Friday, 5 December 2014

That Latte Place @ ikon Connaught

I've not been to their original premise in Persiaran Ritchie in Ampang but I've heard about the place.  After all, That Latte Place is opened by the same people associated with Map's @ Bandar Sunway, a place I was introduced to by a cousin (on my husband's side) when she held her daughter's first birthday there.

After relocating from Ampang, they finally re-opened That Latte Place @ ikon Connaught (in mid-August 2014) and I ended up here with some friends for dinner on a Saturday evening (after an earlier lunch revisit to Map's on the same day).  You must be wondering why...I had a good reason: 1) I wanted to see if there was any difference in their menu and 2) we had to drop off two of our friends (around the area) since they weren't proceeding on to the next venue with us.

This place is cosy (but small) and, once inside, you'd realise that it shares almost the same decor with their other cafe.  The menu here, which focuses mainly on hearty breakfast items, sandwiches and pastas, is pretty similar to Map's (except with slightly different names) but there's one glaring porky stuff on the menu!! :(

We decided to go with what they do best and that is the House Egg Ben @ RM18 which is made up of 2 poached eggs with chicken ham and mushrooms on English muffins, served with their signature hollandaise sauce, roasted potatoes and salad.

The tasty chicken ham brought a slight salty dimension to the dish and I really liked it.  Also, they make one of the best roast potatoes around...savoury and extremely flavourful.

The poached egg is done right...who doesn't love an oozy egg yolk!  Love the hollandaise sauce too....with just the right consistency :-)

Next up, I ordered the Croissant Egg Sandwich @ RM10 which was actually 2 scrambled eggs served with a croissant and a side of roast potatoes and salad.  For those of you who like your scrambled eggs less on the runny side (and more cooked), you'll enjoy the version here (but it was a bit overdone for me).  The croissant (not made in-house), on the other hand, was soft, with slight crisp edges, but not as light and flaky as some of those I've had before.

This was served with the same utterly delicious roasted potatoes as the previous dish...just look at the nice crisp on the outside.  No complaints here for a value-for-money dish at only RM10.

For our final order, we went with the Mushroom Aglio Olio with Basil Pesto @ RM13 as we didn't want a heavy creamy carbonara.  Taste wise, it was light and had bits of mushrooms, garlic, peanuts, basil pesto and fresh herbs with a little heat from the dried chili flakes.

As with any meal, it won't be complete with coffee.  We spotted this Iced Hazelnut Mocha Nutella @ RM11 on the menu and ordered it as we wanted to try something we haven't had before.  It was really good and not overly sweet.  It was a bit like drinking a good chocolate ice cream in coffee :D  Yumsss is the word!!

Iced Cappuccino @ RM10

Hot Capuccino @ RM8

We also had a pc of Chocolate Cake that came with a cup of Hot Latte @ a promo price of RM15.  This cake turned out to be the same Classic Chocolate Layer Cake that one of my friends packed from Map's earlier...yay!  

My friends seemed to enjoy this as the cake was moist, full of chocolaty goodness and not overly sweet.

The owners (the husband + wife team) are very friendly people and extremely courteous.  They even gave us a complimentary pc of carrot cake (sorry, no pic, coz my friends devoured it while I was 'locked' in conversation with the owners) and a discount (something I didn't expect at all...and didn't realise until much later when I looked at the receipt) as a gesture of thanks for patronising both their cafes in one day (I guess).  Likewise, we appreciated their, thank you ;)

My Personal Opinion

If you're looking for a place to chill and have a cuppa, then this (or, more precisely, that) latte place may just be the one for you!  The coffees (and food) are good and very affordably priced. 

Although the menu may be limited, it can surely fill the hunger pangs of those looking for a quick bite.  Don't miss the House Egg Ben...the best dish here (in my opinion) and their roasted potatoes!

If I had to choose between which one of their two cafés I loved more, I would have to say Map's.....for the ambience and just coz there's 'oink-oink'!  But having a café that serves an all day breakfast menu, nearer to where I stay, is indeed convenient =)

That Latte Place
G-07 ikon Connaught
Taman Connaught
No 160 Jalan Cerdas
56100 Kuala Lumpur 


  1. Looks like they serve the sort of food that I would enjoy. I would love to try the Eggs Benedict, something I have never eaten before.

    1. If you enjoy oozy eggs, you'd definitely enjoy Eggs Benedict!

  2. You sure the discount is not because you mentioned the word "blogger"? :D
    Let me see, Ikon Connaught, I have not heard of this place before. Would it be in that area where Sedaya is? I mean UCSI*

    1. I've never mentioned that I'm a blogger in any of the food establishments I've eaten in. The discount I was given must surely be because I patronised both cafes in one day, which I did mention to them (+ they're friends of a 'relative'), I guess.
      Yes, it's nearby UCSI.

  3. do they get to make the poached eggs like that? So huge! Like steamed paos! Their scrambled eggs get my double thumbs down though - not nice, soft and creamy - the way I would like it, look like a badly messed-up omelette.

    Chicken ham? If it's the same as what I bought - no, thank you. My girl would not touch it, said like fake meat...or one of those vegetarian stuff. Even the colour looks a bit off. Sighhhhhh!!!!! No prize for guessing who would have to eat ALL of it...slowly but surely. Sobsssss!!!!

    1. Yeah, the poached eggs are rather big and bulgy, isn't it? :D
      Oh no, this chicken ham was very tasty (unlike the ones you bought)!

  4. the folks of cheras are fortunate to have that latte place there now ... i hope a branch closer to my neighbourhood of sri petaling opens someday too! :)

    1. Yup, nothing like a good cup of latte nearby where you can get your caffeine fix anytime ;-)

  5. In cheras but no oink oink! That's surprising due to the fact that I think there are more folks in Cheras that like to eat it.

    1. That was exactly what I mentioned to them....they may consider putting it on the menu. I guess we'll just have to wait-and-see :)

  6. So that's where they ended up. Thanks for the update.


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