Thursday, 8 November 2018

Eatomo @ Bangsar

Since making our first visit to Eatomo @ Bangsar to try this branch of Eatomo's, we have fallen in love with this branch more than the one we used to visit at Taman Desa.

Even when parking isn't as easy to find as in Taman Desa!  But we prefer the ambience here, so I think this is going to be the start of a long and beautiful 'friendship'....kekeke! ;)

For some light bites, start with the Salmon Sashimi (Regular) @ RM19.90 (RM37.90 for large) with eight thick slices of fresh Norwegian salmon.

The terrifically fresh salmon was served with ultra-thin slices of pickled fresh ginger and a wedge of lemon.

Accompanied by condiments of wasabi and soy for the sashimi for those who need it (I don't).  The soy sauce always come in super cute cat-like containers.

Was there any doubt that we would order one of our favourites when we're here...and that's the Wok-Fired Spicy Gyutandon @ RM21.90 that needs no introduction of prime beef tongue in a spicy shoyu garlic sauce with lots of fresh chillies.  Great for those who want to spice up their lives...hahaha! :O

Another not-to-be-missed is the unbelievably-priced, not to mention tasty, Mentaiko-Seared Tamadon @ RM14.90 featuring four thick slices of fluffy-sweet tamago.  Have to admit the searing wasn't as well done as the Taman Desa branch as this one was only lightly torched but I did appreciate the generous lashings of savoury-creamy-yummy mentaiko though.

All the rice bowls come with a free miso soup.

Ok, enough with the same old, same old dishes already. >_<  On this visit, we did try something new...another one of their made-to-order seafood pots of Mixed Seafood (Regular) @ RM42.90 (RM68.90 for double) in Thai-style coconut chilli sauce.

The mixed seafood pot contained 1.25 lbs of seafood made up of juicy-firm tiger prawns, mussels, moreish clams, scallops and tender Pacific halibut.  They were all super fresh and absolutely delicious.

The Thai-inspired coconut chilli sauce was more creamy than spicy with full flavours of santan (coconut milk) coming through.  The added flavour and aroma of lemongrass, onions, ginger, chillies, Chinese coriander and fresh lime made the sauce vibrantly appetising.  I've now tried two of the four sauces for the seafood pots but I certainly preferred the lemon butter garlic sauce with clams I had on a previous visit (I guess the freshness and tangy flavours of the lemon appealed to me more).

The dish comes with a default side of calrose rice though you could change it to another side of your choice such as gourmet fries or French bread.  But I think it's the perfect side to drench the rice with the slightly spicy coconut sauce for a fragrant santan-infused concoction.

I like that their seafood pots come served in a sizzling cast-iron pot which helps to retain heat and keep the seafood warm throughout for an even more satisfying meal.

Default drink as always...Green Tea (Cold or Hot) @ RM2.90 that's refillable.  We were given some discount vouchers by GrabFood and DeliverEat only to realise they don't deliver to our address when we tried to use them....T_T

My Personal Opinion

I've always come away with a truly satisfying experience in all my visits to Eatomo.  The cooked-to-order seafood pots are a must-try as the seafood is undeniably fresh and the sauces assuredly delish.

There is more on the menu I want to explore, so I guess there'll be more visits in the future then. ^_~

Eatomo Food Co
No 21 Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2202 3280


  1. Another seal of approval from you and Eatomo is calling out to me! I really must make an effort to visit and I am quite sure my brother would be very keen. I would definitely order the Wok-Fired Spicy Gyutandon and Mentaiko-Seared Tamadon!

    1. Yes, please do visit with your brother. I think the bold flavours (with lots of your favourite cili api) will suit you very well although I must alert you that the portions here are small. So, for you and your brother, I don't think you'll have a problem with having two rice bowls each and maybe even a snack to share...kekeke! ;)

  2. I still haven't eaten at this place!

  3. I'm eyeing on that generous portion of Salmon sashimi as Sam love it and it's a must order for her whenever we have Japanese food.

    1. It's great that Sam loves salmon sashimi coz not many kids like raw food + some parents worry about letting their kids eat raw stuff.

  4. I like that pot of mixed seafood which I would love to drink its soup. I have not visited this outlet yet and I do prefer the Bangsar vicinity for sure. I need to find my gang to share my orders as my wife is sadly allergic to most seafood...

    1. You can easily finish the seafood pot on your need to find a gang to share this-lah. And your wife can order the many non-seafood options here :)


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