Thursday, 26 June 2014

#ewew's Tuna on Crackers

I saw in the newspapers the other day that Tuna on Crackers was among the writer's Top 10 easy World Cup snacks.  What a has been one of my favourite snacks to eat (I've been making and eating this for quite a while now).

So, I thought I'll share my (even simpler) recipe here (in 3 simple steps) for all football fans out there...whether you're watching the World Cup, English Premier League or any other matches.

Step 1 - Get your tuna

Get yourself a can (about 185g) of your favourite brand of Tuna Chunks in (Sunflower) Oil (I use "Ayam" brand) and not the already flaked tuna or the one in water (it does not taste as nice).  

Flake the tuna chunks together with half or all the oil (depending on your preference) to keep it moist.

Step 2 - Add the pickles

Instead of adding finely chopped cucumber and onion which have been marinated in salt and rinsed off in water so that it will be crunchy (as per the recipe in the newspapers), a simpler way is to just add 1 tbsp (or 1 pc) of finely diced (store-bought) pickled baby gherkins.

This will give the mix a slightly tangy and crunchy easy is that.  [#Tip: If you don't like the acidity of the pickles, then substitute with corn kernels (boiled or lightly charred in a pan) which will add a crunch (and some sweetness) to your mix.]

Step 3 - Add the mayo

Add 2 - 3 tbsp of your favourite (store-bought) Mayonnaise (I use "Lady's Choice" Real Mayo).

Add a dash of freshly cracked black pepper and mix thoroughly.

Spread it on your favourite crackers (I use "Hwa Tai" Luxury Vegetables Crackers for its savouriness) ......and enjoy!  [#Tip: If you're unable to finish your tuna mix in one go (which is highly unlikely coz it's so good), put it in a Tupperware and refrigerate for use the next day.]

Alternatively, you can substitute it with Egg Mayo (mash a hard-boiled egg, add mayo and black pepper).....a "just as good" snack on crackers.

Or, you can also use Sardines with Onion & Chilli (discard the sardine bones and mash up the sardines with the tomato sauce and add some finely chopped onion and red chilli)...another equally good snack on crackers.  [#Tip: But tuna is still the best!]

A B's easy as simple as do re mi (sing to Jackson 5's 1970s No. 1 hit song)......and you have 3 different (healthy) choice snacks.  Make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and watch your favourite football matches.....while snacking on these "babies"!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Indeed a tasty snack.

    1. My pleasure, though it's not quite a recipe, just something thrown together. Glad you tried.....and liked it!


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