Friday, 24 February 2017

Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan

After our first, second and third visits, we were back for our fourth, fifth and sixth visits to Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan.  What can I son loves this place.....and we love it for its convenience and close proximity to where we live with abundant (and cheap) covered parking to boot.

Because we're regulars, we get *star* treatment here...ok-lah, maybe that was exaggerating it a bit....but we do feel very welcomed and at home here just like when "Friends" walk into Central Perk....hehe! ;D

After sampling burgers, beef steaks and teppanyaki, we wanted to give their sushi a try on our fourth visit.  We ordered the Salmon Lover @ RM45 which comprised of salmon sashimi (5 pcs), salmon nigiri (4 pcs) and salmon maki (6 pcs).

No complaints as the salmon and salmon belly sashimi was of good quality, fresh and nice.

The salmon nigiri was good too.  Perhaps just a tad too much salmon in one sitting...haha....strictly for salmon lovers only! ^.^

I went for the Tuna Tataki @ RM35 featuring partially seared tuna served with a ponzu dipping sauce.

When it arrived, I was taken aback as to how thick and big the slices were...and there were six large pieces!  I was was fresh and delicious.

Look at the nice sear on the outside...the lightly seared tuna was great eaten dipped in the citrusy and savoury ponzu sauce.

Ever since we first tasted an excellent ikura (salmon roe) at Yamaguchi Fish Market, we were bowled over by its taste...the wonderful burst of juices and saltiness from the ikura were simply sensational on the taste bud.

This Ikura Gunkan @ RM17.80 (for 2 pcs) was pleasant enough...just didn't quite match the explosion of flavours as the one we had at Yamaguchi Fish Market.

Then there was the silky-smooth Chawanmushi @ RM9.80.  I like the chawanmushi here as it's always served piping hot like it had just been freshly steamed.

The Yasai Tempura @ RM22, though not the best-looking in terms of presentation, was pretty alright in taste with a light and crunchy batter.  The price seems a bit on the expensive side for just a vegetable tempura (but I think there were at least 10 pcs of vegetable).

On our next visit, we went back to having teppanyaki as it's one of the best things here in my opinion plus teppanyaki has always been a family favourite.  This time we had the Seafood Platter @ RM99.80 for sharing.

The platter consists of grilled assorted seafood of deep sea tiger prawns, squid, scallops and Norwegian salmon complete with a Japanese ginger dipping sauce.  Looking at the portion size though, I thought the Seafood Combo Set we had on our previous visit (which would have cost just RM12 more for two sets) seemed like a far better value.

That aside, the ginger sauce will rally even non-fans of ginger to become ardent fans (like my son)! ^_~  I guess it's because it didn't have that pungent aroma and sharp taste like Chinese ginger.

Having tried three types of sushi roll, we ordered our fourth roll, the Bermuda Roll @ RM36.80 with a filling of deep fried prawns topped with Mekajiki fish (aka broadbill swordfish or big-eye marlin) and mentai.

Love the luscious mentai as usual but probably the least favourite of the five sushi rolls we have tried thus far.

The fifth roll we tried was the Aburi Salmon Roll @ RM26 consisting of a filling of seared salmon and tempura flakes topped with furikake and tobiko.

We loved the element of crunch from the tempura flakes and the saltiness of the furikake with a hint of spice from the sauce underneath.  We soon realised that this was what was sprinkled on the fried kuruma ebi head and poke bowl we had at Eatomo earlier on which we fell in love with.  I later found out that furikake is actually a dry Japanese seasoning containing dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed...and guess what?  MSG!!  No wonder we love the flavour so much....haha! ;D

And because we loved the furikake (and the roll) so much, we ordered the Aburi Salmon Roll @ RM26 again on our sixth visit.  This and the Caterpillar Roll are probably the front runners for best sushi rolls here.

But this time we didn't want any of our sushi rolls to be topped with tobiko, we requested for them all to be rolled in furikake...woot woot! ^o^  I was even more impressed with the presentation this time round.

Again, you can't go wrong with any of their teppanyaki.  We went with the Salmon & Chicken Teppanyaki Set @ RM45 that came with stir-fried vegetables of cabbage, bean sprouts, carrot and green pepper.

A teppanyaki that we have not tried was the Cod Fish Teppanyaki @ RM60 served with the same stir-fried vegetables.

I think the portion size of the cod fish given was fair.  I love, love, love cod fish to death....and this one was delicate, flaky and sweet tasting.  Gorgeous!

