Monday, 2 June 2014

#ewew's Crispy Ikan Bilis Secrets

Who doesn't like crunchy, crispy fried "ikan bilis" (dried anchovies), right? 

It's a simple and versatile dish that appeals to people of all ages.  It can be eaten (on its own) as a snack or cooked with onions as a dish (which children adore) or eaten as a condiment with "nasi lemak" or blitzed finely to be added to porridge (for toddlers).

And if you have a microwave oven in your kitchen, I have a simple tip to share with you on how to make crispy ikan bilis all the, easy and with very little washing up to do...yay!

Wash a handful of ikan bilis and drain (how much depends on the size of your container, just ensure it's in one layer).  Put it into a microwavable container (I use a Pyrex jug but please don't use plastic containers, even if it's microwave-safe).  Coat the ikan bilis with some oil and spread it out in one layer.  [#Tip: I would normally use about 1/2 tbsp oil for a handful of ikan bilis.  How much oil doesn't really matter as more oil...more crispy, less oil...more healthy---your choice!]

Once you have coated the ikan bilis in oil, make sure you spread them out in one layer (to ensure even browning) and cover loosely (to ensure steam/water vapour can escape). 

Microwave on High for 2 1/2 minutes (or until golden brown).  As all microwave ovens' temperature may differ, I suggest you start with 2 minutes on High and just keep adding 30 seconds until you find them golden brown to your liking.  [#Note: Even if you have more ikan bilis in a larger container, the timing should still be about the same (just ensure it is spread out in one layer), otherwise keep adding 30 seconds and check if they are done.] 

Once you find your 'right' timing for the amount of ikan bilis that you are making, stick to it and you can do a few small batches (like me) if you want more.

This is my 'Crispy Ikan Bilis Secret'...a 2 1/2 minutes fried ikan bilis (from a microwave oven) that comes out crispy and perfect all the time!

Serves 1 - 2.  Enjoy as a snack, added to your nasi lemak, eaten with your porridge, grinded for your baby's porridge....or whatever you want to eat it with!


  1. Great tips! Will pass it on to my friends as I don't cook at home at all. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wah, lucky you...can eat out 24/7! Thanks for sharing my tip with your friends. Hope it turns out great for them too.


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