Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Malaysia Boleh! 4 @ Shoppes at Four Seasons Place

Malaysia Boleh! @ Shoppes at Four Seasons Place is undoubtedly our current favourite go-to modern food court for its location, comfort, cleanliness, atmosphere...and, ultimately, the food, of course.  We visit on a regular basis.

But in our last visit, we noticed something different....the drinks stall right at the entrance was no more. Initially, we thought they had left as we saw bottled mineral water neatly arranged for sale at most of the food stalls.  I said to myself, "A food court without hot and cold drinks like coffee and tea?  How can?"


That's when we realised the drink stall has moved next door and took over the entire space previously occupied by Encik Tan, a popular brand of halal-certified hawker fare chain restaurant from Singapore (oops, their first branch in KL didn't last very long!).  I took a photo of this place coz I wanted to try their food but they folded before I could. >.<


The drinks stall is now situated here with additional seating for Malaysia Boleh! customers.  I guess that's testament to how well Malaysia Boleh! is doing to have invaded the space next door (and they didn't have to do much to it courtesy of the previous tenant).  Food and drinks can now go in and out of both venues.

And the lot vacated by the drinks stall is now occupied by Yong Peng Xi Dao Fishball that sells fish ball noodles (soup or dry version) and deep-fried fish cake...and a Bukit Mertajam Rojak.

This was my order of Fish Ball Noodles (Soup) @ RM9 that came with fish balls, fried beancurd rolls and some lettuce.  My noodle of choice was kway teow, which was nice and smooth, while the soup base was very ching probably too subtle for most tastebuds.

The fish balls, like most fish ball noodle stalls, has the usual springy texture that most are accustomed to.  I, personally, like my fish balls less springy.  Eating this brought back fond memories of a fish ball noodle stall (from a long time ago) that I used to patronise that had these fish balls that tasted like all fish paste and not of flour.  The old man who manned the stall made the fish balls by hand.  When he retired, he passed the baton to his son who first started making them by hand but soon turned to machine-made ones.  They never tasted the same and he (the son) soon decided to 'retire' as he said the work was too hard.  That's the current dilemma faced by a lot of hawkers nowadays when the (lazy) next generation doesn't want to take over a business they deem too much work.  Sadly, I've never found another fish ball noodles that could compare or even come close to the excellent one I had before.

Anyway, back to the fish ball stall here.  The fried beancurd rolls, stuffed with fish paste, were rather tasty. For me, it was the best thing in the bowl.

This round we also got to try the Wantan Mee @ RM9 and I was happy to see pun fei sau (half lean-half fat) cut of char siew given without requesting for it.  Not only that, the noodles also came topped with crispy chee yau char...and that's why you can taste the fragrant lard oil in the sauce that's used to toss the noodles in.  It may not be among the better ones that I've had, but overall, still a decent plate of wantan mee.

Of course, no trip is complete without having our no. 1 favourite Curry Laksa @ RM9...and this time I was glad to see that they have finally decided to include top-up ingredients of yong tau foo (as they did when she was running the stall in a coffee shop in Jalan Imbi).

But these top-up ingredients don't come's RM2 - RM2.50 per piece (I think it's double the price from what she used to charge at her stall).  She only offers 3 types here...stuffed brinjal, fried beancurd sheet and stuffed beancurd but my favourite yong tau foo of hers, some kind of stuffed beancurd roll, is sadly not available here....and her sik hup (not suitable) here...don't know what she meant by that.  I guess I have to add that to her ever growing list of things that are not suitable here...cockles and chicken liver! :'(

The additional yong tau foo can easily bump up the price of your bowl of curry laksa by another RM6.50...can you imagine a bowl of hawker stall curry laksa costing more than RM15?  Not a pretty thought at all! >_<

If you don't do any add-ons, the default bowl of curry laksa do come with default ingredients of beancurd puffs, rehydrated pig skin, long beans and some pieces of poached chicken which should be pretty sufficient if you want to keep the price in check.

The one thing that makes this curry laksa stand head and shoulders above the rest is the savoury, creamy taste and thick consistency of the broth.

And that's because of that pot of gold there....that's what makes it so awesome!  She would ladle a small scoop of it over the curry laksa to give it that yummy thickness.  So good.  Although I have to say that on a more recent visit, the curry didn't felt as thick. :(  I immediately made that known to her.  I just hope the recipe will not be compromised in order to rake in more profits as it tends to happen when business is good.

The stall that sells chai kueh also sells various steamed buns (pau).  I got a Char Siew Pau @ RM3 and their signature Golden Sand Bun @ RM3.50 for later.  I re-steamed them at home.

The char siew bun was alright but not quite of the same standard as some I've eaten from dim sum shops. The filling wasn't too sweet but was a bit lacking in a soft but not overly fluffy bun.

The golden sand bun is probably so named because of the colour of the bun.  It looked like it had a skin made from pumpkin or sweet potato.  I asked the worker what the filling was and I remember her saying yam and salted egg.

I thought the filling would be purplish (since she said yam) but it was yellowish when I tore the bun open.  It tasted like sweet potato to me (so I'm not sure why she said yam) and the salted egg yolk taste was practically non-existent (if, in fact, there was any).  It was good but too pricey for such a small bun.

My Personal Opinion

It looks like Malaysia Boleh! is doing very well, so well that they 'chased' their neighbour, Encik Tan, away (I guess they weren't very nice neighbours, poor Mr Tan)...wuahahahaha! :D

My top favourites here...curry laksa, KL fried Hokkien mee, Ipoh bean sprout chicken rice and Penang fried carrot cake...and in that particular order (hehe!).

The food here has spawned four blogposts from me already (check it out herehere and here).  Am I done? Hmmm.....perhaps? ^_~

Malaysia Boleh! (Food Court)
B1-01B Shoppes at Four Seasons Place
145 Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur


  1. Ah, if only the foodcourt at The Starling is just as successful. It's good that you have a favorite foodcourt to go to for your favorite curry laksa and even more wonderful that the lady has included the yong tau foo add onns, though limited and pricey.

    1. I think Starling isn't doing as well coz they priced themselves out of the market. Who would want to pay over RM20 for a bowl of noodles from Champs on a regular basis? The foodcourt here, the prices are reasonable for the comfort and cleanliness that office workers in the area appreciate.

  2. My regular orders here are char kuih teow & pork noodle :D

    1. Did you know that the CKT is from a coffee shop in Jalan Imbi? You may have eaten it before in your 'cari makan' rounds! ;)

  3. I've tried the golden sand bun and thought that it is the Lao Sar Bao that commonly available in Dim Sum restaurants but was slapped with disappointment as it's a totally different thing ~>_<~

    1. Ya, they look almost similar but the lao sar bao probably has a yellower skin. Some places actually call these salted egg yolk custard buns as golden sand buns, so I can understand your confusion and disappointment.


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