Friday, 2 September 2016

Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan

After previous trips here to try Vanilla Sky and Brunch & Munch, we got wind that another new restaurant opened up and knew we had to visit Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan since the place is within close proximity to where we live.

Opened in March, this 5-month old Japanese-cum-western restaurant seems to focus on burgers and sushi (judging from its name) but, looking at the extensive menu, there's a lot more on offer besides the 5 types of burger and various sushi such as beef steaks, teppanyaki, donburi, sashimi, udon and more.

Other than the tell-tale name, I wouldn't have expected it to be a Japanese restaurant when I first stepped in as the decor didn't scream the typical Japanese ambience I've come to associate with a Japanese eatery.  That aside, what's shown below is on the back of our two visits here three weeks apart.

Glancing through the menu, I was attracted to the beef steaks straightaway...and there's only two on the menu (the other being the chilled Australian Black Angus Rib Eye).  I settled for the Grilled Sirloin Steak @ RM45, a piece of Australian sirloin with the chef's special sauce served on a hot plate.

Cooked to a perfect medium-rare as requested, covered with their house-made sauce and served with a simplistic parboiled vegetables of sugar snap peas and cauliflower, the steak was assuredly juicy and tender...and flavourful enough for a steak of that price.

The special house-made brown sauce was what made the steak extra delicious...and I was glad to see that they provided a pitcher of sauce in case we wanted more.  Oh yeah, I wanted more! ;)

My son had the Panko Fish Burger @ RM19.80 offering a deep-fried bread crumbed fish with cheese, shredded cabbage and wasabi mayo (which I asked to be replaced with just plain mayo) with a side of fries.

A close up of the panko fish fillet enclosed in the nice soft bun.  It was a typical burger, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of taste.  They offer other burgers like (breaded) chicken katsu burger, (grilled) teriyaki chicken burger, a Japanese hamburger (with grilled beef) and, the priciest one on the menu at RM29.80, their signature B & S Burger (with homemade Australian beef patty).  Their burgers, it seems, are one of their best sellers.

I also tried the Unagi Chilli Roll @ RM32 featuring a maki roll (of 5 pcs) filled with roasted unagi, coated in a light tempura batter, and deep fried to perfection.  The sushi roll stayed crispy throughout our meal (which was a good sign).

When I first saw this dish on eatdrinkkl, I was intrigued by the combination of unagi with "cili padi" (bird's eye chilli).  Well, I thought...I love unagi and I love this seems like a unique killer combo.  It was a "killer" was so, so spicy, it blew the roof off my mouth!! :D  Not only that, the drizzle of spicy sauce at the bottom of the plate further contributed to the spiciness of the sushi.  Even after I dug out all the chopped bits of cili padi (and, mind you, they were roughly chopped chunks, not thinly sliced ones like those served with noodles), I could still feel the heat in the sushi roll.

The friendly lady boss (who introduced herself as Netallie) came round to get our feedback on the food we had.  I told her that the unagi chilli roll was just too hot (I think each piece had close to one whole chopped up cili padi in it...yikes! >.<  Mind you, this was the red cili padi (with seeds intact) which is even spicier than their green counterpart.  She told me that they used green ones previously and the chef probably underestimated the fieriness of the red ones (and she would certainly relay my concern to the chef to reduce the amount of cili padi in future).  After all, just a slight kick from the cili padi to enhance the taste is enough, it shouldn't overpower the unagi.  She was very nice to offer me some hot green tea to ease the fiery aftermath in my mouth.  And since I enjoy eating steaks, she also highlighted that they do sometimes offer (off the menu) good grade wagyu too.

On my next visit, Netallie remembered me immediately and asked if I wanted to try the wagyu, so that became our first order.  You can have it in a set meal or just simply grilled.  This was my simply grilled Wagyu MB8-9 (120g) @ RM120 served with the same vegetables (as before).

Seeing that it arrived on a hot plate, I made sure that I spend just mere seconds to capture the pics as I certainly don't want my meat to overcook while sitting on the hot plate.  The steak came with great sear marks on the outside and visibly dripping with juices...oh-em-gee! ^o^

I asked for it to be cooked to medium-rare and it was expertly executed to that doneness.  Netallie was also far-sighted enough to provide a plate for me to transfer the meat onto (which was great) as the meat did start to cross over to medium as time went by.  Luckily, it was a great piece of meat, so, even between medium-rare and medium, it still tasted stunningly succulent...every inch tender, juicy and flavourful!  With such gorgeous marbling and taste, the steak was perfect just the way it was (no sauce required).

It was very good as the one I had at Steaks & Lobsters (3 weeks earlier) though this one is pricier in comparison (but, then again, this one has a higher marble score).  On hindsight, I would have preferred if the steak was not served on a hot plate.  Serving the steak on a hot plate has the advantage of keeping the steak warm as we eat but it also has the disadvantage of continuously cooking the steak as we eat.  I think it's more acceptable for lesser-priced steaks (especially those doused in sauce) to be served on a hot plate (like the ones in Coliseum or even the earlier grilled sirloin I had here).

If you're a small-eater, this 120g piece of steak might be enough for you.  If not, you can always supplement it with an extra order of Garlic Fried Rice @ RM12.  I must have been hungry (still) and gobbled it up without taking a pic! >_<

Their other best seller is their teppanyaki and they offer chicken, seafood, beef and gindara teppanyaki.  We settled for their Seafood Teppanyaki @ RM40 accompanied with stir-fry vegetables (of bean sprouts, cabbage, red and green bell peppers) and steamed rice.

