Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Bee @ Publika

My friends and I dropped by The Bee @ Publika, after having our breakfast fix at the Red Beanbag, to chill and chat as we did not want to be perceived as hogging the table at the Red Beanbag since they were very full that day.

Since our tummies were feeling quite full already, we settled for some drinks and snacks so that we could get to relax and catch up with one another.
We ordered a couple of snacks - Churros, Onion Rings and Sweet Potato Fries to share.

A Churro (sometimes referred to as a Spanish doughnut) is a fried dough pastry which is normally eaten dipped in chocolate (they are a bit similar to our Chinese crullers "yau char kway").

The Churros (with Nutella Dip) @ RM9 (for 4 pieces) were a big letdown as they were very dense in texture, almost to the point that I felt the dough was not cooked through.  They were not light and crunchy as it should be.  The dip was just a chocolate dip, nothing spectacular.

The Onion Rings (with Jalapeno Aioli) @ RM10 were edible, though I have eaten better onion rings than these.  The saving grace was the jalapeno dip which had a spicy kick to it.
The Sweet Potato Fries (with Aioli Blue Cheese Dip) @ RM10 were also "plain Jane".  You can find better ones at any Taiwanese street snacks stalls.
My friend had a Double Chocolate Cheese Cake @ RM8.50 a slice.  She said it was ok although I did not taste it as I am not a big fan of cheese.
We also ordered a couple of drinks.
Mango Juice @ RM8.50, House Lemonade @ RM7.50, Half & Half @ RM7.50 (can't remember what half & half was....I think it was half lemon juice and half lemon tea), Iced Caffe Latte @ RM11 and Hot Caffe Latte @ RM9.  The drinks were alright and the coffee was quite good.
My Personal Opinion
The cafe's ambience, with its alfresco dining area, comfy sofas and chairs, makes this a good place to catch up with friends, over coffee, in a relaxed environment.  My suggestion...come for the coffee, forget about the food!
Likes:  The cafe's ambience and the coffee.
Dislikes:  The food, though I only tasted the snacks.  But if they can't do simple snacks well, I can't imagine what the food will taste like.
The Bee
36B Level G2 Publika
Solaris Dutamas
Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6201 8577

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