Monday, 14 August 2017

Meng Kee Peking Duck @ Glenmarie, Shah Alam

We were in the vicinity of Port Klang recently to attend the Feast of St Anne as we have done so annually.  By the time mass ended, it was close to noon and since we didn't have any breakfast before that, we decided to head somewhere near for our breakfast cum lunch.  We stopped by at Meng Kee Peking Duck @ Glenmarie, Shah Alam.

Meng Kee Peking Duck is part of a trio of restaurants (under the same ownership) that includes Meng Kee Char Siew (opposite) and Meng Kee Wantan Mee (two shops away).  The last time I was at Meng Kee Wantan Mee, I found out that we could cross order some dishes from Meng Kee Peking Duck (but not the other way round, it seems).  When I noticed fried rice leaving the kitchen towards Meng Kee Wantan Mee next door, I wanted to order that only to be told that I can't.  Even though the fried rice is cooked at Meng Kee Peking Duck's kitchen, we can't order it if it's not on their menu which makes no sense, if you ask me, but who am I to argue if that's how it works.

Well, if you don't know what their specialty is, all you need is to take a look at their canopy.  So, we were left with ordering stir-fry dishes since we weren't in the mood for Peking Duck or steamed (song) fish head which they recommended.

We had Pork Ribs in Peking Sauce (M) @ RM30 which is basically pork ribs drenched in some kind of sticky sweetish sauce that was almost similar to marmite pork ribs.  The price is a bit steep for the portion but, at least, the ribs were very meaty.  Overall, a decent dish.

The Salted Egg Yolk Mantis Prawns (M) also @ RM30 were very crunchy and fragrant with the crisp curry leaves and red bird's eye chillies.  It was delicious as they were very well coated in salted egg yolk.  Mantis prawns are quite ugly-looking creatures in their shell (to me) but once de-shelled and fried, they're yum! ;)

We also had the Prawn Omelette (M) @ RM14.  It's a simple omelette dish which came with good-sized but crunchy (not in a good way) prawns.

The final dish that the four of us shared was the Belacan with 4 Types of Vegetables (M) @ RM16.  This one gets my approval as it came with four-angle beans (and not stinky beans) apart from the usual long beans, ladies fingers and eggplant.

My Personal Opinion

A possible place for stir-fry dishes if you happen to be in the vicinity but don't need to come all the way here just for it as the taste is not above and beyond the many better tai chow places out there.

Restoran Meng Kee Peking Duck
27 Jalan Juruaudit U1/37
Hicom Glenmarie Industrial Park
40150 Shah Alam
Tel: 019-379 3629


  1. Ooo it's interesting that they do Peking duck, since that's such a contrast from wantan noodles and char siew ... hmmm, I wonder if the Peking sauce for the ribs is a hoisin sauce .....

    1. The Peking sauce probably has hoisin in it since many recipes of the sauce use it as one of the main ingredients in the sauce after all :)

  2. If I remember correctly, I've dined in here before as well. Just like what you said, just an average Dai Chow place and the price not really cheap :P

    1. I think the prices are fair since we ordered medium portions for all the dishes that fed four persons reasonably well. ^_^

  3. Look good, all those dishes. Pity that they won't let your order the fried rice. I find their policy very strange!

    1. Maybe they want to limit their restaurant to the extensive choices of dishes with rice, so the strange policy. Whereas the wantan mee next door needed (next door's) rice and noodles to give a bit more variety to their customers.

  4. Prawn omelette for me - truly at heart I'm a simple girl.

    1. For choice of omelette, we usually go for prawn or minced pork ourselves =)


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