The seafood teppanyaki came with three good-sized prawns, a slice of salmon and a few pieces of squid...all cooked to perfection and topped with crispy fried garlic.  God knows we've eaten our fair share of overcooked and dry salmon but this isn't one of them.  The salmon deserves mention for being cooked just right, still pink and moist in the middle.

The prawns were nicely done and we appreciated that the prawns were properly deveined with shells peeled, leaving just the head and tail intact.  They were fresh...and the juicy prawn heads made for good sucking too....hehe! :D

Since we enjoyed their Unagi Chilli Roll in our earlier visit, we wanted to try another of their signature roll, this time it was the Caterpillar Roll @ RM32 with roasted eel and crunchy salmon topped with avocado and ebiko.

One mouthful of this and I got elements of crunchy, creamy, roasted flavours as I devoured every bite. Although the taste of the roasted eel wasn't as prominent as the earlier Unagi Chilli Roll but the creamy and luscious avocado + the crunchy salmon (I was told it was crispy salmon skin) more than made up for it.

This was an excellent sushi roll...and to get 8 pcs for that price, it was well worth it.  Definitely the better one of the two rolls we had.  A must-order, for sure! ^.^

Of course, we just had to have a sampling of their Salmon Sashimi @ RM10.80 as well.  The three thick slices were decent enough but could be better presented.

Even the pickled ginger, I like...must ask for more next time :)

Our drinks on two visits:

Root Beer @ RM6.80 (from a can)

The Hawaiian Cooler @ RM11.80 (pineapple, orange & mint) was absolutely zesty and refreshing, no less.

The Red October @ RM12 (raspberry, lemon & elder flower) was worth the "hunt"...(get it...The Hunt for Red October?....kekeke!).  Love the fizzy berry goodness ;)

BS Iced Tea @ RM12 (Ceylon tea, blood orange & lime)

My Personal Opinion

I see lots of potential in this family-run place, with a friendly husband-and-wife team at the helm, together with their brother-in-law and nephew (one of the chefs), going forward.  It happens to offer two of our favourite cuisines under one roof (plus parking is a breeze).  I'm leaning more towards their sushi (and their extensive Japanese menu) than their burgers (or limited western menu).  You've got to try their signature rolls and teppanyaki.

But if you like steaks, they have that too (just enquire if you don't see it on the menu)....though the top-notch wagyu may not be so wallet-friendly.  If price is a concern, then go for the more affordably priced sirloin and ribeye which are more than decent too.

Though I don't usually make too many repeated visits to the same place for the sake of trying new places (and featuring them on my blog), this one will prove difficult to resist because of its convenient and strategic location not too far from where we stay! ^_*

I personally think Japanese food is Burger & Sushi's forte and I prefer this place for its unpretentious appearance and food over the other more premium one (Yamaguchi Fish Market) near our locality.  Let me end by saying, B+S is no BS.....they serve good food!! ;D  

Burger & Sushi
Lot 06 Ground Floor G Village
No 35 Jalan 1/76 Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9226 9788


  1. I quite like the idea of burgers and sushi so that you can still go for sushi even if you have members in your party who do not like sushi. They can opt for burgers instead hee..hee.. Like my dad, he does not like Japanese food, so no Japanese food for our family outings.

    The food here appear to be more than decent. And the fact that you have friendly service from the lady boss is a plus point. I am not surprised that you want to come back again and again :)

    1. Just like your dad, my husband doesn't seem to like Japanese food either! O_o Haiz, but my son and I love it. So, it's great that the place offers something other than Japanese.

  2. ooo ... they changed up the chillies for the unagi roll ... i have a low tolerance for spiciness, so i definitely wouldn't have been able to eat the extra-fiery ones you had :) the wagyu beef sounds good ... now tiba-tiba i've got steak cravings for lunch :D

    1. I was surprised to see you ordering the unagi chilli roll with your low tolerance for spicy food. Luckily, you got the green ones...haha! :D

  3. I am impressed with their burgers and many refreshing drinks! This is my type of restaurant for a hearty meal. I was staring at the big shelled prawns and burgers for so long as if they were inviting me. When I ate at fancy restaurants in Japan, they often try to create other kinky ambiance! LOLOL

    1. Aiyah, why you chose those type of kinky restaurants? Is it like one where the waitresses wear a maid costume and "serve" you from head to toe...wakakakaka!! :D

  4. Their sashimi looks to be of a decent thickness. I wonder if they are also fresh enough. If yes, then yes yes yes!!!

    If based on your blog post, it seems like they have burgers on the menu just for the sake of it. Very obvious that their strength is in steaks and Japanese food. Maybe [Steaks & Sushi] is a more appropriate name for them. After all, SS sounds cooler, like Super Saiyan or Secret Service. BS is... well... XD

    1. Yes, the sashimi was of decent thickness and freshness.

      Burgers are one of their best sellers...maybe I just don't like burgers all that much. Yeah, Steaks & Sushi (SS) sounds good too but, for me, BS sounds way more amusing...hehe! ;)

  5. Hubby would order the wagyu for sure, and I'm torn between the salmon and the sushi roll with avocado on top.

  6. so surprise that the steak was good eh, considering steak are not their specialties :P

    1. Well, I'm just looking at the name B+S and assume that burgers and sushi are their specialities...but if you ask the restaurant, they'd probably say that the steaks are their speciality too...hehe! ;D


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