Friday, 11 November 2016

Revisit: Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan

I remembered my first two visits (three weeks apart) to Burger & Sushi @ G Village, Desa Pandan with great fondness and I've been itching to return to sample more of their menu.  And I did.....less than a month later for my third dining experience.

I've written about the place after my initial two visits and Netallie (the owner) was so appreciative of my review of her restaurant that she shared it on her restaurant's Facebook page.  I told need to thank me, I'm happy to write the truth of what the dining experience was for me (according to my personal taste buds, of course).

On our third visit, I decided to go with the Beef Teppanyaki @ RM45 as my previous two dining experiences here with beef dishes have not steered me wrong so far.

Served with some stir-fried vegetables and crispy garlic chips, the Australian sirloin, cut into cubes, was tender and succulent.

The lightly seared beef cubes were rendered perfectly medium-rare as requested...absolutely delectable except for a few tiny bits of chewy sinew.  Between this and the previous grilled sirloin I had, I'll probably go for the latter! ^_*

We chose the Seafood Combo Set @ RM56 (with four types of seafood) as our other main because we enjoyed our Seafood Teppanyaki very much the last time we were here.

This time, the combo set was served with Japanese ginger sauce and came with sides of chawanmushi, salad, miso soup and fresh fruit (watermelon).  Eat this with a bowl of steamed rice @ RM3 and it's more than sufficient for one.

The cooked-just-right Norwegian salmon was moist and pink.  The nicely seared scallops were juicy.  The squid, with some light charring, was tender to the bite.  And finally, the totally fresh and firm prawns revealing the much appreciated peeled bodies leaving the heads intact for flavour and much valued sucking of the delicious juices (for those who derive immense pleasure from it obviously...and I'm one of them)! ^o^

The Japanese ginger sauce was served on the side, which we appreciated, to allow you to tinker with how much sauce you want on your teppanyaki.  They were very generous with the sauce, I must say, as there was so much left even after we poured the sauce over our seafood.  The ginger sauce was nicely peppery and slightly can even turn non-lovers (like my son) into lovers of ginger sauce! :P

We ordered yet another roll, the Mummy Roll @ RM42, when the description of it listed two of our favourite ingredients, unagi and soft shell crab.  This is the third of their signature rolls that we've tried here.

Now, who can resist crispy fried soft shell crab with crunchy cucumber sticks in a maki roll that's wrapped in thin slivers of unagi and topped with ebiko.....certainly not me! ;)

This time, the nicely piped wasabi even had a cute butterfly on it...not that I eat wasabi but I can certainly delight in its presentation :)

Though sushi is normally served at room temperature, this roll felt a bit cold when we ate it.  I'm not sure why...maybe because it was the first to arrive and we only attacked it much later and it might have gotten a bit cold because of the air-conditioning.

When I mentioned that to Netallie (the owner), she immediately whisked the plate away and it came back looking like this....nicely replated with the unagi torched.  I so liked it this way as the unagi that was reheated had a bit of that smoky flavour that I loved...and, more importantly, it was now warm.  Trust Netallie to go out of her way to ensure your dining experience is 100% pleasurable.

Our drinks of Blue Danube (Blue Lagoon, Lemonade & Mint) @ RM12 and Iced Latte which was free of charge as I was given a free drink coupon on my last visit.

With that, I've tried all four of their signature drinks and the Blue Danube was my least favourite.  I prefer the Hawaiian Cooler and Red October anytime.

My Personal Opinion

After three visits, I continue to leave with great satisfaction with the meals I've had here, more so with the added special and warm treatment I get from Netallie each time.  And this time, I was even pleasantly surprised.

As a gesture of thanks for my write-up, Netallie accorded me a 50% discount off my bill on my third visit here. I certainly wasn't expecting it but nevertheless appreciated her kind gesture.

Will there be a fourth trip?  You bet :)

Burger & Sushi
Lot 06 Ground Floor G Village
No 35 Jalan 1/76 Desa Pandan
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-9226 9788


  1. You should put together a list of your favs in this area. I'd appreciate tips for places close to home. :-)

    1. Yeah, one day I will (when I've eaten more places)! ;)

  2. Their food presentation is unique, good and appetizing. I am attracted to that Seafood Combo Set, Mummy Roll and attractive Blue Danube. So I must say hello to Natalie too!

  3. From what you have described, this place deserves revisits and it appears that they are consistent with the quality of their food. I love those rolls and yes, I love those with soft shell crabs too. It looks like you have established yourself as their VIP customer and that 50% discount says a lot!

    1. Oh, she treats all her customers like VIP customers....hehe! ;D

  4. Netallie sounds like the sort of restaurant show-runner whose attention to detail and care for her customers deserve a lot of respect :)

    1. Yes, she does...she's one of the few restaurant owners I've had the pleasure to meet who is super friendly and ensures her customers are well taken care of =)

  5. Cannot already, they recognize you now, so we cannot trust your blog posts on this place anymore hahahaha!

    1. Aiyor...don't like that-lah! You've followed my blog long enough to know that I hold nothing back when I write a review...kekeke! :D

    2. Yeah but the owner also hold nothing back when they serve you I suspect so it makes you indirectly biased already. Maybe I should look to test this theory out... hmmm...

    3. Yeah, go ahead and test the theory out....but if you want her to 'recognise' you and accord you 'special' treatment, you need to be a regular ^_*

  6. I can't resist that combo of unagi & soft shell as well! I always opt for chicken Teppanyaki when I dine in at one of the Teppayaki chain restaurant as their beef version always overcooked resulting a tough & chewy meat >_<

    1. Those teppanyaki chain restaurants hire foreigners to do the cooking, so it'll be overcooked most of the time but having it in a proper Japanese restaurant (like this one) with a proper chef, you'll be assured that it will be cooked properly.


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