Friday, 21 July 2017

Rakuzen @ Sunway Velocity

After our first visit and liking the food, we made our way back to Rakuzen @ Sunway Velocity for more. We're glad to have another Japanese restaurant near us that offers good and reasonably priced Japanese food.

I really like the design of the place with its exposed polished wood and how the place is sectioned into various booths.  Although each cubicle is filled with a few tables, you still get a bit of privacy as it's not a totally open concept, so you only see the diners in your booth.  If you have a large enough eating party, you can even get yourself a whole booth of your own for even more privacy.

This time we went for the affordably priced dinner sets, the first being the Teppanyaki Zen @ RM48 which is the diced-cut beef steak set.

The set comes with all the usual components of chawanmushi, miso soup, eggplant, pickles, fresh fruits, garlic fried rice and diced-cut beef, of course.

The odd tasting side dish for me was the eggplant which was served chilled.  Mind you, I love my eggplant but eating it chilled wasn't my thing so I left it unfinished.  I'm not sure if it was meant to be served chilled like that or they didn't warm it through.

I also welcomed the addition of  a more premium fresh fruit of seedless sweet purple grapes besides the usual juicy watermelon.

The garlic fried rice was good too and it was a very large bowl.  I actually managed to eat only half of it and had to summon help to finish the rest.

The main event of this set was (of course) the diced-cut beef executed to medium rare as requested.  They were served along with some stir-fried vegetables of cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, leek and mushrooms, topped with some crispy garlic! ^o^  If there's one (small) complaint, it would be that the beef and vegetables were not as hot as I would have liked when they were served (probably sitting at the kitchen counter a tad longer than it should) judging by the release of water from the vegetables).  But because the cubes of beef were flavourful, juicy and tender, I'm willing to overlook the fact that it was served lukewarm! :P

The  other set we got was the Chicken Teriyaki Zen @ RM33 which is the grilled chicken set.

Again, the set was complemented by the same servings of miso soup, chawanmushi, eggplant, pickles and fresh fruits.  Loved that the chawanmushi arrived piping hot! ^.^

The chicken teriyaki, coated in a delicious sauce, was well grilled to yield tender, tasty meat.  It was one of the better chicken teriyaki I've come across.

We also ordered one of their special maki for sharing.  This time we tried the Stamina Roll @ RM38 featuring an avocado and omelette roll topped with (what else) but our favourite unagi.

Although their rolls are expertly done and taste good, we still prefer Burger & Sushi's maki rolls just a fraction more.

Rakuzen is the only Japanese restaurant I've come across here (so far) that serves complimentary green tea...and it's refillable too! *thumbs up* ;)

My Personal Opinion

It was again a more than decent Japanese meal at a mall that's conveniently located near where we stay.  If you go with a value-for-money dinner set, it'll make your meal here that much more affordable.

It you're a small-eater and happen to be not too hungry, the beef teppanyaki set that I had could probably be shared since I had difficulty finishing the miso soup, eggplant and fried rice on my own.

I'm certain I'll be back as it's now one of our 'go to' places for a wide selection of Japanese food that's good and reasonably priced.

Lot 1-28 Sunway Velocity Mall
Lingkaran SV
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9770 1170


  1. What a coincidence. Last night I drove past this Sunway Velocity for the first time and was amazed with the whole area that has brightened up.
    I have a been a great fan of Rakuzen for the same reasons as yours. I love their other 2 outlets with so much pine wood and good partitions for privacy. Their food is always superb and the handsome manager at Starling's outlet seem to be a favourite of all aunties there.

    1. Oh, looks like I'm not as fortunate as PH to have a handsome manager managing the outlet here! ;) Yeah, the introduction of Sunway Velocity & MyTown has certainly brightened up the area :)

  2. I find the set meals at Rakuzen value for money. I also had the Teppanyaki Zen before but I did not like their fried rice. Got no oomph. Eh, you didn't check out their uni? hee..hee..

    1. Hmmm, after TM's comment above, I can understand why you like Rakuzen @ Starling...kekeke! ^_* Oh no, the uni here cost RM200 a pop...I dare not order coz I don't even know what the serving size is like.

  3. that's a fair bit of beef and chicken in both servings - they certainly can't be accused of stingy portions! i have to admit, it's probably been a decade since i last stepped into a rakuzen branch ... but it's clear from your post why they deservedly keep their customers coming back!

    1. Yes, affordable prices (especially their set meals) and good taste + good service keep me and all their customers coming back for sure =)

  4. I think 'reasonably priced' is the key to success for many restaurants. You have to find good value to make a repeat visit.

    1. I agree....I prefer to patronise reasonably priced restaurants with good food and service :)

  5. I've dined in at Rakuzen a few times as there is an outlet nearby my place but I can't remember they serve free green tea =.="
    This place is considered quite "premium" for my family, we will only go this place for special occasion :P

    1. Yes, I do agree some of the menu items are quite premium like uni, sashimi and wagyu but there are also loads that are reasonably priced. You just need to choose something that fits your budget. That said, the set meals are affordably priced and good tasting :)


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