Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Get Jiro! by Anthony Bourdain

Apart from Jamie Oliver, Anthony Bourdain has been one of the earlier celebrity chefs who made an impression on me.  It was his TV series, A Cook's Tour, that first endeared me to this American chef, author and TV personality.

From his first food and travel show, Food Network's A Cook's Tour, Anthony Bourdain has gone on to host other culinary shows like Travel Channel's No Reservations & The Layover and finally CNN's Parts Unknown (for which he has won a few Emmys).  I diligently followed his first three series.

He has also written countless of books, some of which made it to the New York Times bestselling books, but none of which I own....until his graphic novel, Get Jiro!, which he co-wrote in 2012.

Get Jiro! is the most expensive graphic novel I've bought (not that I've bought many).  It's RM63.71 and it's not even hardcover! :'(  That's quite a lot to pay for a book that's just a fictional story in comic-strip format but published as a book.  Essentially, it's just a book with comics content or a manga-like book (a very fast read which you can finish in less than an hour)!

The book is comically violent....but a fun read.  Warning: It's also gory...people die or get dismembered or decapitated (so fun! :D)....and with lots of profanities too! >.<

I had a really good LOL moment where Jiro decapitated a patron for not knowing the etiquette for eating sushi (fish side down, don't dunk your wasabi into the soy sauce and sushi is as much about the rice as it is the fish)...haha! ;D

Another LOL moment was when he chided another customer who had the audacity to ask for a California Roll! :D

Look at how detailed the drawing of the sushi is :)

Mmmm....lots of seafood depicted here

The artwork is truly outstanding and I loved, loved, loved the extremely detailed, intricately-drawn images and stunning visuals of the delicious food.

If you're a foodie (like me), you'll definitely enjoy those parts that make reference to this one!

Or this!

And this!

I think those who know what Anthony Bourdain is all about and his tongue-in-cheek wit (if you follow his shows) will be able to relate better and might enjoy this a bit more than others...I certainly did! ^o^

And now I need to go get his follow-up book (a prequel actually) to his New York Times bestseller Get Jiro! ^_*


  1. Oh! Comic book :) Haven't read one in years! Yes, I also like Anthony Bourdain and I used to follow his shows too. I find him very entertaining. You are obviously an ardent fan since you spent RM63.71 on this book and looking for the follow up book :)

    1. I am a fervent fan of Anthony Bourdain...and anything he does! ;)

  2. Wow! The price is quite high and I am kinda kiamsiap to pay that but I looked at the illustrations very carefully. I agree that they drew it very well, detailed and expressed beautifully. I love it.

    1. Yes, it's quite pricey for a graphic novel...but the extremely intricate drawings more than made up for it....+ it's by Anthony Bourdain, so I'm more than willing to pay :)

  3. I had no idea he did graphic novels as well! I've seen some of his shows and read a couple of his books (Kitchen Confidential I think was the first I read), but wow, graphic novels too - multitalented.

    1. He is indeed multi-talented....and a very smart guy too. Since you like his books, perhaps you may want to add this to your collection! ^_*

  4. the artwork looks like a lot of fun; thanks for the photos of sample pages! did you feel like having a meal of sushi immediately after reading this? :D

    1. It was late at sushi joints will be opened...haha! :D I think you might enjoy this since it makes reference to the one thing that means so much to you...hehe! ;D


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