it the last time I had it)...the Porky Pancake @ RM15.  This came with 2 slices of pancake, layered with strips of crispy bacon, a sunny side up egg and roasted potatoes, served with honey on the side.  The egg was done perfectly, with crispy edges and a runny yolk.
Let me move the egg away :D so that you can have a better look of the nicely caramelised bacon underneath.  I absolutely loved their roasted potatoes, something so simple but made well...soft and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside!
Then we had the Piggy-Going-Nuts-Sandwich @ RM18.  This is their slow braised pulled pork with peanut sauce, tomatoes and cheese on fluffy homemade bread plus rustic roast potatoes and salad.  When you have the words 'slow braised' and 'pulled pork', you know you're in for some tender meat...and it was just that!  It was also obvious that the bottom pc of the bread would be the one that everyone would want as it has soaked up all the goodness of the braising liquid.

Our final order was the Homemade Bruschetta with Bacon @ RM13 which came topped with crisp bacon, melted mozzarella cheese, sliced fresh tomatoes and julienned fresh basil on a bed of 2 large strips of toasted bread.  I really loved the well toasted bread...soft and airy on the inside with a totally crispy crust...OMG!!  Tomato, basil, bacon and cheese.....a winning combo, for sure.  There's also a version with mushrooms...but who would want that when you have a bacon option! :D

I actually had this the last time I was here but since it was served 'buffet' styled (for the party), it was compromised due to its prolonged exposure to air but not this time (no siree)!  It was absolutely divine...served piping hot, with the mozzarella cheese just melting, the bacon well caramelised, and a sprinkling of chopped basil and spring onions...if this pic don't sent you drooling, I don't know what would =)

As no desserts were offered on my previous trip, I made sure I saved some space (in my tummy) for it this time round.  I ordered the Gula Melaka Cotton Cheesecake @ RM11 and was blown away by the taste of it.

The layer of cake at the bottom was soft and the cheese layer was so light and airy (that's why it's referred to as cotton cheese, I reckon).  The cake was textured with bits of coconut flakes inside (according to one of my friends) but I was too engrossed eating it that I wasn't paying attention and didn't notice it in the layers.  And then, it's topped off with this incredibly beautiful "gula melaka" (palm sugar) glaze that took it over the top...and it was (surprisingly) not overly sweet.  This is one of those cakes you can eat a few pcs of and one of the best cakes I've eaten this year!

So much so, one of my friends decided to pack the other 2 cakes they have on their Almond Apple Crumble @ RM10 I think (coz it's RM17 with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice-cream)......

....and a Classic Chocolate Layer Cake @ RM11.  When we saw the chocolate cake, we wished we had ordered that too (but who knew we would still be able to taste this cake at our next destination)...and that will be in my next post!

Also, I just had to try their house special Real Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream @ RM7 a scoop which is made with real vanilla beans.  It's homemade with no preservatives and artificial flavouring (I'm assuming they mean vanilla extract from a bottle...keke)!  [#Note: For those in the know, real vanilla beans trump vanilla extract big time!!  Some would even put it in a jar of sugar to make vanilla sugar (which adds more fragrance to your regular sugar) and you can use it in your dessert recipes.]

This is one good's extra creamy and fragrant ;)  We ordered 2 scoops to share (1 scoop where got enough ah, actually 2 scoops also not enough leh...muahahaha)!  If their vanilla ice-cream is that good, you know that their affogato would be equally awesome.

There coffees are all good...I've had quite a few, so (this time) I went with one of their triathlon awesome mix called "Bike" @ RM10 which is a combo of DHL (dragon fruit + honeydew + lychee).  It was thick...and awesome with the predominant flavour of dragon fruit (just look at the vibrant colour in the pic).  If you like to "Swim" (grape + watermelon + blackberry) or "Run" (orange + carrot + passion fruit), you can order those too ;)

Of course, there were coffees:

Iced Cappuccino @ RM10
Hot Cappuccino @ RM9
Iced Mocha @ RM12
Hot Green Tea @ RM6 per pot
(for a friend who was feeling a bit 'under the weather')

My Personal Opinion

On the top of one of their walls, I noticed 3 words---cook.bake.froth---and they certainly did just that.  They cook (some awesome breakfast staples), bake (some delicious cakes) and froth (some good coffee) :D

I guess I love their food coz I'm biased when pork bacon is involved.  The "must order" dishes here are Map's Pork Balls and Homemade Bruschetta...also their Porky Pancake and Eggs Benny.  As for dessert, their Gula Melaka Cotton Cheesecake and Real Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream get two 'thumbs up' from my eating party! 

Although some may find their all day long breakfast/brunch menu not as extensive as some other cafes, even if you do a few but you do them right (coz almost everything is good here), then it's a resounding success (in my opinion).  And what's even better...the prices are really affordable (with everything under RM20).

So, make sure that Map's is in your map of places to go! ;-)

Map's Café
9G Jalan PJS 11/2
Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 010-219 3882


  1. too will be biase if go pork bacon :p

    1. Hi 5!! We're pork bacon's no. 1 fan :D

  2. Pork balls sure look droolworthy.

    1. They sure are...I absolutely love their pork meatballs!

  3. you know what might be a tasty combo ... pork meatballs AND the fried egg, on one plate! :D

    1. Anything with a fried (and oozy) egg on one plate is a winning combo in our eyes! ;-)

  4. Food sure look good. Maybe I check out the food there some day.

    1. Please's good and affordable!


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