Monday, 17 July 2017

my Toast n Roast @ SS2 PJ

We were back again to my Toast n Roast @ SS2 PJ for a late breakfast one Sunday morning.  Look who decided to visit too.....a husky!  As cute as the dog may be, pets don't belong in an eatery, especially one that doesn't state that it's a pet-friendly place.

Luckily, this dog was tied outside the restaurant.  I've seen diners with their dogs inside eateries too many times.  I've even seen a dog owner feeding her dog (inside the restaurant) with the same chopsticks we use.  I just don't understand why people would want to bring their dogs to eating places where they have no business being there.  I'm a pet lover too but even I won't condone this.  If such pet owners want to 'flaunt' their pet, they need to do it take them to a dog park, for God's sake.  It's a matter of hygiene and respect for other customers who may not take kindly to your pet being there.

Getting back to our late breakfast that morning, the Char Siew Rice @ RM8 was still as great as ever...the char siew was sticky sweet, caramelised and meltingly tender...just slightly pricier than before! ;)

The Char Siew Wantan Mee (Dry) @ RM8.80 was just as good as the last time we had it with flavourful noodles and smoky, delicious char siew.  The Hakka Noodle with Char Siew @ RM8.50 is their signature noodle here.  For photos, refer to my previous post on my Toast n Roast.

Since we've only tried the siew yoke at the old Toast & Roast, we ordered a serving of Siew Yoke (Small) @ RM12.  For those who like their siew yoke savoury, the siew yoke here comes with a salty crispy skin.

In fact, I could taste the salty seasoning rub at the bottom of the meat as well.  Other than that, the centre part of the meat was dry and not as succulent as it should be.  It was just an average siew yoke.  The char siew is still the undisputed star of the show here.

The last time I was here, I didn't get to taste their smoked chicken, so I ordered their Premium Hickory Smoked Chicken Whole Leg @ RM13.50.  My husband was not a fan of this at all...he didn't find the meat juicy and described the taste as 'eating cigarette smoke' for lack of a better comparison! O_o  For me, I thought the meat was alright but the smokiness of the chicken wasn't something I was as if I was tasting the wood or perhaps subconsciously I was thinking of that.

The smoked flavour is very different from the smoky, charred flavour of grilled meats that I adore.  I've watched enough cooking shows to know that there are many different types of wood for smoking, some will impart a more subtle smoke flavour while others are more intense.  I've also watched enough cooking competitions to know that you can over smoke your meat.  Yes, there's such a thing as over smoking (like over cooking) your meat.  Perhaps, this hickory wood flavour was a tad too intense for me (some even go as far to say that hickory may not be the best wood to smoke chicken).  Maybe this chicken needed a more robust seasoning rub (there was none) to counter the potent wood smell.  Or maybe the smoke flavour just taste different for non-(cigarette) smokers like us...haha! :D  Whatever the case may be, I've not eaten enough smoked meats to offer an experienced insight into this, so I leave it to your judgement if you like this.

Usual condiments of pickled green chillies and fresh chilli sauce can be found on the table.  I like the vibrancy and freshness of the lime juice in the chilli mix although this time I tasted a hint of extra sweetness in it.

We also noticed something new, small pre-wrapped packets of these on the tables, which I thought was nasi lemak initially, so I grabbed a packet.  But it turned out to be a Thai-Style Fried Bihun they call Happy Mee Hoon @ RM3.50.  At first glance, it seemed expensive for such a small packet of meehoon.

Luckily, the aroma of dried prawns filled my nostrils when I opened the packet to unveil an abundance of fried dried prawns that made the price more acceptable.  The fragrance from the finely shredded "bunga kantan" (torch ginger flower), the spicy notes from the fiery red bird's eye chillies and sourish flavours of lime juice made this a very light and refreshing meehoon. ^o^  I liked it enough to grab a packet home.

The last time I was here (a few months back), I saw side dishes like Tortilla Wrapped Char Siew Bacon with Vege, English Muffin Butter and Mantou with Char Siew Bacon in BBQ Sauce listed as 'coming soon'.  I thought I'd try that the next time I'm here but it wasn't on the menu anymore.  I'm not sure if it 'came and left' or 'never came'.  The side dishes are now limited to just fried or soup sui kow and wantan, pork meatball soup and crispy fish roll.

My Personal Opinion

Still a good place for awesome char siew that's sticky sweet and lusciously tender with either wantan mee or Hakka noodles.  And for snacks, it'd be the fried fish roll and the Thai-style meehoon.  That's it! :)

my Toast n Roast
No 101 Jalan SS2/6
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7865 9699


  1. The chicken does look very appetizing - but ya, that's true, we usually associate hickory more with beef and pork. I wouldn't mind trying this to see whether I personally like it! ;)

    1. Ah, so hickory is more suitable for beef and pork that can withstand a more intense smoked flavour.

  2. I love smoked meats and I have seen smoked chicken sold at the supermarket. Did not buy because I was not sure if it would be as good as smoked duck which is awesome. I think I know that not very nice smoky taste. I once ate smoked banana (pisang salai) and the smoke smell/taste was overwhelming.

    1. I think some of those smoked duck dishes we eat at cafes were imported in already smoked, that's probably why they generally taste ok.

  3. Char siew sounds as though it's worth travelling for.

  4. The Char Siu rice of the 1st photo really shocked me, the portion is so miserably small!

    1. Yes, the char siew you get here is a smaller portion than the norm roasted meat stalls but, I believe, is a more premium cut that's always luscious and super tender with zero stringy parts, so I don't mind paying a bit more.

  5. Wah! That roasted Siew Yoke looked good to my liking cos it has lesser fats. I am funny eater cos I love to order extra fried crispy lard for my Hokkien Mee but the roasted siew yoke is another story for its fat layers.

    I am also attracted to this Thai-Style Fried Bihun because the ingredients are similar to their Mee Siam except the colour of the mihun. I have bookmarked this place to drop by someday.

    I don't own pets except a small tortoise that showed up at my door by itself. Somehow I don't mind seeing pets inside restaurants even when that could be issues with hygiene. So long as the dogs don't bark or pooh, I am ok. LOL

    1. Oh, so you don't like those 3-layered pork. I don't too if they're braised and wobbly but when it comes to siew yoke or char siew, I want a bit of fat. You can always ask for skinny siew yoke which they're more than happy to give as those parts usually nobody wants....haha! ;D


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