Monday, 27 February 2017

Breakfast & Stay @ MH Hotel Ipoh

For the second year in a row, we chose to stay at MH Hotel @ Ipoh again for our annual Chinese New Year "balik kampong" trip coz we were happy with our stay here last year.  I managed to get the room at the same rate (of RM250 a night) this year.

I was happy with the good service provided by the hotel, the spaciousness of the room, the close proximity to my husband's family house and the late night 'snacking' possibilities near the hotel (with 24-hours McD next door and Domino's and Subway further down the street....kekeke!) ;D

But, most of all, I liked the bathroom shower....with separate shower compartment and great water pressure! Although this time I was a bit annoyed that the housekeeping made a boo-boo when they took away my towel (one I brought from home) by mistake.  I made a complaint and it they took them about 24 hours to locate it, have it washed and sent back to me.  Other than this little "blip", the rest of my stay was pleasant enough.

Hotel Lobby

Lion Dance (at the hotel entrance) on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Similar to last year, the room stay came with complimentary buffet breakfast (there wasn't an option without breakfast from the online booking site I booked from), so I had breakfast at the hotel for three consecutive mornings at MH Pinnacle on the 20th floor.

View from the 20th floor

Day 1 Breakfast

This year my sister-in-law's family booked the same hotel as us after hearing about our good stay the previous year.  My brother-in-law was pleasantly surprised with the quality and selection of the buffet breakfast seeing that it cost only RM15 per person.

Day 2 Breakfast

If I had to compare the breakfast this year to last year's, I'd say the selection this year had slightly less choices compared to last year + most of the dishes were repetitive and similar (with just a few slight variations) on all three mornings that I was there (but no cause for complaint considering the price).

Day 3 Breakfast

Looks like I ate eggs done every possible way.....omelette, sunny side-up, scrambled and sunny side-up flipped.  No, wait....I didn't have half-boiled eggs (and they didn't do poached eggs...hehe!) ;D

Free flow of hot refreshments and snacks plus complimentary ice cream (one time redemption only) just like last year was available for guests at their in-house cafe on the first floor.  But they stopped selling those cheap pre-packed nasi lemak and fried noodles (in its place were cup noodles) :(

So, this year, we turned to McD (next door) and Domino's (further down the road) for our snacking (or supper) options! ^_~

My Personal Opinion

Convenient location, close to amenities (restaurants, supermarket, shopping mall) and a comfortable stay with value-for-money breakfast thrown in are some positives for those who may want to consider this hotel for their stay in Ipoh.

MH Pinnacle
20th Floor MH Hotel
PT 212695B Jalan Medan Ipoh 1A
Medan Ipoh Bistari
31400 Ipoh
Tel: 05-545 1000


  1. I could see the bathroom's sink which convinced me this hotel is trendy and new. I am cracking my head to book one hotel in Ipoh for this coming June and would consider this since they provide breakfast at no extra cost and I love high floors to0. It is closer to heavens.

    So your hubby is a Ipoh Boy! I have lots of relatives in Ipoh and many had migrated to KL & overseas. Your hubby might know them too as there is even a road named after my granduncle.

  2. breakfast sure looks scrumptious with all them eggs! :D i wonder whether it'd be worth checking out the Airbnb homes in ipoh for your stay next year ... won't have breakfast, but it could be interesting, and i bet you can get a home for below RM200 ;)

  3. I remember this hotel from your old post. I suppose if I want to go to Ipoh for a short stay (that would be nice!), this is where I should check in :)

    1. Yes, this is definitely one you can consider for your stay in Ipoh.

  4. Agree with you, good location, if you walk along the row of shoplots, there are a few good eateries behind... but since breakfast is provided, can save the tummy for lunch and dinner elsewhere.. :)

    1. Oh, I didn't venture to the roads behind coz I was able to find lots of snacking opportunities along the same row itself.

  5. That's more than decent for RM 15 breakfast!

  6. Ipoh have too many choices when come to accommodation to suit different needs. For myself, I like to stay at boutique style hotel which has special theme or with tastefully design, haha LOL

    1. Yup, boutique-style hotels are very popular with photo taking enthusiasts :)


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