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Angus House @ Starhill Gallery

With the Christmas festive season upon us, if there is one ' food' on my mind, it has to be 'steaks'.  A good steak, to me, is synonymous with Christmas celebration.  With that said, off we went to Angus House @ Starhill Gallery, with a sure guarantee of a good meal ahead.  After all, they were shortlisted in the best steakhouse category of Time Out KL Food Awards 2010.  They do have another branch at Publika and one in Gurney Paragon Mall.

As you enter the restaurant, you are greeted with a décor and setting that is simple but yet visually stunning.  The dimly lit restaurant, with lighted candles, exudes a feeling of warmth, quiet serenity and romantic ambience to awaiting diners.  This place is undeniably suitable for couples looking for a nice, quiet, unperturbed dinner.

Eating good steaks at this steakhouse is not going to be 'easy' on the pocket for some.  Their menu comprises of high end steaks of Kobe beef, with prices starting from RM355, to Wagyu beef, with prices from RM305, to the less expensive cuts of Rib Eye, Tenderloin and Sirloin.  The price also depends on the size of the steak you choose, ranging from 150 - 300g.  [#Tip: A 200g steak is more than sufficient for an average female eater.]

Since I ordered the Rib Eye Steak Set 200g @ RM131 on my last visit (see pic below).....

...I opted for the Tenderloin Steak Set 200g @ RM135 this time around.  You can also order the steak a la carte and, in this case, the Tenderloin @ RM113.  However, I would recommend that you order the set because for a mere RM22 difference, you get an appetiser, soup, salad and dessert, which is not only value for money but these side dishes are also good quality dishes and not your ordinary "run-of-the-mill" type.

The meal startered with their in-house bread and butter.  The bread came piping hot - fluffy and soft on the inside and crispy and crusty on the outside.  Spread the butter and let it melt onto the hot bun and into your mouth.....what a wonderful start to your meal!

Next, came the appetiser.  It was a small piece of seabass, lightly pan seared, and served on top a bed of mashed potatoes.  What made it incredibly tasty was the 4 sauces that accompanied the dish - Japanese mayo, teriyaki, some kind of a coulis and probably a herbed sauce.  The seabass, when eaten with all the 4 sauces in one bite, was like an incredible harmony in your mouth...just heavenly!

After that, the soup was served and it was Potato Soup this time.  It was creamy with just the right thickness.  Crack some black pepper and you are ready to good!

A plate of salad greens with cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumber, sweet corn, thinly shredded carrot with bonito flakes, in a Japanese wafu dressing, followed next.  This was rather refreshing although I would have liked the dressing a tad less salty.

Then came the star attraction (or the main actor) of the entire meal as the rest were just its supporting cast.  The tenderloin steak was done 'medium rare' as this is the best way to eat a good piece of steak.

A steak done this way ensures maximum tenderness and juiciness.  Not only was the steak cooked perfectly, it was rested properly.  Resting a steak ensures the juices stay in the steak and not oozes out onto the plate when you cut into it. 

The steak was seared beautifully (with lovely grilled marks), served in a Japanese radish and mirin sauce with some simple boiled potatoes, baby carrots, French beans and a few sprigs of watercress.  Although I prefer to eat my steaks "naked" (ie. on its own without any sauce so that the flavour of the meat comes through), I didn't mind the sauce this time round (though I did find it a bit 'peculiar' the first time).

Just look at it......the steak was cooked perfectly to 'medium rare' with the interior mostly pink with just a tiny bit of red in the centre.  Although some may prefer to have it cooked to medium (though I still highly recommend 'medium rare'), it is still acceptable.  [#Note:  I, too, have had my steaks done medium at certain steakhouses, where their steaks are not that expensive, for fear that their meat might not be as fresh, but that's just me.]  However, ordering a steak cooked past medium, like medium-well or (heaven forbid) well-done is just a waste of money and a waste of a good piece of steak!

Having gone at length on the "doneness" of meat, many steakhouses cannot get their steaks cooked to the "doneness" you ordered, consistently, but Angus is not one of them.  My steaks at Angus have always been cooked perfectly and consistently.

Finally, the dessert was a piece of Raspberry Cake, drizzled with a little chocolate sauce.  The raspberry cake and piece of watermelon brought the much needed tartness and freshness to end the meal on a high.

I also ordered a glass of Chilled Mango @ RM10 which was not part of the set.

My dining companion ordered a starter of Fried Calamari @ RM45.  This was one of the best I have eaten because the calamari was light and crunchy while still maintaining its soft texture (not chewy at all).  Many places tend to overcook their calamari until it's too chewy.  Dip it into the Thousand Island dressing with sesame seeds's crunchy perfection!

For his main, he ordered the Seafood Aglio Olio @ RM34 that came with generous amounts of mussels, clams, prawns and squid, tossed with lots of fresh garlic and parsley.  Only a slight complaint here would be that there was a tad too much olive oil when you get to the bottom of the plate.

My Personal Opinion

Overall, it was a dining experience that was incredibly pleasing to the senses...of sight (from décor to ambience) to.....sound (quiet serenity) to....smell (the amazing aroma of the food) to......taste (which whets your appetite from course to course) and to.....touch (of service and attentiveness of the wait staff).

Definitely warrants return many times as your pocket can "tolerate"!!

What I loved:  Excellent steaks, with quality sides dishes, done right consistently.

What I didn't love:  Cannot eat here often enough because of the prices..arrghh! last pic for the road...?

Here's wishing all friends, family & visitors to my blog a Joyous & Merry Xmas 2013!

Angus House
Japanese Charcoal Steak
F8-F11 Explore Floor Starhill Gallery
181 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2145 6015

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