Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Cats Love Confined Spaces

Cats love confined spaces.....and Cookie is no different.  They like to squeeze themselves into the tiniest of spaces.......

#1 - Like cupboards.

#2 - And drawers.  The moment I open one, he'll come running! ^_~

#3 - And boxes.  He'll try to squeeze in even if he can't fit! :D

#4 - No matter what cupboard.

#5 - No matter the size.

#6 - No space is too small for him.

#7 - Each time I open a cupboard door, you can be sure the 'kepochi' is not far away and just waiting to jump in!

#8 - He even treats the TV cabinet as his space.

#9 - Even a paper bag is pure comfort.

#10 - Our travel bag will do too.

Cookie:  I'm all packed and ready to go :)

#11 - Even our new suitcase has to be 'cat-approved'.
Cookie:  Perfect fit...and I'm all snugly and warm....#CookieApproved! :P

#12 - A confined space can also mean in between some sheets.

Cookie loves it when I throw a blanket over him.
Cookie:  It's so cozy, comfortable and warm...I like it :)

#13 - I can even build a makeshift enclosed space with cushions for him...and he'll appreciate his own little space.

So, there you have's no secret cats love small spaces...and that includes my Cookie! ;)


  1. yay, cookie is 'back' ... have missed him and his adventures! :D i'd like to meet a claustrophobic cat someday, just out of curiosity. i'm sure that some must exist out there! :D

    1. I think you might just have met one. I'm not sure if Cookie is claustrophobic (or just wants to get out) but he pushes the door open (the lighter-weight doors) when I close the door on him.

  2. Auwww...this post got me smiling and as always Cookie is so adorable! I suppose Cookie finds confined spaces cosy and nice to snuggle up to. He actually goes into your closet too, huh? I would freak out having a kitty cat sit of my clothes and linen but that's just me :)

    1. That's why I have to close the room door behind me if I want to get things out from my closets knowing the busybody is just round the corner! ;)

  3. Awwww!! Your cat is so comel in all the photos.
    I had a good laugh as Cookie has similar habits with my sister's 2 English cats. Her cats could open the drawers by themselves and enter.
    Even their LV bags are not spared & the smell.... Both sleep under my sister's blankets on the same bed too!! Crazee yeah!

    1. Oh, my cat has not learned to open drawers on his own...yet! :D Also, my cat not so pampered or upper class like your sister's (English) cats, sir (to be able to sleep on the same bed)...kekeke! ^_~

  4. I love your collection of photos. Seems cats and kids have lots in common :-)

    1. That's why we treat them like our 'babies'! ^_*


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