Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Revisit: Mei Sin (Pork Noodles) @ Imbi

Mei Sin Eating Shop @ Imbi is one of those coffee shops that my family and I consistently return to for their many hawker-type food (read my earlier review here).  Most of the stalls have been around from the very first time I started eating here (which was more than 15 years ago) the curry laksa, char kway teow, chicken hor fun, chicken rice and wantan mee stalls.
There's one stall though which has changed and that is the "chee yuk fun" (pork noodles) stall.  There used to be another famous stall here but that original stall has since moved.  In its place is another pork noodles stall and, each time I come here, I would stick to eating the 'old' and familiar stalls, not knowing how good this new pork noodles can be.  But, of late, I noticed that the stall is really busy with many customers ordering the pork noodles.  Out of curiosity, I jumped on the bandwagon too!
This was my order of Pork Noodles @ RM6 and it was just as good, I must say.  It can certainly rival the old stall and give them a run for their money.  What was the exception for me was the "chee yun" (pork liver)...the barely cooked, thick slices of pork liver were very tender and juicy.
If you like pork liver that is still oozing blood, then this one will definitely be to your liking!  The soupy broth was equally delicious.  If I had to point out one little thing which was not as would probably be the lean pork slices.  They were not as smooth and tender coz they looked like they were cooked as it is (without being tossed in corn flour).
On another occasion, I ordered just the "liew" (the porky ingredients) without any noodles and it was really good too.   The Chee Yuk Tong (Pork Soup) @ RM6.50 came with slices of lean pork, chee yun, pig's intestines, minced pork and "choy sum" (Chinese flowering cabbage)...and a good soup base (just look at the pic).  The flavour of the soup was more forthcoming without the taste of noodles getting in the way.
There are also 2 other stalls located outside the coffee shop selling fried goodies.  One of them sells all types of fried buns.
These are the fried "yau char kwai" (Chinese crullers) @ RM0.90 a pc.
They also have a few varieties of "harm chim peng" (salted fried bun) @ RM0.90 a pc...a plain one (sprinkled with sesame seeds and five-spice powder), one with a glutinous rice filling and one with a red bean paste filling.

These are the fried stuff I chose, a yau char kway and 2 varieties of harm chim with the red bean paste filling and one with the glutinous rice filling.
Eat them piping hot from the wok....and it's a crispy satisfaction indeed!  I think I enjoyed the harm chim peng (with glutinous rice) the most coz the fried dough was soft (yet crispy) although the rice could do with a tad more salt.

The other stall is the one selling "nin ko" or "nian gao" (or otherwise known as gold cakes or lava cakes).  It's actually a sweet, brown and sticky rice cake that is usually sandwiched between a layer of taro and sweet potato, battered and then deep fried.
This is my Fried Nin Ko @ RM1.30/pc.  It is best to consume this immediately (or within the hour) coz that's when the batter is at its crunchiest.  Bite into it and you'd be greeted with a melting and sweet nin ko, sandwiched between a fluffy taro and soft sweet potato with a crispy and airy batter!
I can see why it's sometimes referred to as Lava Cake as the nin ko (when fried) turns into oozy molten lava (much like a molten chocolate lava cake)...or Gold Cake coz you'd equate the runny nin ko as 'liquid gold' =)

I also bought a pc of Fried Banana @ RM1.30 and it was equally good.  The fried banana was soft, sweet...and pretty huge!

My Personal Opinion
My order of pork noodles took a while to arrive (after my family has already finished eating) but, I guess, it was worth the wait.
It was indeed good...but was it better than my favourite pork noodles from Wai Fung Coffee Shop in Pandan Perdana?  I think my favourite one wins by a whisker coz their lean pork is smoother but, most of all, they have crunchy "chee yau char" (pork lard bits) and the owner always gives me extra (coz I'm a 'regular', and so, he gets extra 'brownie' points...woohoo!) :D  But, I definitely preferred the thicker slices of barely cooked pork liver of this Imbi one.

Also, do get yourself a pc or 2 (or more) of those fried stuff....lovely with a hot cup of kopi-o!  For me, when it comes to fried food, there are 2 kinds of people...those who love fried food and those who won't admit they love fried food!  Let's not kid know you want one!! :D
Mei Sin Eating Shop
No 16 Jalan Melati
Off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. OMG!!!! Liver, intestines...minced meat balls. I'm in love!!! <3 <3 <3

    1. It's so easy to fall in love, isn't it?

  2. generous with the pork....i love

    1. Shouldn't you be loving fish more?? Muahahaha!!

  3. Gosh! The sight of pork liver really got to me. I love it! And yes, I love it barely cooked where it is soft and juicy. But I have been told not to eat it that way for hygiene reasons. I'm sure the liver was very fresh. And yeah, I love to eat deep fried stuff especially the Fried Nin Ko. And I am not ashamed to admit it hah..hah...

    1. Barely cooked is the only way to eat pork liver. Problem is...anything that's not good for us always tastes great :( As for fried stuff, as long as we eat in moderation...we should be alright =)

  4. i've actually never eaten here, partly cos if i recall right, most of the stalls open only for brekkie/lunch. but gosh, those pork noodles look terrific, bristling with innards (i like everything not-too-cooked) :D yau char kway looks good too and very pleasantly priced, eh :)

    1. Yup, I'm afraid this coffee shop is only opened for breakfast and lunch. Barely cooked and oozing blood stuff are my favourite too (especially steaks...but not chicken though) :D

  5. I have eaten ckt at this place in the morning but have not noticed the fried nian gao stall. Maybe I wanted to just eat and leave so did not take time to look around.

    1. Oh dear, the fried nin ko is at the same corner as the's just outside (maybe you were too early...I think they open around 10am)!

    2. You are right. I was definitely there way before 10am.


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