Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Cookie's Vantage Point

Have you seen the movie Vantage Point?  You have?  But have you seen the one starring Cookie...hey! :D

Cats love to be on a high platform so that they can look down on people (and, by that, I mean literally "look down")!  I think it gives them a sense of security when they're high up.  Well, everyone knows you have an advantage when you're on higher ground (remember Con Air).  Plus, they can stalk our movement below.

Cookie's vantage points are all our cupboard tops....ain't no mountain cupboard high enough! ;D

Vantage Point #1 - kitchen cabinet top

Well, he's been here before....even though when he was younger, he couldn't come down but now it's not even a challenge.

This is also his sanctuary when he's frightened by all the fireworks and firecrackers during festive seasons.

Vantage Point #2 - fridge top

Vantage Point #3 - my son's room cupboard top

Vantage Point #4 - my room cupboard top

Look at him.....looking all smug and everything :)

These cupboards are 6 ft tall.

In fact, the one in my room is his favourite sleeping place.

Looks like he's all tucked in....and getting ready to sleep...

Cookie:  Time to catch forty winks! ;)

Oops...busted!  I woke him up from 'snooze land'.....sorry!

Cookie:  Hi there, I'm just minding my own business up here ^_*

Vantage Point #5 - sitting room cupboard top

Look at that cheeky fella......

These cupboards are 7 ft in height.

Descending from the cupboard top?  A walk in the park for him! ^_*

He has even found his way to the tallest cupboard in our house.....8 ft! O_o

Cats are good at climbing trees...and they're great at jumping to high places.  That's why we see them walking on rooftops of houses all the time.  Even if they fall, cats are known to land on their feet and that's probably why they aren't afraid of heights....and Cookie is no different.

Cookie:  Whatsupp?!  I like it, leave me alone! :D


  1. Wow! Your cat is amazing and could even climb up to the tallest 8 feet height. I am truly amazed and wonder how he jumped up directly or depended on other furniture to reach the peak. I truly love cats!
    Do you have more than one cat? He needs friends.

    1. He reached the 8ft cupboard by jumping from the 6ft one which is separated by about 4-5 ft >.< Sorry, I only have one cat. As much as I'd like him to have friends, they're like babies...they need a lot of care, so I can't handle more than one...haha! :D

  2. Cookie looks as if he is enjoying posing for your camera. Quite the model he is! Well, I have said it more than once and I will say it again, Cookie is so handsome and cute! I guess, you can never be angry with him in spite of whatever mischief he did. Just looking at that face, all is forgiven.

    1. Yes, he's quite the model, isn't he? But equal credit to the photographer too who had to take many shots to come up with the best ones...hehe! ;D

  3. Talk about someone watching over you!!!! Pardon the pun.

  4. I still remember not too long ago he climbed somewhere which he cannot come down from! Learning fast eh??

    1. Yes, the kitchen cupboard...but he's now a grown up already! ;)

  5. heights make me nervous ... i wonder if there's any cat in the world that's scared of heights! :D

    1. Probably not...cats in the wild climb trees. I'm afraid of heights makes my feet wobbly! >_<


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