Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Cookie likes to chew.....and bite!

Cookie loves an oral sensation....and has a leg fetish! ;)
He's quite the little rascal!  Don't believe me.....look!

He likes loves to chew on wires of all things.  When I googled this habit, it seemed it's quite common, almost natural, among cats.  No wonder he likes to play with things that's long and thin and shaped like a wire.

They say cats chew on wires coz they're bored or just want to play and (I read somewhere) that the oral sensation of chewing on wires is somehow pleasant to them.

Cookie:  This is so much fun (better than any of my toys)'s mine, mine, mine! ^o^

His favourite laptop wires!  He likes to do that when I'm busy doing some blog writing.

Cookie:  Oops....."tercabut liao" (disconnected already)! ;D

You see's my "weapon of choice" aka my squirt bottle...muahahahaha! :D  When all things fail and I can't get him to stop, I have no choice but to use it.  A little squirt of water and he'll be off and running (though I try my darndest not to use it).

Nowadays, I don't even have to squirt, the sight of the squirt bottle alone sends him scurrying away for dear life! :D  Not necessarily the best method but it's the most effective, I tell ya.

They say one way of making them stop chewing wires is to wipe or spray them with anything that's citrus in flavour, like lemon juice or vinegar, or rub them with citrus peels.

Besides this annoying habit of chewing wires, he has another one...he likes to bite my legs....either that or he has a leg fetish! >.<

It seems cats bite and lick to communicate or as part of play.

It's not like a forceful bite, just a soft bite but I do feel the gentle press of his teeth against my flesh.  This (I read) can be a sign of affection or a request to be left alone.

But the thing I hate most about his gentle nibbling, it's always a sneak startles you when you least expect it.  He likes to sneak up on you from under the chair when you walk past.  Or when you're engrossed with writing your blog or watching your favourite show on TV.  Suddenly, you feel this little nibble at your feet and your first reaction is to let out a scream or move your leg...and that in turn startles him....and the gentle nibbling may turn into more than a nibble! :(

But, in the end, the cute factor always wins....and you can't stay mad for long! ^_*


  1. Awww!! So cutie!

    My family had a a Persian cross before and I could tell that your cat loves you! Demands for your attention and loves being around you. I could tell that you have a warm and lively soul too. LOL

    1. Thanks for your kind words. And yes, he demands my attention alright. He only seem to disturb me when I'm at the computer! >_<

  2. Cookie is cute, I like the markings on his body.

  3. I always look forwards to and enjoy your posts on Cookie. He is so adorable! But yikes, all that chewing on wires, has he created any major damage so far? And is this not dangerous for him?

    Well, one look at that "leng chai" face, one's heart will melt, eh? And have you rubbed your legs with lemon juice or vinegar? hah..hah..hah...

    1. I was contemplating just that....just to see if it really works...wakakakaka! :D

      No worries, no major damage...he only comes round the wires when I'm at the computer, so he's supervised! ;)

  4. i'd be worried too about whether he'd cause the wires to rip ... even though i don't have a cat, my phone charging cables already are fraying because of over-use (and i swear i don't bite on my cables!) :D

    1. Well, looks like you need new cables then =)

  5. His photos where he isn't chewing, got that "I'm bored/I'm annoyed" face... Maybe give him a piece of wire as a chew toy lah...

    1. I do...but he'll play with it for only a few minutes! >.< You're very observant.....I purposely posted these annoyed pics of him giving me the "evil eye"! :D


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