Thursday, 11 June 2015

Revisit: That Latte Place @ ikon Connaught

It's been a few months since I last ate here, so I'm back for more at That Latte Place @ ikon ConnaughtI remembered telling them that they should consider including pork in their menu just like what they have in their sibling outlet, Map's at Bandar Sunway, the last time I was here

Looking at the menu, I was glad to see they did...yay!  That would mean, besides pork bacon, their awesome pork balls would also be available (closer to home)....double yay!!  The only thing that has not changed (I noticed) is that it's still on cash terms only! :(
I think the no. 1 item in any café has always been their Big Breakfast (or whatever names they want to call it) and it's no different here.  This was the Breakfast with Bacon @ RM21 with chicken sausages wrapped in bacon, two sunny side up eggs, sautéed mushrooms, hash brown, roasted potatoes and homemade buttered toast....and what else...more bacon, of course! ;D
What's better than sausages, you ask?  Well, the answer is....bacon wrapped sausages yo!
These bacon slices were pan-fried to perfection...just look at that wonderful sear and absolutely crisp edges...have you seen anything more beautiful?  What's even better is that their breakfast items are available all day long....yeah, you can even have it at night for dinner too....and that's exactly what happened here!
I was also pleased to find a new item on their menu, the Salmon Steak @ RM21 which I have not tried before.  It's a piece of simple pan fried salmon served in a creamy grape sauce with roasted potatoes and a salad of fresh lettuce and tomatoes.  I liked that the salmon had a crisp exterior but was not overcooked, it still had a pinkish centre.
I'm usually not a fan of cream sauces because such sauces tend to come off as 'heavy' but this was not the case due to the cooked down grapes in the sauce.  I could definitely taste the sweet and zesty flavours it brought to the cream sauce.

One of the things I loved at Map's was their homemade pork balls.  Here, at The Latte Place, it's tweaked slightly into a dish called the Pork Ball Rice @ RM21 which would appeal to those who simply can't do without rice.

Their popular pork balls are still as good with their house herbed gravy served with roasted potatoes, poached egg, mini salad and rice.

The poached egg was perfectly cooked......liquid gold, I say!

The Bacon Pancake @ RM14 are double pancakes with maple syrup, bacon slices, roasted potatoes and a sunny side up egg is also a dish that can be found at Map's as well.  The egg was slightly overcooked this time, but still acceptable as the yolk was still soft, with nice crisp edges on the egg white.

The Porky Sandwich @ RM15 is a house-made pork patty with melted cheese, sautéed mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, lettuce in between two slices of toasted bread and a side of fries.

Their ever popular House Egg Ben @ RM19 needs no introduction.  It comes with two poached eggs sitting on top of two slices of homemade toast and bacon (instead of chicken ham) this time, served with a side of roasted potatoes and salad.

More egg porn...the eggs, topped with their signature hollandaise sauce (the generous sprinkling of black pepper was my doing), were perfectly executed to of my all-time favourite dishes here.

Other than their ever popular homemade pork balls, their roasted potatoes deserves equal mention.  The roasted potatoes (with skins on) are soft and fluffy with a nice crisp on the outside.  If you can't get enough of them, you can always order an add-on roast potatoes @ RM5 (like we did).

And if you can't get enough bacon as well...coz everything is always better with bacon, you can add-on bacon @ RM2 a slice....

.....or maybe even two...kekeke! :D
......or how about three! XD

Okay, okay...enough with the bacon already.....the Affogato @ RM9 was just passable as their vanilla ice-cream is (unfortunately) not made in-house unlike the ones at their sibling café.

Here are some of the drinks we had:

Lychee Infused Tea @ RM8
Passion Fruit Infused Tea @ RM8
(if coffee is not your 'cup of tea' and tea is)

Iced Latte @ RM10 (my 'go to' drink)
Iced Apple Caramel Coffee @ RM12
My Personal Opinion

What can I dining experience at this place has always been positive.  They serve good food that's simple, comforting and reasonably priced...and, what's even better, they're at a location closer to home. 

We keep coming's a favourite haunt for me and my family! ;)
That Latte Place
G-07 ikon Connaught
Taman Connaught
No 160 Jalan Cerdas
56100 Kuala Lumpur 
Tel: 016-850 3546


  1. Eh, I think I wanna try this before I drive back to Penang on Saturday. Wanna join me for brunch? ;)

    1. Haha, I'm already booked for brunch......lunch....maybe even more munch this Saturday with a group of friends. Thanks for the invite just the same :) I do hope you get to try out this place before you head back to Penang...and hopefully my recommendation meets your expectations! ;D

  2. Whoa everything looks so good! I am earmarking this place. I'll have a hard time deciding what I want to eat!

    1. Yes....but don't earmark this can earmark their sister outlet in Bandar Sunway (which is nearer to you, I think).

  3. Pork balls! That's coming up in my blog tomorrow. Hehehehe!!!! What a coincidence.

    This place must be really good to merit a revisit. There are so so so so many over there that if one goes to a different one each time, it will never end. That's one reason why blogs are useful - the reviews can be a good guide for people to pick and the mention of prices would help people decide. If it is too expensive, I, for one, would give it a miss if I can't afford it - nothing I can't live without. Of course, the opinions are all entirely the bloggers' own.

    Their poached eggs are absolutely gorgeous but the Masterchef-style, according to one "masterchef" blogger, fried eggs, 2nd pic, are not what I would love - he commented in my blog and said my old school kampung-style fried eggs would never get the approval of those renowned masterchefs, as if I care - I do what I like, too bad if it is not in accordance with all their accepted gourmet standards.

    But Bandar Sunway is an area that I hardly ever go to. :(

    1. This one is in Cheras lah! And, I think you meant pic 10 (the eggs with pancakes) and not the 2nd pic. I don't know why some people would want to make comments like that...we're home cooks not Masterchef quality chefs. If we were, we'd be opening our own restaurants already!

  4. creamy eggs, tasty bacon, lotsa potatoes ... the food here is unapologetically fulfilling, ya! :)

    1. Yeah, no apologies needed to indulge here! ;D

  5. This eatery must be a gem - close to your home and serves very tasty food. I think their food can give places like the red bean bag a run for its money and the price is reasonable too.

    1. Well, they may not be as well-known as The Red Beanbag but sometimes these under-hyped, hidden gems do serve good comfort food...and that's what counts! =)


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