Monday, 4 June 2018

Chan Meng Kee @ SS2 PJ

It has been a while since I last had the wantan mee at Chan Meng Kee @ SS2 PJ, so a revisit (or two) was in order.

You can read my previous write-ups here and here.  They continue to pack in the crowds each time we're here, a testimony that their wantan noodles business is still thriving to this day....and proof that one doesn't have to be superstitious about having an inauspicious number as an address (haha!).

As usual, the popular order here is the Barbecued Pork with Wonton Noodle @ RM7.50 (big, RM9).  Do note that the wantan noodles here is thinner than the usual ones we get elsewhere.  So, cooking it to perfection is key but sometimes they tend to be overcooked rendering them too soft for my liking.

The sauce is pretty delicious, especially since they're tossed in fragrant pork lard and garlic oil, but do expect the sauce to be more oily than usual as well because of that.

The Poached Chicken NoodleRM7.50 (big, RM9) is the same as above except with smooth poached chicken that wasn't dry even though it was breast meat.  The noodles of this one, however, was definitely cooked too soft and had too much sauce.

You may opt for the juicier thigh or drumstick portion for RM9 (small) or RM10.50 (for big) but may have to contend with some bones.

I also spotted something new on the menu like this Minced Pork with Barbecued Sausage Noodle (Dry) @ RM8.50 (big, RM10) which also comes in soup version.

The dish comes with noodles that aren't tossed in an oily dark sauce but in minced pork, with fragrant crispy pork lard and garlic, that was pretty delicious.  They weren't very generous with the three slices of barbecued sausage, which were sliced too thinly to offer a good bite, though they were tasty enough, only lacking a bit of wine flavour.

There are lots of side orders to keep one happy starting with a one pax portion of their Signature Barbecued Pork (RM10) or Roasted Crispy Pork (RM10) is always a good idea (portion shown above is one portion of each).  Their barbecued pork is definitely the best item here...sweetish, well caramelised and with good ratio of lean-to-fat to yield an absolutely tender bite.

The crispy roast pork isn't as good as the char siew but if you like a meaty, not too fatty cut, then this will suit you just fine.

The Fried Fu Chuk (3 pcs) @ RM6 should satisfy any craving for something crispy.

And so will the Fried 'Sui Gao' or Dumpling (also 3 pcs) @ RM5.40 though the skin is a tad thick.

I like that the Soup Dumpling (3 pcs) also @ RM5.40 comes with a substantial serving of leafy green vegetables ("yin choy").  Other side snacks include wontons (soup or fried), Sekinchan fish balls, pork meatballs, prawn wontons, pork skin & bean curd puffs in curry, stewed dry curry pork ribs, braised beef brisket and braised mushrooms & chicken feet.

A blanched Bean Sprout dish @ RM4, drizzled with oyster sauce and crispy garlic bits, should meet your requirement of a must-have vegetable intake at a meal with crunchy, fat and juicy bean sprouts.

My Personal Opinion

Still more than a decent place for roasted meats with a few crowd-pleasing side snacks, crispy or otherwise. Best choice will be the char siew followed by the poached or fried chicken and siew yuk in that order...hehe! ;)

The texture of the wantan noodles, which are thinner than the norm, tends to be a bit  on the soft side (I don't remember them being this soft previously).  Either that or they were overcooked.  So, if you don't like soft noodles, have your roasted meats with rice instead.

I did enjoy their new dish of minced pork with barbecued sausages as I find the noodles of this one not as soft.

Restoran Chan Meng Kee
No 44 Jalan SS2/66
47300  Petaling Jaya


  1. The last wanton mee I had was at TREC and it was pretty good.

    1. Oh, I remember reading about that. You mentioned that their wantan mee is a re-creation of the same one at Pudu Chan Fatt which I personally did not quite enjoy (but I loved the lion head meatballs though).

  2. My dad loves the wanton mee here and says it's better than Annie 1's. I haven't been to Chan Meng Kee as I didn't follow when my brother took my parents there. Maybe I should tag along next time hee..hee...

    1. The sauce is great but I prefer Annie 1's wantan mee coz of its texture. Perhaps your dad particularly liked the thinner and softer texture of the one here :)

  3. ooo, those barbecued sausages do look nice - i guess they'd go very well with rice too. i like my chinese sausages to be wine-y too :D

    1. So I see you like these dried liver sausages (coz they contain your favourite liver...haha!) but not lap cheong! ;P

  4. I have eaten here several times and love their thin noodles with barbeque pork. I also love their fried dumplings!

    This place is always packed with long waiting lists and the parking could be a nightmare on weekends too. Their neighbours don't enjoy so good business like them.

    I think they are doing well for being 8=4+4! They are very "Fatt" in numerology calculations that actually add all the digits into one number.

    1. Ooo, I didn't think of adding it up like that (I guess people are always ingenious enough to go round anything). One of my old car plate was 4544 (so it can be 98 lah, which now seems pretty 'fatt' also but many people asked me why so many 4s then...kekeke)! ;)

    2. Your number is also 8. Just add 4+5+4+4=17. Add 1+7=8!

    3. Haha, I see, so people shouldn't be worried about getting long as they add up to 8...wuahahahaha! :D

  5. I like sweet caramelized char siew but not really fond of that much of sauce~

    1. Me too :) If I'm eating char siew on my own, I always ask them to hold the sauce.


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