Saturday, 7 December 2013

Antipodean Cafe @ Menara Tan & Tan

One of my friends recommended this place to us, so we decided to check it out for breakfast one Saturday morning.  Did I say that western breakfasts are one of my most favourite meals of all time?  (Ya, I did already, in one of my posts).

We went to the Antipodean Café @ Menara Tan & Tan as it was nearer for us (they have another one in Bangsar, which is the original one).  This is a quaint little place where you find the menu written in chalk on a blackboard on the wall.  It's not my favourite thing to have to order from the wall (rather annoying I might add) as you have problems reading it when the place is crowded.  [#Tip: Do not sit near the menu board if you don't like people looking your way all the time...they can't help it!]

And now, onwards to the food!

The Big Breakfast @ RM20 was, holy crap.....big (like its name, no advertising gimmick here)!  It came with toast, scrambled eggs, a choice of bacon or sausage (chicken, beef or pork), mushrooms and hash brown.  If you have a small appetite, this is a substantial dish for sharing.
This is the one with the pork bacon (which, I think, needs a bit more colour through longer frying) as it wasn't fragrant enough.
This is the one with the pork sausage (which, I find, is a better choice than bacon).

The scrambled eggs were good but the homemade hash brown was a bit too thick for my liking (prefer the thinner and crispier version) and wished that there was more butter on the toast.  The best thing on the plate was definitely the pork sausage which had a delicious, smoky flavor to it.  When the "pork met my fork", it was a match made in heaven (food heaven that is).
In the Croissant Scrambled Eggs with Bacon @ RM19, you'll find nicely cooked scrambled eggs on a bed of arugula (otherwise known as rocket) on top of a croissant with a choice of bacon or sausage.

The croissant is a nice change, from your mundane piece of bread, as it has a buttery, slightly sweet and flaky texture...mmm......very nice!
This is the Croissant Scrambled Eggs with Beef Sausage @ RM19.
The Eggs Malborough with Salmon @ RM23 is a plate of two poached eggs with salmon on two slices of toast and a side of salad greens.

I did not enjoy the poached eggs as it was a bit overdone and they seemed to have been cooked in a mould as they came out identical in shape.  Maybe, that is why the whites tasted a bit rubbery although the yolk was still runny.  I like the ones at the Red Beanbag more.
The Banana Pancake with Butterscotch @ RM16 came with 3 pieces of pancake and an assortment of cut fruits on the side.  The butterscotch sauce goes well with the pancakes and a nice change from the usual maple syrup.

Antipodean's Big Breakfast only comes with a choice of one sausage or bacon, so how do you choose?  So, if you can't choose (like us), order a side of sausages at RM9 an order which gets you...err....two sausages, I think (can't remember).
And this is what happens when you ordered one too many (greedy!) and you can't make a lame attempt at art!

All the drinks were fairly decent and here they are:

Fresh Mango Juice @ RM9 (no pic) - though it was more like a smoothie than a juice.
Iced Cappucino @ RM10
Flat White @ RM9
Hot Honey Lemon @ RM8
Affogato @ RM10 (for those whose two favourite things are ice cream and coffee)
My Personal Opinion
Pretty darn good breakfast menu, worth a second visit.
What I liked:  They serve pork....yay!, the fragrant, albeit slightly salty, pork sausages and the large portions (value for money).
What I didn't like:  Menu written on the wall and the poached eggs could be better.
Antipodean Café
Suite G-408 Ground Floor
Menara Tan & Tan
207 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2161 0752


  1. Wow, you must have more people in your group to order so much food! I don't like poached eggs so I won't be ordering that. Think I will stay away from the salty sausages too because I find the bacon a bit too salty too.

    1. Yeah, our group had 5 adults & 4 kids! You eat soft boiled eggs, so I'm surprised that you don't like poached eggs. But the pork sausages are the best thing here.....they're really fragrant and good (you should stay away from the beef sausages though coz they're even saltier)!


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