Thursday, 12 April 2018

Ra.Ft Cafe/Bistro @ Arcoris Plaza, Mont Kiara

Ra.Ft Cafe (in the vicinity of KLCC) is a favourite cafe of mine, usually for breakfast and brunch, sometimes for dinner too.  The folks of Mont Kiara can count themselves lucky that a second branch has opened there in January this year.

Knowing that they'll serve up the same good food, I decided to pay a visit to Ra.Ft Cafe/Bistro @ Arcoris Plaza, Mont Kiara just to have a peep at their new place.  From the al fresco seating outside, the space they occupy seemed spacious...initially.

But once inside, it was not as spacious as I thought.  The cafe takes on the same theme (similarities are very obvious) as their original Binjai outlet, down to the decor, colour scheme and furniture, except that the seats are much closer to one another because of the smaller space overall (which includes a very small children's play area as well).  I felt that it was a bit crammed for me.

Looking at the menu, I noticed a few new offerings, among them was this Ra-Ft Dome @ RM22 featuring toasted home-made bread with home cured salmon, a poached egg and an avocado spread served with a side of rocket salad.

The home cured salmon takes on a pinkish tinge as it's reportedly cured with beetroot.

A ravishing poached egg with runny yolk lies underneath the dome of cured salmon together with a lusciously creamy mashed avocado that's so good.  The side salad of rocket leaves added a much needed fresh element to counter the richness of the creamy yolk and avocado spread.  Absolutely delicious. ^o^

I also noticed their Lunch Special (scribbled on their blackboard) of Sea Bass Fillet with Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli & Cauliflower @ RM36 and wanted that.  They were kind enough to accommodate us (even though it was breakfast time) but I then noticed they quickly rubbed away the chalked writing on the blackboard (right after we ordered).  I'm not sure what's the story with that...perhaps there's no special for weekends and that was yesterday's lunch special, maybe?  I was duly informed that there weren't any sweet potatoes, so I requested for it to be substituted with smashed potatoes (the same ones from the breakfast dishes).

The sea bass fillet was fresh with a nice crisp skin and easily flaked at the touch of the fork.  I would have loved a creamy sauce of some sort (other than the drizzle of balsamic dressing) to offer a bit of richness to the dish and, at the same time, make the fish just a tad more moist.  But, overall, a simple dish that should still please the lighter palates.

Of course, we've always enjoyed their Ra.Ft 'All in One' Breakfast @ RM32 showcasing their house-made bread, butter mushrooms, baked beans, smashed potatoes and roasted tomatoes with our choice of scrambled eggs, streaky bacon and scrumptious house-made pork sausage.

You can also chose to customise your own breakfast...we did with My Breakfast @ RM28 opting for croissant, scrambled eggs,bacon, mushrooms and smashed potatoes.  I felt that the scrambled eggs were just a hint less fluffy and creamy than the ones we had at their Binjai outlet and I would have personally liked the pan-fried bacon to have a bit more colour though they were still very fragrant and tender.

Having said that, the food here was delicious nonetheless.  Perhaps, that's how the chef chooses to do it here (I do know that's how some prefer their bacon to be done).  Or, perhaps, it was just that day.  On hindsight, they were super crowded and the food did take a bit longer than usual to arrive that day.  Right off the bat, I noticed that there's a greater Japanese clientele in this branch (compared to the mostly western clientele in their Binjai branch).

My Iced Latte @ RM10....the coffees here are still as good and pocket-friendly as ever :)

My family's sunshiny juices of Fresh Orange @ RM12.50 and Sunny Day @ RM16 (a mixture of orange, mango & pineapple) that's both refreshing and invigorating.

My Personal Opinion

The place still serves up the same good food (with the same hospitality) as their Binjai branch though, personally, this place didn't endear me as much as their Binjai outlet did.  I definitely prefer the spaciousness, setting and ambience of their Binjai branch because I like roomy spaces...but that's just me.

After having tried the Mont Kiara branch, I think I'll stick with their Binjai outlet since it's also much closer to where I live.  But having said that, Mont Kiara folks are fortunate to have a lovely brunch spot for good food, and even better coffees, that they can call their own. ^.^

Check out my earlier write-ups of their Binjai branch here, here and here for a peek at the yummeh dishes that I've had the pleasure of eating before.  If the heart of KL is too far for you, fret not, you can now head to Mont Kiara instead! ;)

Ra.Ft Cafe/Bistro
Lot G16 & G17 Arcoris Plaza
10 Jalan Kiara
Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 6412 2127


  1. I love to eat at restaurants like this where the chefs take great trouble to decorate their servings on the plate. Good presentations and tastes definitely earn the highest marks.

    I am very impressed with that dome shaped dish being wrapped with salmons. So unique and makes me salivate. The big breakfast looks great too. The Japanese are all over that vicinity as well as the basement of 1-MK.

    1. Well, if you do make it here, you can try this healthy dome-shaped dish for your breakfast. ^_~

  2. poached egg, avocado and an element of beetroot! now that's a combination i could get behind :D this does feel like the perfect location for a second raft, leafy and breezy outside ;)

    1. I think so too that it's the right location for a second outlet...especially since there are lots of foreign tenants in the high-rise condos in the vicinity of Mont Kiara :)

  3. I do like their coffee and our last visit there the chef had just made some Italian donuts which were yum.

    1. Yes, I read that post of call them bomboloni...and they do look yummy! ;)

  4. Well, it's good to know that the food is just as good as the Binjai outlet. That means I can head over there real soon hee..hee...

    1. I'm glad there's a Ra.Ft nearer to you...hope you get to try it out real soon! ^_*

  5. This outlet definitely nearer to me and hopefully I can make a visit really soon~

    1. That's great. Hope you enjoy the food amidst a smaller cafe :)


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