Thursday, 22 May 2014

Wai Fung (Pork Noodles) @ Pandan Perdana

Wai Fung Coffee Shop @ Pandan Perdana is one of my regular 'haunts' when I'm looking for a good bowl of "chee yuk fun" (pork noodles).  The stall in question is located at the front of the coffee shop.

This corner coffee shop is located in the vicinity of the Pandan Perdana wet market (somewhere behind Hong Leong Bank) and is usually packed in the mornings by all the market-goers who stop by to have their breakfasts after doing their marketing.

You have a choice of "kon lo" (dry version) or the soup version.  This is the Kon Lo Pork Noodles (Mee+Kway Teow) @ RM5 (small).  This dry version of Pork Mee is tossed in thick, dark soya sauce with pork lard oil and topped with the ever important ingredients of crispy "chee yau char" (fried pork lard bits) and fried garlic.  These 2 ingredients just bring out the flavour of the pork noodles.

The soup is served separately with slices of lean pork, minced pork, "chee yun" (pork liver), pork intestines and "choy sum" (Chinese flowering cabbage).  I like the lean pork and the partially cooked pork liver that is extremely tender and the broth is full of flavour.  The advantage of having the soup separately is that you can taste the clarity of the porky broth without the's slurpy soupy goodness!

This Pork Noodle Soup (mee+meehoon) @ RM5.70 (for big) is equally good.  The thought of a warm bowl of chee yuk fun on a rainy day or even when I'm 'under the weather' is really comforting.

Just look at those crispy chee yau char bits and the fragrant fried minced can't get any better than that!  [#Tip: You probably won't get as much chee yau char as me (unless you ask) coz the stall owner gives me extra for he knows I love it....and want it!  And it has become my regular order all the time...special just for me ;)]

One note of caution though is that the drinks here is more expensive than other coffee shops in the area.  A glass of "Kopi-O Ping" (Iced Black Coffee) here costs RM2.20 and, worst still, it's not even as good as the cheaper one from Restoran TO behind.

My Personal Opinion

There are other hawker stalls here selling 'I don't know what' since I pay no attention to them other than the chee yuk fun stall.

When I come to this coffee shop, it's for one thing and one thing only....a bowl of wholesome chee yuk fun!

(Kedai Makanan dan Minuman) Wai Fung
No 30 Jalan Perdana 4/3
Pandan Perdana
55300 Kuala Lumpur


  1. How does this chee yuk fun compare to the chee yuk fun sold in the Win Heng Seng coffee shop (Jalan Imbi) during the day?

    1. I'm not aware that there's a chee yuk fun stall in Win Heng Seng as I've only noticed (and eaten) the "sam kan chong" noodles there only. If this is the chee yuk fun you're referring to, then I can't compare as they're both quite different.

    2. No, I am not referring to the sam kan chong noodles. There is another stall selling fresh chee yuk fun next to the sam kan chong stall in win heng seng. Maybe try it next time if you go there.


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