Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Critters in my Porch

These photos have been lying in my phone for a while...might as well get to writing the post so that I can delete them away.  Time for a creepy post.  Not creepy as in scary but creepy as in creepy crawlies! >_<

Some of the critters who visit phonghong's garden are cute but I'm afraid the ones who come to my garden porch are usually pesky ugly-looking insects.  Why they would want to come here, I don't know...I don't even have lovely, delicious plants for them to eat.

Some of my uninvited guests include:

This multi-legged creepy crawly we call a centipede.  They're so disgusting-looking, they make my hair stand on end! >_<

Luckily I spotted this grotesque intruder....time to bring out the hose and spray it down the drain.

There was even a time when I found a baby centipede in my basin of water.  Nope, still revolting...even if it's baby-ish.

This millipede, though still fugly, is at least a tad less disgusting than its 'cousin', the centipede, because of its cute, round body....and the way they move.

Another trespasser was this wriggly earthworm.  Why on earth does it want to crawl in here?  I don't even have earth in my garden porch.

Once, I found a baby dragonfly in my basin of water.  How it got there, is a mystery.  Maybe, it kamikaze-d into the sea (aka my basin).

Maybe it thought it could swim! :P  Ah, too bad, down the drain it goes.

And then there was this sad 'couple'....till death do us part :D

Sadly, critters who venture into my porch are a very unfortunate bunch coz they're unaware that they're walking into a "killing field"....where a serial killer lurks! O_o

Let me show you some of the unlucky visitors who strayed into the wrong porch! ;)

One day, I discovered the gruesome torso of a grasshopper on my porch...what a horrible way to die....decapitated...and that wasn't the first.

Another time, this young grasshopper's legs were dismembered...ouch, that must have hurt!  Oops, I hope 'nothing' was riding on the grasshopper (like one of TM's stories), otherwise it'll have to find another 'mode of transportation' and hail another 'cab'...kekeke! :D  Luckily, I've not come across any butterfly corpses.

And for the lizards who call my house home, it's better to go 'house-hunting' for a new place for I've seen you-know-who chase and injure them till they shed their tails...and die.  Lizards are icky...and a nuisance, so I don't mind them being caught and killed.

Poor beetle of some bugs can escape this vicious killer!  Even if you think you can fly....think again, you can't escape his clutches.  I've even seen him swatting at houseflies (with precision)...and those who dare enter the house don't leave alive (as I often find them dead on the floor). >.<

Warning to all creepy crawlies:  There's a serial killer lurking out there....and if you value your already short's best you find another porch if you know what's good for you! ^_~

Guess who?  He's bad, he's know it...who's bad? ;)

Who me?  But that's my nature.....I hunt...I'm a natural born killer! :P


  1. Waah!! My hairs also stood upright on seeing the centipede!! I saw lots of them in China where they ate them like delicacies too. Bluek!
    At first thought, I guessed that you must be living near hilly forests of Ukay Heights or Bukit Antarabangsa where the houses have abundance of these visitors.

    Now I had this thought why the bigger grasshoppers are always being used as taxi instead of small ones. The same with big bugs and huge butterflies which are popular too. This made me narrow down on the possible sizes of their "passengers". May of the departed often shrunk to the sizes of a pea grain. No kidding.

    I had a good laugh to see your handsome cat at the end of the story like the mysterious plot unveiled in the movie "Murder Of The Orient Express". You should write books like a Harry Potter author.

    1. First you say I describe food like a Harry Potter's story, now I should write books like a Harry Potter author pulak. give me too much credit...where got so talented like J K Rowling...kekeke! ;D

      Oh, so the bigger grasshoppers are the ones used as taxis.

      Eat centipedes in China...yucks. >_< Today, I just read an article of garlic fried tarantulas being eaten as a delicacy in Cambodia...ewww! O_o

  2. OMG, that lizard really make me goose bump!

    1. Hey, Cookie has killed many a lizard...those usual brownish ones. So, for this post, I show you one that's more special ok...with a spotted skin....hihihi! ;)

  3. eeeks! i'm fortunate that by living on the 14th floor, i don't encounter critters very often ... and pretty much never a centipede so far. i wonder if a cat or a dog would generally be better at nailing these critters. i was waiting for a photo of a murdered mouse/rat after the lizard and beetle :)

    1. Being on a high floor, perhaps the critters who 'visit' you may be the ones that fly in? ^_~ Cats are definitely better at nailing these critters coz they're natural born hunters (don't think dogs will). Oh, there were corpses of murdered rats before...just not by Cookie, thank God.

  4. Cookie! Bad ass! hah..hah... I see that you have your fair share of creepy crawlies. Those centipedes, I get them too outside and inside (kitchen and bathroom) but thankfully not so often. I have not seen a centipede in ages (except one time at the walkway at Starling) and if I remember correctly, it curls into a round when disturbed. As for earthworms, I welcome them as they are good for the garden.

    Those mutilated bugs and lizards! Yikes! I do find these too on my porch and it must be the job of those stray cats. Once there was even half a mouse on the porch yuks! Anyway, I enjoyed this post :)

    1. Yes, I've had dead rats left on my porch a stray cat I used to feed. They'd normally leave just the heads's like the cat want to say, "hey, I did my job, I killed rats for you" by leaving their prized possession (the heads) on your porch. They're too yucky to photograph. Luckily, pet cats that have been fed well will not go near rats...and luckily too, Cookie doesn't bring back any dead cockroaches (I think he finds them smelly too). Cockroaches are my most feared insect! >_<

      I think it's the millipede or earthworm that curls into a round when disturbed. I dare not disturb a centipede in case they bite (the big ones).


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