Friday, 23 March 2018

Fuji Sushi @ Pavilion

Whenever I'm shopping in Pavilion and can't quite decide what I want to eat, it would be easy to just head to Tokyo Street for some Japanese food.

The choices here like Ichi Zen, Tokyo Teppan, Tokyo Don, Suki-ya and Fuji Sushi all serve affordable Japanese food.

This time I was attracted by the advertisement board showcasing unique sushi wrapped in (what looked like) thinly sliced cucumber ribbons...attracted enough to walk into Fuji Sushi @ Pavilion.  So gullible of me....there was no such sushi! >_<

There's even a poster of the cucumber-type sushi next to the cashier counter.  Don't ask me why they put up pictures of sushi they don't offer! :P

But, they are still a conveyor belt sushi joint....and you can pick what you want from the sushi train...sans the cucumber sushi that is.

Prices for the different coloured plates range from RM2.30 to RM15, certainly not as cheap as some of the other conveyor belt sushi I know.  Here were some of my picks.

Blue Plate - Tuna Sushi @ RM4 (forget about this one)

Green Plate - Tamago Mentai Sushi @ RM5

Red Plate - Ebi Mentai Sushi @ RM8

Yellow Plate - Unagi Sushi @ RM10.50

Though the sushi plates were pricier than the usual conveyor sushi joints, they did come with better quality ingredients.  The unagi sushi had thick slices of unagi + there was also a thicker smear of that torched savoury mentai.

Colourful plates all stacked up.....I didn't notice any orange coloured sushi plates on the conveyor belt though.

They offer more than sushi, of course.  The Yakitori Don @ RM18.90 featuring pan fried chicken and onions on rice was alright.  We were hoping for a bit more caramelisation on the chicken and onions though.

The Garlic Fried Rice @ RM11.50 fared much better as the rice was well fried.  This was one of the better garlic fried rice I've come across in Japanese restaurants.

I liked that there was a generous amount of egg bits in the rice.  It was definitely the tastier of the two rice dishes we had.

Our final dish for sharing was the Kani Mentai Mayo Maki @ RM18 comprising of six pieces of maki filled with crab meat and topped with mentai mayo, ebiko and loads of crispy stuff.

Very pretty presentation I must say...and those crispy stuff on top got us really excited.  We were wondering what they were.

We couldn't quite make out what the thin slivers of crispy stuff were.  They tasted like sweet potato, we thought, but couldn't be sure.  In the end, I asked the waitress and she said they're made from carrot.  Who knew carrot shreds could be made so crunchy...and taste so good too! ;P

Let me push aside the 'mountain' of carrot slivers so that you can see the abundantly luscious mentai mayo underneath.....yummm :)

Hot & Cold Green Tea @ RM3 each that's refillable.

My Personal Opinion

Another sushi place you can consider when you're in Pavilion...even if it's just for this unique sushi with loads of deliciously crispy carrot shreds.  A simple light lunch of garlic fried rice should sufficiently please too.

Fuji Sushi
Lot 6-24-1A Level 6
Tokyo Street
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur


  1. ooo, i hadn't heard of fuji sushi before this - wonder if they plan to expand to more malls. i have a soft spot for conveyor belt sushi - nearly two decades ago, when i was working in downtown kl, i'd finish work at 8pm sometimes and walk to the sogo shopping mall, where i'd indulge in comfort food at the basement-level sushi king to put me back in a good mood after a long day at the office ;)

    1. Looking back, it's nice to see how far we've come (especially you) in our food adventures from the then humble conveyor belt sushi to higher end Japanese food now. Though conveyor belt sushi may not tempt our tastebuds anymore like they used to, it's still memories-filled comfort food that we like to revisit sometimes. I think this is the one and only Fuji Sushi :)

  2. I need to explore more of this section.

    1. It's nice to stroll around this sometimes quiet Tokyo street. ;=)

  3. Ah, so many choices for Japanese at Pavilion. Coincidentally, I had Japanese twice in the last two weeks and another one coming up this evening. LOL!

    1. Ooo....and these are just in Tokyo Street alone (not even the entire 6th floor). And I've not included the rest of the floors in Pavilion...hihihi! ;)

  4. They are so funny to put up photos of the food that they do not offer >_<

    1. It baffles me as why they would do that...false advertising! ;D


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