Friday, 30 October 2015

Two Scones One Cup @ Sec 17 PJ

After our lunch at La Casa, we proceeded to our next stop for more chit chat and a bit of afternoon tea.....and what could be better than a tranquil afternoon of teas and scones, right?

So, we found ourselves at the doorstep of Two Scones One Cup @ Section 17 PJ, opened since March this year, by a group of five young entrepreneurs.  Located in a housing neighbourhood and occuping a corner lot directly facing a row of residential houses (parking is scarce), there's a cosy indoor space and an al fresco area for you to dine in.

We chose to sit inside and glancing at the menu, we just zeroed in on the two things we came here for....and that is scones and tea!

These are the various scones they have available (rotated on a daily basis).....plain (or original), cranberry, raisin, black sesame (tahini), green tea, blueberry, rose petal, orange and apple cinnamon oat.

On the day that we were there, they had 7 types of freshly baked scones available minus the blueberry and raisin, if I remember correctly. 

I ordered six scones (RM9 for two) and asked for one flavour each (excluding the green tea).  The well-made scones arrived warm and all were good but my preference was for the original and cranberry ones as these seem to pair better with the jam.

They serve their scones with Devonshire clotted cream and strawberry jam, the only way you should have your scones, they (or the English) would say, but you can also choose to have it with kaya and butter (a more Malaysian way, perhaps)....hee...hee! ;D

I found the scones to be buttery and light with a moderately crumbly texture.  I did like it better with the clotted cream and jam rather than the kaya and butter.  Scones are one of those desserts one can indulge in if you don't have a sweet tooth coz they aren't all that sweet (in the first place) and you can very much control the sweetness with the jam.  We ended up asking for more strawberry jam and they gladly obliged.

Now you can't enjoy your scones without a cup of tea, can you?  Knowing that this is a scones place, you'd expect a long list of teas available, some of which are more common than others.  They have British Breakfast, Earl Grey Lavender, Chamomile Dream, White Ginger Lily, Pearl of the Orient, Lemon Ginger Mint, Lemongrass & Ginger, Green Tea, Ravishing Rose Petals, Fruit Tea, Pu-Erh Classic and Imperial Long Jing (this last one being the most expensive one of the lot).  They use mostly Gryphon teas here, though not all, according to the nice gentleman who served us.

We chose a common one of Earl Grey Lavender and two we've not tried before, White Ginger Lily and Ravishing Rose Petals @ RM9 a pot each.  All the three teas we tried were nice but the favourite one across the board was the Ravishing Rose Petals which was fragrant with a light floral taste and a slightly tangy flavour.  Besides tea, there are also other options like coffee, soda, juices and coolers as well if you're not into tea.

You can choose to have the pot of tea meant for one or two at the same price.  For the pot meant for two (the White Ginger Lily), we just get a bigger pot but with the same tea bag, so the flavour would probably be milder.

I spotted this rather charming porcelain tea cup set on top of their cake counter which I assume is for display only.  To drink from this would certainly have added more style and elegance to our scones and tea experience! ;D

Apart from scones, they have numerous cakes you can indulge in if scones and tea is not your 'cup of tea'!  Among them...hazelnut torte, salted caramel chocolate, tiramisu, green tea mille crepe, vanilla mille crepe, oreo cheese and salted caramel mousse.

Or go with a simple teatime favourite, the Victoria Sponge Cake @ RM5 a slice with a choice of jam or kaya in between two layers of butter and rose flavoured cake.

It's a good spot for a calm and quiet afternoon tea.....just that the calm and serene part ended prematurely for us when a little one in our party decided to launch into her *singing career* (aka crying her lungs out)...and we had to scoot out of there real quick! >_<

My Personal Opinion

In the end, our 6 Scones 3 Pots at 2 Scones 1 Cup did hit the right spot...and was memorable and pleasurable at the same time!

I've not eaten enough scones to rank this the best scones in town but I'll admit it's among the best I've had and certainly better than the famed ones in Cameron Highlands (proclaimed a friend in my 'eating party' who had just returned from there a day earlier and tasted the scones there).

So, the next time you're looking to wind down with a nice cup of tea and some terrific scones, come on over to this spot where service is personal, warm and friendly.  And they not only serve tea and scones but hearty, comfort food as well.  I'll be coming back to try those in the not very distant future! ;)

Two Scones One Cup
627 Jalan 17/8
46400 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 012-613 8200


  1. Well, I do like scones, but not those floral tea. And the "scones and tea" routine is probably really not my "cup of tea". I'm more of a Starbucks kind of guy hehehe~

    But ah... haih why bring along a little one for such a cultured and relaxed activity? I find my friends sometimes do the same thing, it never worked. They can relax for 20 minutes, and then have to leave prematurely due to the same reason. >.<

    1. I'm not particularly fond of teas either as I'm more of a coffee person but the ravishing rose petal turned out surprisingly good that I want to go out and buy a box. Phew, luckily you said the "scones and tea" routine is not your "cup of tea' as it's more of a "girl thing"! :D

      Sometimes, bringing out a little one is not a matter of choice, especially if there's no-one to look after your kids while you're out enjoying yourself.

  2. Oh, I am so embarrassed to say that I have yet to eat a scone! tsk..tsk..tsk... Well, there is always a first time and I hope to eat one soon hah..hah... This Two Scones One Cup looks like a good spot to go to after a light lunch to relax and chat over scones/cakes and tea.

    1. Since you like to bake, I hope you get to try one soon. Maybe that'll inspire you to bake your own scones! ;)

  3. at first i read rose petai instead of rose petal for the scone flavour, and i thought, wow, that's fab! but anyways, kaya with scones sounds like a great idea too! :)

  4. I love English cream tea, lovely rich buttery scones with clotted cream and fruit jam. Heavenly! What? Butter and kaya? Shudders!!!

    Love the sign! There is beauty in simplicity, really nice...which is why I would not say the same about the decor inside. In our climate, one will have to dust and clean all those things all the time even in air-conditioned places.

    Yes, I would agree with you. That's a really lovely tea set, would be so classy using those...but of course, I guess I've mentioned it before - I would prefer blue & white.

    1. I do like the simple and nice décor of this café. I see you like the traditional way of having your scones....with clotted cream and fruit jam.

  5. A good place for chatting and catching up. I wouldn't go there just for the scones and tea but for a relaxing catchup time with long lost friends. Had scones and tea in uk that will last me a lifetime. I wonder what other main meals do they serve.

    1. Yeah, English cream tea is a common pastime in UK. Well, stay tuned to find out when I revisit for their food the next time round.

  6. Wow, now that's a narrow concept. I am rather attracted to it though - but have to admit I'm a bit of a scone snob. I do enjoy a good scone but am rather fussy with their preparation. It looks like a fun spot to visit.

    1. I remember you saying that Miss Ellie Tea House and Harrods have the best scones in KL! I'd certainly like to try those.

  7. I'm fan of scone and I like mine slather with thick clotted cream, LOL

    1. Ooo, then this is the place for much clotted cream and jam as you want! :D


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