Wednesday, 14 September 2016

#ewew cooks Roasted Capsicums.....and More!

After seeing phonghongbakes making roasted eggplant and peppers (the photo of which sent me drooling), I knew instantly I'd be making them.....and soon! ^_*

I love to eat roasted anything.....chicken, potatoes, meats, tomatoes, even lemons...and now Roasted Capsicums.  Roasting is also the best way (with the least amount of washing) if we don't want to have to clean up after a messy kitchen caused by splattering oil.

So, I got myself one each of green, red, yellow and (yes) purple capsicum which I saw at Aeon supermarket the other day.  I thought I'd buy the purple one (as a replacement) since I wasn't going to use eggplant.

Since I wanted only one of each colour, I had to pack them in different bags when I realised they came with different prices.  All this while, I haven't paid much attention to the prices...but now I know.  The green one (the most common) is the cheapest @ RM0.74/100g, the red one (also pretty common) @ RM0.99/100g, the yellow one (not as easily found in wet markets as the green and red ones) @ RM1.19/100 g and finally, the most expensive one, the purple one (which I hardly see) @ RM1.65/100g.

Deseed and cut the bell peppers in thick slices (the pic shows only half a capsicum each coz I realised very quickly that half was not enough and cut up the rest of it...haha!).  What a pretty and colourful sight! ;p

Place your cut capsicum slices onto a tray lined with baking paper.  Season with salt, freshly cracked black pepper and olive oil.  Roast in the oven at 200°C for 30 minutes until soft and charred.

My Roasted Capsicums are ready.  Taking a taste test, I was pleasantly blown away as to how good they were.  You can certainly eat this on its own as a salad if you want....but, of course, I didn't.

I made mashed potatoes....not with our local potatoes but with chat potatoes from Australia.  Boil the chat potatoes (these potatoes, you can leave the skin on) for 10 - 15 minutes or until soft (prick with a fork to test for softness).  Then, mash it (I used a small metal plate to press down on the potatoes).  The wider the surface area, the crispier the edges (especially the skins) will become when baked.  Season with salt, freshly cracked black pepper and olive oil.  Roast at 200°C for 30 minutes.

My Roasted Chat Potatoes are done...oops, that's a lot of potatoes.  But you know me better, I couln't stop here either.  I wanted to make Roast Chicken to go with it! ;)  I simply seasoned the chicken legs with salt, freshly cracked black pepper, light soy, chilli sauce, honey and olive oil (earlier)....and left it to marinade for 2 - 3 hours.  Roast at 200°C for 25 - 30 minutes.

And there you have dish of Roasted 3Cs...Roasted Chicken, Chat Potatoes and Capsicums (now you know why I omitted the eggplant....otherwise I can't call my dish the Roasted 3Cs)...haha! :p

But the roasted potatoes and chicken were just a side show (this time) for the main event....and that's the Roasted Capsicums.

The Roasted Capsicums were soft and juicy.  They also had that smoky flavour (from the charring) and sweetness (from roasting)...yum! ^o^

They definitely taste a lot better than being stir-fried.  I don't know why I've never thought of roasting capsicums at home....and thanks to phonghongbakes, I do now (you bet I'll be making them again, for sure).

For a mere RM7.50, this is a very delicious and easy-to-make salad at home and it's good for 3 - 4 portions (if served with a main).  But there's no necessity to buy the expensive purple coloured one coz it loses its vibrant purple colour when cooked...which I found out later! >.<

Roasting peppers really bring out their sweetness...and I find the red ones to be the sweetest tasting after cooking and the green ones the least sweet.

I'd rather eat this salad than a packet of pre-washed greens anytime plus it's also great as a side dish to your main of say grilled steak, pan-fried fish or roast chicken.

And what's even better...this dish of Roasted Chicken, Chat Potatoes & Capsicums is ideal if you're cooking for two as you can squeeze all three components onto one baking tray (for convenience) since all three cook at the same temperature and take around the same time to cook.  Want a bite? ^.^


  1. Wow! Another fabulous lady Chef here. I love the idea to use the different peppers. I also love to eat anything grilled, roasted or baked too. The smiling dog ogling at the food really tickled me.

  2. i have to admit, capsicums are generally not my favourite (i find them not quite satisfying-tasting), and i'd definitely rather eat eggplant than capsicums. but hey, from the description of your recipe, maybe yours could convert me into a fan! :)

    1. But they're so sweet after roasting. Maybe it's because you don't fancy chillies...after all, capsicums are like BIG chillies but without the heat. And I wouldn't mind roasted eggplant either :)

  3. roasted capsicums! Glad to know that you like them and the addition of roasted chicken and potatoes is super! I have seen those purple capsicum at Aeon too and I thought they might cost a bomb, so did not buy. Well, I am waiting for cheat day to work on the potatoes :D

  4. I love roasted veggies! I like the flavour, but also the ease of cooking.

  5. There are 2 vegetable that I don't like, one is "Dang O" (I don't know what it's called in English) and another one is bell pepper >_<

    1. Oh that stinky veggie...I don't eat that's called chrysanthemum leaves (usually in steamboats). But I love bell peppers coz they've no smell and are really sweet when roasted! ;)


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