Friday, 4 November 2016

Kukus Stim Habis! @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail

After failing to get our Chinese-style nasi lemak fix from a stall within Chan Home Recipe in SS2 (coz we later found out that the stall is only opened on weekdays), we went searching for another, this time a Malay-style nasi lemak fix.

So, we found ourselves at Kukus Stim Habis! @ Taman Tun Dr Ismail (opened in mid-June) on a Sunday morning.  It's has a small, cosy and clean outlook with influences of Malay (kampung house entrance and P Ramlee-inspired decor), Chinese (marble table tops and red metal stools) and Indian with its thali-style food presentation of steel trays, bowls and glasses.

It's basically a self-service eatery, you order and pay for your food at the cashier counter and collect your food and drinks from separate counters.

We started with their signature Set Kukus Master Dulang @ RM25.90, a set inspired by the photo on eatdrinkkl (according to the owners) that came with "nasi lemak kukus" (steamed coconut milk-infused rice), a whole hard-boiled egg, a fried egg, boiled kangkung, cucumber, ikan bilis, kacang and a whole leg of fried chicken with four types of sambal.  The platter is substantial enough for sharing between two not-too-hungry people as it's a pretty big portion.

The well marinated chicken, topped with fried onions, was freshly fried to crispy perfection revealing tender chicken meat on the inside that could be just a hair more moist...according to my husband.  I'm sure the fried chicken will appeal to many.

Even better than the fried chicken was the accompaniment of four different types of sambal (with peculiar names) that were served with this nasi lemak platter.  The first three sambals were more common and one would have tasted some of their flavours in some of the sambals you had before.

There's the sambal adek (that's slightly sweet and less spicy), sambal tebaboh (that's a little bit more spicy with a slight tang) and sambal la forfo (this is a belacan based ikan bilis sambal that's a bit more savoury). Finally, the fourth was the awesome sambal mambang (that's rich, fully loaded with coconut milk flavour and not spicy at all) and my favourite of the four just because it's more unique + I've not come across something like that served with nasi lemak.

That's why I asked for an additional steamed rice @ RM2.  Made from 100% basmathi rice with their signature triple steamed process (according to their Facebook), the well separated grains of rice has a very fluffy texture...and I've always enjoyed nasi lemak that's steamed as it always tastes better than those cooked the normal way.

Other than the four types of sambal, you also have a choice of how you want your egg done in one of four ways....hard boiled, soft boiled, onsen or fried.  I wasn't aware of this option (I couldn't see the banner from where I was sitting) and I wasn't asked, so I got the fried egg which is the default option, I guess.

For light eaters, you can go with the Set Ekonomi @ RM6.90 which basically features a plain nasi lemak with condiments of egg, anchovies, nuts, kangkung and just one type of sambal.

We also ordered a portion of Sambal Sotong (1 pc) @ RM2.90 for sharing.  Not my most favourite rendition (coz they used those chewy cuttlefish type of sotong though it was cooked till tender)...but still respectable nonetheless.

And who can resist an order of Sambal Kerang (1/2 portion) @ RM4.90......not me! ;)

It was a small serving for the price but the cockles were at least of decent size (we all know how expensive cockles can be these days).

As there were still lots of good sambal left, we decided to ask for another steamed rice to finish off the sambal. But, guess was a case of KukusNasiHabisDer...wakakakaka...they ran out of rice and told us it'll be a 10-minute wait before the next pot will be ready! :D

We didn't want to wait for the rice, so instead decided to "tapau" (pack) a Bihun Siam @ RM6.90.  Pleased to see it packed in an environment friendly paper box with a serving of sauce (that's like a watery version of one of their ikan bilis sambal).

The bihun was fried together with bits of omelette, tofu, bean sprouts, fried onions and fresh red chillies with a distinct aroma of kaffir lime leaves that I liked!

Besides the nasi lemak kukus sets, they also offer Nasi Kukus Berlauk (with catchy names from P Ramlee movies like Bujang Lapuk, Madu Tiga, Pak Belalang, etc.), Nasi Minyak Behwah, Nasi Dagang Ganu (with ikan tongkol), Nasi Kerabu Tulen (with solok lada) and more.

Our two nasi lemak sets supposedly came with a complimentary drink (which I wasn't made aware of) until I saw the receipt with the words "upgrade to cold drink" on it.  I'm not sure what the complimentary drinks were but our choice of discounted drinks were Teh Tarik Ais (Iced Tea) @ RM2 and Sirap Limau Ais (Fresh Lime with Syrup on Ice) @ RM2.

My Personal Opinion

Service is warm and friendly but with room for improvement.  Staff needs to be better trained in order to be more forthcoming with information about their menu (like choice of eggs or free drinks that come with the sets) especially so when it comes to first-time diners who aren't familiar with the menu yet.

Overall, the nasi lemak hits the right spot if you're looking to feed on the quintessential nasi lemak platter with homemade flavours and all the works in a pleasant environment.  I would certainly like to return to try some of the other rice platters.

I recommend, more like insist (hehe!), that you go with the Set Master Dulang if you want to try all four types of sambal as this is what makes the dish unique and awesome.  But come very, very "lapar" (hungry) if you intend to devour that on your own, otherwise bring a "makan kaki" (eating buddy)! ^_*

Kukus Stim Habis!
26 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 1
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7731 3559


  1. OMG! I just walked passed this shop some 50 minutes ago! My wife and I just took our China's visa photos at the Kodak shop next few doors. She told me to look at the menu on the wall of this Kukus and told me almost everything is really superb to her liking! So I should listen to you and her to eat there tomorrow. Nasi Lemak here I come....

    1. Aiyor, just missed it....never mind, you can go there again. And should listen to her (your wifey) since she told you that everything here is to her liking :) Hope you enjoy your nasi lemak! ;)

  2. You can be sure that my choice would be the Set Kukus Master Dulang! It looks loaded and I like that it comes with 4 types of sambal. You made me LOL with the KukusNasiHabisDer! hah..hah... I have not tried nasi kukus yet and since it's in TTDI, I can ask my brother to bring me there :)

    1. Good one set each of the Set Kukus Master Dulang for you and your brother? ^_*

  3. i haven't tried their nasi dagang, nasi kerabu and nasi minyak yet ... i wonder if those three are as tasty as the nasi lemak platters ;)

  4. I'm with PH on the set Kukus Master Dulang. The price is a wee bit steep. They are certainly generous with the sambals.

    1. The price is steeper because they provided 4 types of sambal, otherwise you pay about RM15.90 for a platter with just one sambal. This set is made for two and, if you add an additional rice, it's quite sufficient for two persons.

  5. I was wondering, what Kukus Stim? The Malays don't kukus their food much do they? So it is just the nasi that is kukus. If I go in without reading your blog post, I might be disappointed at myself for misunderstanding this place. >.<

    1. No, they don't kukus their food much...but, if you see closely, it did state nasi lemak kukus (on the banner) and the Malay use of the word kukus is usually associated with rice.

  6. I didn't even know there were different types of nasi lemak! I still have so much to learn.

    1. I wouldn't call it different types of nasi's just how they treat the rice, either steamed or boiled. Steaming makes for fluffier and individually separated grains of rice which taste nicer.

  7. How's the pandan flavor for the nasi? This is very important to me to judge it it is a good nasi lemak.

    1. Unfortunately, my taste buds are not sharp enough to pick up on the subtlety of the pandan flavour in the rice but I just know that it's nicely fragrant. I can only taste the pandan if there's a good amount of in a kuih talam! Wakakakaka! :D


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