Both sets came with chawanmushi, miso soup, rice and fruits.  Add RM5 to upgrade to Garlic Fried Rice.

It's definitely worth your while to much so we ordered a second Garlic Fried Rice.

We had similar drinks most of the time except for this Root Beer Float @ RM11.80 and Iced Green Tea @ RM5.

This was Burger & Sushi getting all decked up for Chinese New Year ^_*

My Personal Opinion

If you're from around the area looking for a good Japanese meal at prices that are reasonable and affordable, this is it!  This place does sushi rolls and teppanyaki well.

Like a blogger friend whose Connie of Hokano takes good care of her, my Netallie takes good care of me too. And it's always nice to get that little bit of special treatment (and discount) *wink wink*

After one burger, two steaks, six sushi rolls, six teppanyaki (and a whole lot more) later, we're not done yet. There could be seventh, eighth and ninth visits.....but who's counting! ^_~

Burger & Sushi
Lot 06 Ground Floor G Village
No 35 Jalan 1/76 Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9226 9788

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

#ewew cooks (Ratha Raub's Improvised) Mixed Vegetable Curry

Like last year, I cooked a pot of Chicken Curry with Potatoes as one of my contributed dishes for the Reunion Table in  Ipoh.  Although the chicken curry was well received last year, my husband did comment that it didn't quite taste like the one we had at Ratha Raub (and I agreed coz I know I didn't follow the ratio of chicken to curry paste to the tee).

So, this year, I tweaked the recipe a bit in the hope that it'll taste closer to the chicken curry we tasted at Ratha Raub.  And here were the changes I made.

1.  I blended 15 shallots and sauteed them in a little oil to start with.  This I hoped will give the curry that extra fragrance.  This extra step was not included in my previous chicken curry.

2.  I followed the ratio of chicken (400g) to curry paste (150g or one packet) more closely.  The weight of the chicken I bought was closer to 1.2kg this time.  The chicken was a huge 1.8kg previously.

3.  I decided to not follow the ratio of water to paste and reduced amount of water used to 750ml for three packets of paste this time.  The instruction on the packet was 375ml to one packet of curry paste.

4.  I cooked the chicken for 15 minutes before putting in the potatoes to cook for a further 10 minutes.  I dumped in everything (the chicken and potatoes) at the same time previously.  

I then stirred in two packets of santan + the curry leaves in the final 2 - 3 minutes of cooking.  At this stage, do a taste test to ensure the seasoning is to your liking (I didn't need to add anything).  This time round, I think it turned out better...the chicken was more tender, the potatoes not overly soft and the curry was thicker and more flavourful (compared to last year's).

So, I'll stick to this recipe in future if I want to make this again.  Although it still didn't taste 100% like the one from Ratha Raub, the taste was much closer and it's the best I can do.  I guess they can't give out all their 'secrets' in their paste, otherwise no-one will eat at their restaurant as they can just buy the paste and cook it at home...haha! ;D 

But the chicken curry was not the only thing I cooked this year for the Reunion Dinner.  I also improvised and made a Mixed Vegetable Curry using Ratha Raub's Fish Curry Paste.

I started by sauteeing 15 shallots (blended) in a little oil until fragrant.  I then added two packets of fish curry paste and 600ml of water.

I set the timer for 30 minutes and simmered the contents for 5 minutes to let the paste and water come together.

Next, go in the vegetables but not all at once (this is a common mistake by many) since not all vegetables soften at the same time.  It's best to start with the harder and sturdier vegetables first and end with those that soften quickly.  I started with the long beans first at the 25-minute mark (I used 10 long beans cut into 2-inch lengths).

After 5 minutes, the cabbage went in next (1/2 a cabbage roughly cut into bite-sized pieces).  Leave them simmering with the lid off.

At the 15-minute mark, I added the brinjal (one big brinjal cut into 2-inch lengths as well).  Try to refrain from adding water as the vegetables (when cooked down) do release water.

I cooked that for a further 5 minutes before throwing in the ladies fingers (10 ladies fingers cut into two).

For the final 5 minutes, I added the tomatoes (3 tomatoes cut into six), tofu puffs (1 packet of 10 pieces cut into two), santan and curry leaves.  At this point, I tasted the curry and found it to be a little sourish (as fish curry usually is), so I added 1/2 a tbsp of sugar.

Check that the softness of vegetables are at the level you want...and the Mixed Vegetable Curry is done :)

If you're preparing this ahead of time, you might want to shorten the cooking time so that the vegetables will not be overly soft when you reheat them later for serving.

