Monday, 9 May 2016

Golden Sun @ Kuchai Lama

We've been to this restaurant a few times since a friend of the family first introduced it to us.  Golden Sun Restaurant @ Kuchai Lama is housed within a 3-storey premise that features a club, bar and lounge.

The interior is bright and spacious, with beige coloured table cloth and draped chairs, certainly a comfortable dining environment.  When we arrived (just after 10am), the restaurant was almost fully occupied and we just managed to snatch the last big table (there were 11 of us).  Well, I certainly didn't remember it to be so full during my last few visits.  When we left (an hour later as we didn't want to linger), there were people still waiting for seats.

Like many dim sum restaurants, there's basically no need for a menu as you just get the dim sum items you want from the push carts that go around the tables.  The push carts are basically separated into for the steamed and one for the fried/baked items.  Since there wasn't a menu to refer to (plus I didn't get to taste every item), my apologies if the description of the dish (or the prices) is not 100% correct.  As for the individual dim sum prices, I used their website menu as a guide.  So, here were some of our steamed dim sum selection:

Fish Paste Ball with Beancurd @ RM5.90

Spare Ribs with Yam @ RM5.90
(enjoyed the inclusion of yam which you don't typically see in this dim sum)

Prawn Dumpling @ RM5.90

Another version of Prawn Dumpling, I think
(coz I didn't eat this one)

Beancurd Roll @ RM5.90

Scallop Dumpling @ RM8.90
(drat, I didn't get to taste this one)

Salted Egg Yolk Bun @ RM5.90
(I liked the soft textured bun with the oozy salted egg yolk custard)

Phoenix Claw with Black Bean (aka chicken feet) @ RM4.90
(this one I wasn't a fan of)

The BBQ Pork Bun (Char Siew Pau) @ RM5.90 was certainly a top favourite of mine and the delicious pork filling was something similar to the taste of the topping on the "lor mai kai".  The filling was better than the bun though as it lacked the ultra softness and fluffiness that I was looking for.

(Fake) Sharksfin Dumpling @ RM5.90

Crystal Prawn Dumpling (Har Gow) @ RM6.90
(can't complain with fresh, juicy prawns)

Pork Dumpling with Fish Roe (Siew Mai) @ RM5.90

The Prawn Rice Roll (aka Chee Cheong Fun) @ RM6.90 wasn't as thin as I would have liked but the sambal was particularly good.  We also had the BBQ Pork Rice Roll @ RM5.90 and there's even a Scallop Rice Roll @ RM8.90.

Daily Special Porridge @ RM4.90

My other favourite was the Glutinous Rice with Chicken (Lor Mai Kai) @ RM5.90 which deserves glowing mention.  The glutinous rice was so soft and the topping of chicken, minced pork, Chinese dried sausage (lap cheong) and mushroom was truly good! =)

And here were some of the fried/baked items we chose...more fried than baked, I'm afraid.

Pan-Fried Radish Cake @ RM4.90

I've always adored radish cake, more so if it's Stir-Fried Radish Cake @ RM6.90 with bean sprouts and chives. This one had a nice crisp exterior and soft, flavourful radish.

Fried Beancurd Roll with Fish Paste @ RM5.90

The Pan-Fried Stuffed Brinjal @ RM5.9 has always been a perennial favourite....this one was decent, not stunning...would have preferred a thicker slice of brinjal in proportion to the thick fish paste filling! >_<

Crispy Prawn Dumpling @ RM8.90
(didn't get to try this one either)

The Fried Yam Dumpling (Wu Kok) @ RM4.90 was outstanding...light and crispy on the outside with a soft and fluffy yam paste inside....loved this one! :)

My niece (who loves egg tart) thought the Egg Tart (with Butter & Milk) @ RM4.90 tasted funny (which means not good in her context).  When I took a bite, I got a strong taste of milk (and then butter) and thought that this was one of the worst egg tarts I've eaten only to find out (when writing this blog post after checking their website) that there are two on the menu, one is the normal egg tart and the other is the egg tart with butter and milk (and we got the latter).  Now I know why the egg tarts had different serving plates.  So, I'd stay away from this one and make doubly sure I get the right egg tart the next time.

Obviously, we had more than one plate (some even three) for some of the dim sum items coz there were 11 mouths to feed.  Generally, the prices of their dim sum vary between RM4.90 to RM8.90 a plate and, on the average, a meal here will probably cost RM25 - 40 per person (depending on your stomach size appetite)! :D Chinese Tea is chargeable @ RM2.50 per pax.

My Personal Opinion

The prices of their dim sum are slightly higher than your regular coffee-shop style dim sum eateries because I'd expect to pay a little bit more for the air-conditioning, dining comfort and service.

I may not have tried all the dim sum items but most of what I did try was more than decent in terms of taste and quality.  The only items that weren't were the braised chicken feet and the butter and milk egg tart.  My top favourites would be the Char Siew Pau, Lor Mai Kai, Wu Kok and Stir-Fried Radish Cake.

Good place (with ample parking) for a leisure weekend dim sum breakfast (with ample big tables to accommodate large groups).  I'm sure I'll be back some time or another! ;)

Golden Sun Restaurant
Lot 35604 Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7982 6155


  1. Oh gawddddd... how I miss those HK style cheong fun... Wu kok too, but wu kok I can get here if I am willing to wake up early and join the crowds. But the cheong fun, can't find any good ones here...

    1. I'm sure there just haven't woken up early to find them yet...haha! ;D

  2. There is quite a lot of items here to choose from. The Lor Ma Kai looks good. It's my dad's favorite. After reading this, I feel like going for dim sum hee..hee..

    1. The lor mai kai is my mother-in-law's favourite too :)

  3. This is like the 3rd dimsum posts I've seen today, now I need dimsum!

    1. Coz yum cha is a favourite pastime of many during the weekends.

  4. I pass by this place every day but never been there to eat because of its club/pub/lounge sections.Recently it has toned down the external look with light brown paint and rebrand itself to GS instead of Golden Sun Club. Good move to eat dim sum with 11 people in total because it means can order many types to try.

    1. There's no activity from the club/pub/lounge sections in the mornings during yum cha times...the only thing awake is the restaurant!

  5. We kinda have similar favourites ... If I had to choose only three platters, they'd be the fried radish cakes, the stuffed brinjals, and the yam puffs! :D

    1. They're my absolute favourites too....Hi 5! ;D

  6. No thank you to the chicken feet, but you do have me craving dim sum. :-)

    1. I see you've not gotten round to "enjoying" chicken feet yet! :D

  7. I only will have the same boring items when come to dim sum session, lor mai gai, lao sar bao, char siu bao, pork ribs & egg tarts :P

    1. Well, if those are your favourites...why not. It may seem boring but we always tend to stick to the same ones we like.


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