Thursday, 11 September 2014

Cookie....and Sashimi!

If you're thinking of this cookie....

.....I'm sorry to disappoint you, coz it's not, but these cookies (from Oreos to chocolate chip cookies to 'm & m' encrusted cookies to almond cookies to...) do look really yummy!

Ok, let's focus...this is my nearly two-year old cat (who was orphaned and rescued from my roof top).  Obvious, isn't name my cat after some kind of!

Isn't he a handsome little devil?  Cute as a Cookie, no?

As the last 100 posts have been about the food I like to eat, I thought my cat deserves at least one post of the things he likes to eat :P

And it's salmon sashimi....

....but not these ones for 'human' consumption...although he doesn't mind them too!

It's this salmon Cookie's favourite treat!  Who doesn't like salmon sashimi, right?

I love it (the version for human consumption, of course) and so does my cat...both versions!

It's described as tender delectable morsels of freeze-dried 100% wild Alaskan salmon.  I crumble and sprinkle them on top of his dry or wet food (it looks a bit like dried meat floss when crumbled).  My cat goes gaga for them!

I'm not so sure about this claim though.....of it turning your little devils into angels!  Haha!!  My cat is still a little 'Tasmanian' devil at times though other times he can also be an angel :D

Each packet of Angel's Salmon Sashimi @ RM11 has about 50 all natural treats.  Suggested serving is anything between 5 - 20 treats a day but at 22 cents a snack, it's not cheap T_T so I try to limit him to 5 treats a day since he also gets another type of treat.

His other treat is the Feline Greenies Dental Treats @ RM15.90 a packet and they come in 6 delicious flavours although I've seen only 4 flavours on the shelves of the supermarket I patronise.

With names like Tempting Tuna, Oven Roasted Chicken, Ocean Fish and Savoury not to tempt my cat, huh?

It's called Feline Greenies (coz the treats are green in colour) and its crunchy texture helps reduce tartar build-up.  They're tasty (according to my cat) plus they're good for his teeth...what better combo than that, right?

I've tried giving him some other cheaper alternatives but he has rejected those snacks and only want these ones :|

There you have for for my cat...and.....that's the way the cookie crumbles!!

My (Cat's) Personal Opinion

"Meow"......and that's "yum" in human language!!!

1.  And no, I did not receive any 'free samples' from the manufacturer.
2.  Now back to our regular 'programming' (in this case, regular food) tomorrow! ;)


  1. Wow, your cookie is so blessed to have adopted you. Now he can get to eat the tastiest food around!

    1. I hope he doesn't develop his taste buds for 'expensive' food any further, otherwise I'll be broke!


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