But I know there are some of us who like the vegetables in their vegetable curry to be really soft (and I'm one of them).  Some even like it after a few rounds of reheating....if there's any left to reheat, that is ;)

The vegetables lend some sweetness to the curry and they taste delicious after soaking up all that gravy! ^o^

If you're looking for something fail-proof and easy to cook, this is it.  A big pot of this can feed a lot of people.

After the photography session (hehe!), it was time to pack up my Mixed Vegetable Curry and put it in the fridge.

And there you have three contributed dishes of Chicken Curry with Potatoes, Mixed Vegetable Curry and Braised Mushrooms with Abalone & Fatt Choy are ready and packed for this year's Reunion Table in Ipoh.

Serves 8 - 10

Monday, 20 February 2017

Just One Food - Nando's New Mango & Lime Flavour

It was Sean's comment on my Crispy Baked Chicken Wings post which first alerted me that Nando's have a new flavour....the all new Mango & Lime (introduced in January).  And since I haven't had Nando's in a while, what better time than now to try out the new flavour! ;)

I've always liked Nando's coz I prefer grilled, roasted or baked chicken to deep-fried ones but I wasn't crazy over any of their peri-peri sauce unfortunately (neither is my family).

I usually stick to Lemon & Herb but the sound of Mango & Lime attracted me instantly as I love citrusy flavours.  I ordered a 1/4 Chicken (Mango & Lime) with 2 sides (Peri Wedges & Coleslaw) @ RM20.80 (and asked for the drumstick portion).

When the platter's been a while since I had Nando's but I think I know what a 1/4 chicken looks like...and this wasn't it.  I wouldn't call that a 1/4 chicken...I would call that a chicken leg! O_o Flavour wise, it's a little fruity and tangy, slightly sweet as we'd come to expect since it's marinated in mango and lime.  When I took the first few bites, the mango and lime flavour was obviously there but, after a few more bites, the flavour kinda got lost and wasn't as easily detected.  I was hoping for a deeper marination and probably a much more intense flavour of the mango and lime.  Not withstanding that, this Mango & Lime is still my new favourite flavour! ^o^

Because of the small portion size where you actually get a chicken leg rather than a 1/4 chicken, this was certainly not sufficient...even for a small-eater.  I think I can easily devour two (maybe even three) chicken legs on my own (without any sides, of course) but then Nando's is probably aware of this and that's why they pile on the sides so that you don't leave feeling as if the meal wasn't enough.

Just look at the amount of peri wedges they filled up more than half the plate (it made me "jelat" eating so much wedges which, in the end, I had  to pass to my husband to finish).  And that coleslaw...what coleslaw...they aren't finely shredded, I won't even call it coleslaw...they're coarsely chopped up cabbage and carrot with mayo (better to choose another side than this poorly executed one).

My husband had the 1/4 Chicken (Lemon & Herb) with 2 sides (Garlic Bread & Peri Wedges) @ RM20.90 and was the wiser one to choose the wing section.  Now, at least this one looked like a proper 1/4 chicken! So, if you need a bigger portion size, you know which section to order! ;)  Again, look at the size of the garlic bread which tells you that they're trying to fill you up with sides...but I'm not interested in the sides >_<

My son ordered the Chicken Tenders (Lemon & Herb) with 2 sides (Spicy Rice & Peri Wedges) @ RM13.90. Yikes, the size of the potato wedges are even bigger than the chicken tenders.

The Tropical Fruitea @ RM9.90 (also new on the menu), made with Mango & Lime and infused with orange juice and lemon tea was zesty and zingy, not sweet....and truly refreshing.  You can certainly taste the mango and lime in the drink.  Now, this I love! ^.^

Foto Nando's.
photo credit: Nando's Facebook

Do give this Mango & Lime flavour a try if you're into citrusy flavours (like me)...but a word of caution....don't expect the chicken to come out looking well browned like in their menu...coz it won't be! :D

It looks like this! ^_~

Maybe next time, I should add on these Mango & Lime Chicken Wings (3 pcs) for RM14.90 to my 1/4 chicken chicken leg.

You know what...I think I might have just found my new favourite flavour.  It's delicious alright...maybe not #UnbelievablyDelicious (as they claim)...kekeke! ;D  If you love all things tangy and zesty, this should appeal to you.  Give this all new Mango & Lime flavour a try the next time you're at Nando's! ;)

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