Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Just One Food - McD's Fish & Fries

On a rather wet and cold weekend evening, the pouring rain dampened our spirits to go out for dinner.  By the time the rain stopped, it was already late so we decided to go to the nearest McDonald's branch in Pandan Mewah.

I like to come to this 24-hour outlet as this one houses a McCafe where I can opt to have a fairly decent cup of coffee with my meal...and that's always a plus.

My Iced Latte @ RM6.90

My husband has had McD's Fish & Fries (not the quintessential British fish & chips ya) before and mentioned that he enjoyed it, so I thought I'd have that.  You have a choice of one fillet at RM12.95 or two at RM17.95.

I think an average eater needs at least the 2-piece set to have any chance of fulfilling his or her hunger, so I went for the double at RM17.95 that comes with two slices of fish fillet, McD's signature fries (not chips!) and a drink.  There have been some grievances from people who have tried this lamenting that the piece of fish is rather small.  As you can see from the pic above, the size of the piece of fish is almost the length of the box, so I'd say it's a commendable size.  Perhaps, if you're a bigger-eater, than the two pieces of fish might probably not fill you up.  For me, it was just nice...not overly filling but I didn't go away feeling hungry either.

The tartar sauce you get is the same one that's slathered on their Fillet-O-Fish.  I've always liked this tangy tartar sauce with a sourish hint from the chopped dill pickle, so I'm all for it.

The fish fillets, fried to golden perfection, have a slightly thick but very crunchy batter enveloping them....simple crispy, crunchy goodness! ^o^  I'm sure lots of kids are gonna love this as much as some adults do too! ;)

First of all, the fish meat looks white (not transparent!) and it was nice and flaky.  Even better with a sprinkling of black pepper! ^.^  I'm not sure what fish they used but it certainly didn't taste anything like those horribly fishy, frozen, transparent-like, dory fillets that I've had at many other places.  For a fast food outlet, I think this is a very acceptable quality.

So hurry if you want to try a decent fish & fries as this is for a limited time only (23 November 2017 to 3 January 2018, I read somewhere).  For a very reasonable price of RM17.95 with fries and a drink, there's really no cause for complaint on its value or, i'm lovin' it! ^_~

P/S: This was way better than their Thai Fish Burger with Green Curry Sauce I had previously.  Though the fried fish fillet was nice, the green curry sauce was thai-rrible!  It tasted disgustingly cloying coz the green curry sauce had the consistency of an overly gluggy thick mayo (yucks!) with a green curry flavour that was so overpowering with the taste of lemongrass + it was too spicy! >_<

Update: There's no better time than now to try McD's Fish & Fries (if you haven't already) where you can enjoy a Buy 1 Free 1 Promotion (offer valid from 27 December 2017 to 1 January 2018)!


  1. High 5! I also like their McCafe for its affordable coffee and hot chocolate drink. I do have cravings sometimes for their burgers and all combo sets are okay with me. Sometimes I would just turn into the outlet nearby my office, just to munch on large fries alone or have their hot apple pie which is a bit sweet. I would sit alone and reply emails or read blogs!
    I will head there to try their Fish & Fries this week! Kam Siah!

    1. Yeah, I sometimes have a craving for fast food (all of us do at some point, I guess) and a simple coffee...and there's no better place than a McD outlet with McCafe. My usual is always the Filet-O-Fish though this Fish & Fries is even better. Hope you like it too :)

  2. The McD at Uptown moved quite a while ago or else I would be eating this fish & fries too hee..hee... It looks pretty decent and I should go look for it at the McD at 1-Utama. I do miss the Fillet-O-Fish which I haven't eaten for years!

    1. There's too much competition in Uptown. The "atas" people there don't eat McD...wuahahahaha! :D

  3. First of all this fish and fries suit my carbon-less diet for dinner (I'll omit the fries) and fillet-o-fish used to be my 1st choice when dined in at McD before the Chicken McDeluxe added in the menu.

    1. Ha, I see that most of us are filet-o-fish fans....that's my first choice too when I'm at McD. Ya, do try this fish & fries which is much better :)


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