Wednesday, 21 February 2018

M Roof Hotel & Residences @ Ipoh

After staying at MH Hotel for the past two years (here and here) and Regalodge Hotel (here and here) the two years before that, it was time to move on to yet another hotel this year.  It wasn't because we weren't happy with our stay in MH Hotel but, after 3 consecutive days of breakfast at the same place two years in a row, I thought I needed a change.

We actually noticed this hotel, M Roof Hotel & Residences @ Ipoh, when we were here during the last Chinese New Year but it looked unfinished (then) although I was told by the front desk (this year) that it was opened in January 2017 already.

It's a 3-star hotel with 9 floors and 150 rooms (though I noted that the lift goes all the way to the 12th floor). Perhaps the higher floors are for the 2 to 3-bedroom apartments since they offer that as well.

The guest rating for this hotel is even better than MH Hotel, so I had no qualms about booking our stay here. Our Deluxe Room (with free breakfast) costs RM413.80++ for 2 nights (around RM240 nett a night).

Straight away, as you approach the hotel, the exterior itself gives you that 'grandeur feeling' with its brightly lit roof at the entrance.

Stepping in, the lobby looked really classy with its marble flooring, bright lights, tasteful decor, plush sofas and splashes of greenery.

Spacious Waiting Area in Hotel Lobby

Comfy Seating Area in Hotel Lobby

On one side, you'll find one of two cafes, OldTown Grand.....

...and The Morning After on the other for your breakfast picks (posts on those later).

As for the room size, it seemed a wee bit more spacious than the one we stayed in last year.  Since the hotel has only been in operation for a little over a year, I obviously appreciated the newness and pristine condition of everything.  I also preferred that the room had laminated flooring (instead of carpet) with only a rug but I did get a bit of that musty smell when I first entered the room which soon dissipated very quickly (it was the same musty smell that greeted me when I first entered the lobby).

I liked that the room came with a long couch which was ideal for TV watching.  No complaints on the cleanliness of room + the room was brightly lid.  One drawback, no mirror (or full length mirror) in the room (other than in the bathroom).

The bathroom, a lot more spacious than the one in MH, was spotless too.  The separate shower compartment had great water pressure.  What I particularly liked about this bathroom was the availability of a separate hand shower (besides the overhead rain shower).  Well, I don't have to tell you what's that good for...wakakakaka! :D

Ironing facilities, hair dryer, toiletries (they even replaced the toothbrush + toothpaste once used) and even bathrobes were provided.  For once, I appreciated that the clothes hangers were detachable (unlike some hotels who make them non-detachable for fear that the guests might leave with them)! :P

There's also coffee (OldTown brand, of course) and tea making amenities with sufficient complimentary bottled water (replenished daily).

My Personal Opinion

When we stayed at Regalodge, we enjoyed our stay.  Then we went to MH Hotel and we were happier with our stay.  Now, we like M Roof even more! ;)

More so when the location is so convenient for us....just a mere 2 - 3 minutes away from my husband's family home in Ipoh.  It'll probably be our choice for next year's stay too.

For the price paid (which is still slightly cheaper than MH Hotel), it's definitely a choice I'd recommend the next time you visit Ipoh...with two venues for breakfast and walking distance to plenty of hawker stalls (the hotel is just opposite the Medan Selera Stadium).  The stadium is currently undergoing rebuilding works which should be completed by the first quarter of the year.

M Roof Hotel & Residences
Jalan Dato Lau Pak Kuan
Taman Bandaraya
31400 Ipoh
Tel: 05-547 1777


  1. I passed this hotel recently and noticed it is brand new. I am very impressed with your photos showing their chic & modern decors for that price. I will remember to stay there in future too.
    My recent trip to Ipoh was kinda disappointing as I left it to others to do the booking and the room was terribly dated with loud karaoke & smoky lobby!! Argh!

    1. Perhaps you can try this hotel the next time you're in Ipoh...a nice stay for the price paid :)

  2. Looks like a very nice hotel. Yeah, I think most of us would appreciate the separate hand shower or else we have to "improvise" to do what we need to do wahahaha!!

    1. So I see you know exactly what to do with the hand shower....kekeke! :P

  3. I think this hotel is related to M Boutique Hotel which is located in Ipoh too. I can see many similarity in the decor style :)

    1. Now that you mentioned it, I can see the similarities too...though M Boutique is still a bit more quirky in their decor. I read that post of yours but the rooms look a bit too small for my comfort.

  4. i was actually thinking of going to ipoh last christmas with my family, and didn't realise this hotel existed (though i have been to m boutique hotel for their restaurant). my family and i ended up at fraser's hill, but for ipoh, i was thinking of the haven resort, cos it looks like quite a comfy place for families. the decor for m roof looks pretty cool and snazzy, both at the lobby and in the rooms :D

    1. Well, if budget is not an issue, then the 5-star Haven Resort would be a good choice...more so if it's for a holiday since it gives you that resort feel. Mine was just for "balik kampong"...hehe! ;)

  5. Ooh, I like the plants hanging from the ceiling.

    1. I do too....though some of them have kinda dried up...haha! ;D


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