Friday, 6 April 2018

Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara

After our spectacular dinner feasting on an immensely pleasurable tomahawk at Two Hands Restaurant, we wanted to adjourn somewhere else for drinks.

Since we were mere steps away from Empire Damansara, my friend suggested coffee and desserts at Haraju Cube @ Empire Damansara.  She's one who detests sweet stuff (like me), so for her to recommend this place, we can be assured that it won't be overly sweet.

Haraju Cube is a Japanese dessert place, established since 2015, specialising in honey (+ savoury) toasts and other Japanese desserts, with three outlets (the other two in SS15 Courtyard and Sunway Pyramid).

We ordered the Banana-Choco @ RM27.90 which was more like the children's choice as they 'voted' for it.

It came with chocolate ice-cream (of course) with slices of banana, chocolate-dipped biscuit sticks, crushed nuts, fresh cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.  You'll also be given a large squeegee bottle of honey to add on more sweetness to your toast, if you so desire.

First impression, the honey toast was humongous, significantly thick, so make sure you have someone (or two) to share this with.  Of course, devouring something like this won't be a problem for my friends' children.  The four of them shared this dessert, each having a quarter, leaving nothing for the adults! ;)

So, that meant the other toast we ordered was left for the adults to share, the Fruitition @ RM29.90.

It had various types of fruits as toppings including berries (strawberries & blueberries) that I love...and peaches too.  This one also had crushed nuts and whipped cream on it together with a berries sauce.

The mega toast looked a bit intimidating to eat.  So, we ate it the only way we know how...we 'attacked' it by taking down the bread 'perimeter' that was the edge of the loaf.  Luckily the inside was already cut and divided into 8 pieces of cubed toast that made eating it a lot easier.

I did enjoy the honey-buttered toast, which wasn't too sweet, with its buttery aroma (French butter, it seems) together with a bit of the fruits and ice cream in one mouthful but, on its own, it was a tad dry for me.  The vanilla ice cream, on the other hand, wasn't anything special + it was also a bit sweet for me.

As for the bread 'perimeter', it was downright hard and dry...and difficult to cut through.  It wasn't very nice to eat either and we pretty much left most of the crust uneaten.

They also offer a variety of flavoured milk (like butterscotch, matcha, coffee, fruit & chocolate milk, RM10.90 each) but, for some reason, the ones my friends wanted weren't available that evening, so they settled for coffees and chocolaty drinks.

My friend's Hot Cappuccino @ RM12 (in a yellow cup, just like the bright sunshine yellow colour scheme of the cafe).

A friend's Premium Ice Chocolate @ RM15.90

Another friend's Chocolate Frozen @ RM15.90

Friend's husband's Matcha Float @ RM15.90

I had Caffe Latte (Cold) @ RM13 which was pretty decent (so were the rest of the drinks) but they aren't all that cheap + they come in small glasses.  This was only the second time (since Mighty Monster) that I had been served iced coffee in a short glass...and without a straw to stir the contents (I had to ask and was given a teaspoon instead)! >_<

My Personal Opinion

Although the sweetness (and taste) of the honey toast was acceptable, the rest of the accompaniments just weren't up to the mark.  I may be too quick to judge since I've tasted only one honey toast but the rest is still the same honey toast base except for the different toppings.  What I do know is that I won't be all that interested in another honey toast.  I guess I wasn't blown away by the ice cream...and I'm not a fan of the whipped cream either.

Many would feel that they're a little pricey too (RM25 - RM35) for something as simple as buttered toast with ice cream but they make up for it with a huge portion size.

In the end, I enjoyed my friends' company (and the drinks) more than their honey toasts, I'm afraid! :P

Haraju Cube
103 Level 1 Empire Damansara
Jalan PJU 8/8 Damansara Perdana
47820 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-7733 5973


  1. These desserts definitely pricey for my standard but at least I can see the presentation is 90% looks like what they've shown in the menu.

    1. Ya, on its own, the price may seem pricey but know that the portion size can easily be shared by 2 - 4 people, so it's not that pricey in the end :)

  2. i like how you and your gang are happy to hop from one eating location to another over the span of a single evening :) and empire damansara is a convenient location where you'll find enough possibilities to move through :D

    1. We don't meet often enough, so when we do, we have lots to catch up on...and we can't overstay our welcome in one place, can we? As such, we need to hop to (at least) a second place to spend more time chit-chatting. We used to hop to as many as four places (in one day) previously but we don't do that now as everyone has such busy schedules.

  3. Oh I remember when this place opened. It looked impressive but I don't think I'd do well with all of that sugar.

    1. I don't either...that's why I only took a few bites and let my friends finish the rest. ^_~

  4. I remember this toast dessert was on the menu of one Taiwanese dessert shop (now closed) near my office. From the menu, it looked really nice something like what you and your friends had. I was quite keen to try but was afraid it would be too much for one person (imagine that hah..hah...) and now I don't have chance to try. But from your description of how the crust is hard and dry, I doubt if I want experience that. If the filling is too sweet, then I would not want that either. Maybe there are other places that do it better.

    1. Actually, the honey toast wasn't that sweet but I guess I'm not into the toppings + the thickness and volume of it all is too much for me. I hear there are actually some good Shibuya honey toast around.

  5. The deserts and beverages are definitely pricey for that location. I will skip that place after reading this post.

    1. You may deem them pricey...but I see they enjoy a good crowd even when I was there late at night (after 10pm). ^_*


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