Thursday, 14 March 2019

Eatomo @ Bangsar

Eatomo @ Bangsar is one of our favourite places for good tasting, affordable and great value Japanese food.  And just like Christmas, we had one of our Chinese New Year meals here.

I like that I can easily get a table during the festive period since Japanese cuisine isn't usually on people's minds when it comes to a CNY meal (+ we grew tired of indulging in too much Chinese food).  By the way, did you notice the two salmon 'caught' in the fishing net above?  I thought it was rather cute.

First thing I noticed on the menu was a dish synonymous with CNY....what else but the Eatomo Yee Sang at RM78 (for regular) and RM98 (for large) which we chose not to have.  The photos below were from two separate visits.

A starter I've always wanted to try is the Bloody Mary Oyster Shooter @ RM13.90 with a Fine de Claire oyster (FDC4) or option for a larger oyster (FDC1) @ RM18.90 in a house-made tomato-based cocktail sauce (note that a FDC1 oyster is RM8.90 and a FDC4 is RM13.90 on its own, so that means the cocktail shooter costs an extra RM5).  Don't let the name Bloody Mary fool you as this one is safe to slurp (even for those who are under age to drink!) since this is a tomato-based cocktail.  I've always been curious about an oyster shooter but couldn't try since a shot of vodka is involved until I found this one.  So, this was my first oyster shooter...albeit a non-alcoholic one.

Now, how do one go about eating an oyster shooter?  Well, if the oyster was served in the shot glass, that'd be easy...just slurp it up! ;)  But since it was served atop the shot glass and the tomato-based sauce was filled right to the brim, I sipped the briny 'liquor' (or juice) from the oyster first to prevent the shot glass from overflowing when I put the oyster in later.  The tomato juice was bright and had a slightly salty aftertaste when I slurped the whole thing into my mouth.  Pretty delicious way to eat an oyster.  Now, did I eat this the right way?...kekeke! ^_~

Another addictive starter (which we had before...and continues to order every time we're here) is the Enoki Fries Basket @ RM9.90 that's super crispy and worth every cent.

I'm impressed at just how they're able to get the well seasoned batter to such a crisp level.  Your kids will give you extra hugs and kisses for ordering this.  And sometimes, one is just not enough! :P

After trying the Mentaiko Mozza Fries @ RM16.90 for the first time on our last visit, (like Sean) we were hooked.  Who wouldn't when the perfectly cooked, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, gourmet fries are laced with lots of savoury and smoky-flavoured mentaiko (and oh, there was some mozzarella cheese too).

As usual, no visit to Eatomo is complete without ordering one of our must-haves, the Wok-Fired Spicy Gyutandon @ RM21.90.  This time we even went overboard and doubled the beef tongue for an additional RM15 until we can't even see the rice underneath...hehehe! ;)  You can also add on an extra rice for a more substantial meal (or share the dish between two).

Hey, but enough is enough.  Let's try the Wok-Fired Spicy Brisket Bowl @ RM19.90 instead for a change. After all, it's the exact same recipe (as the beef tongue) in their house special sauce with a nice kick of heat from the chillies, finished with a sprinkling of fragrant fried garlic and a hint of freshness from the chopped spring onions.

The Australian prime beef brisket was very thinly sliced (with just a little fat on it) rendering it ultimately tender.  I ended up preferring this to the beef tongue for its soft and tender bite.  There you go!  It pays to try something new, it might just surprise you.

If beef isn't your thing (not that it is), order the Wok-Fired Spicy Chicken Don instead @ RM14.90.  This was our first time having this...everything's the same except you get thinly sliced chicken and some Japanese cucumbers.  It has a similar taste as the beef don except it's done with chicken.  Of course, I prefer the beef version.

If you have a really good appetite and one bowl is not enough, you can consider the Mentaiko-Seared Tamadon as your add-on option.

At an easy-on-the-pocket price of RM14.90, it's bound to fill even the heftiest of appetites as a second donburi.  And if you happen to have a bottomless stomach, you can even have a third....heheh, just kidding! ^_*

My Personal Opinion

As always, another two really satisfying visits.....would there be any other outcome?  Hehehe! ^_~

Eatomo Food Co
No 21 Jalan Telawi 2
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2202 3280


  1. I think I have to pay a visit only can understand why you love Eatomo so much. LOL

    1. I won't go as far as to say the food here is fantastic...there are better Japanese restaurants out there. But can you get it at the prices here? The answer would be no. So, the food is good for the price paid...two persons can easily have a good meal for under RM100 here. Can you say that for other Japanese restaurants of the same quality? Probably not.

  2. Oh! I must visit soon! I am very keen on many of the dishes you have eaten. If you hadn't pointed out the two salmons caught in the net, I would not have noticed hah..hah.... I'll suggest to my brother that we should drop by. My only concern is parking as Bangsar is also quite notorious.

    1. We would usually make a round or two to find street parking...and we're usually lucky when it's early dinner, say by 6.30pm. But if you aren't that lucky, then park at Bangsar Village as it's just a short walk from the mall's car park. Yes, you've been to some of my favourite places but not this one yet, so you should make arrangements with your brother for a visit soon...hehe! :)

  3. Those oyster shots do look tempting. I'm fond of fine de claire.

    1. I'm just fond of oysters...period! :D This was my first oyster shooter...and I liked it.

  4. you could certainly qualify to be in an Eatomo VIP Customers Club! :) i remember when they first started, they were dominantly positioned as a seafood / sashimi specialist - but based on the orders that keep you and others coming back, they're clearly a versatile restaurant that does justice to more than seafood ;)

    1. Eatomo VIP Customers Club? I wish. Does it come with an Eatomo VIP Discount Card? Wuahahahaha! ;D

  5. Been a while since I visited them, looks like there are some new(ish) items on the menu.


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